Rockport Police Department Chooses Battle Rifle Company

Rockport Police Department Chooses Battle Rifle Company
Rockport Police Department Chooses Battle Rifle Company

Battle Rifle CompanyRockport, TX-( The Rockport Police Department is upgrading its firearm inventory with an order of six BR4 Cutlass Rifles from Battle Rifle Company. These rifles are specifically designed to perform in all types of environments. A combination of coatings and treatments make the rifles corrosion-resistant for long periods of exposure to salt-air and saltwater environments.

The Rockport Police Department is the First Law Enforcement agency to field the Cutlass into service. “We are equipping as many officers as we can with this rifle,” explained Commander Sinclair, Patrol Commander of the Rockport Police Department. “The rifle sold itself, both in performance and function.”

The rifles will be used by officers assigned to traffic and patrol, as well as be utilized on the water for the department’s Marine division. Located about 30 minutes from Corpus Christi, and right on the Texas gulf coast, Rockport is known for its fishing, recreation and coastal lifestyle. The Rockport community has experienced growth and development as a Texas vacation destination.

The rugged build of the BR4 Cutlass is the perfect choice for the department, and is well suited for supporting the department in its operations in a coastal environment. The new rifles will be delivered with additional magazines, tactical bags and single point slings to complete the package. The end result will be a cost-effective tactical package that meets the department’s economic and defense needs.

If your department has a need for rifles, please give us a call at Battle Rifle Company. We can provide cost effective solutions for your rifle needs. This program is also available to Foreign Law Enforcement and Government Agencies under ITAR Compliance.

Battle Rifle Company is a custom builder of AR style rifles for law enforcement, tactical shooters and government agencies.For more information on Battle Rifle Company, visit

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Rockport is a small town. I used to have property on Copano Bay, near there. SIX rifles are enough to equip one entire patrol shift.

American Patriot

Apparently the Rockport Police Department isn’t equipping their offices with too many of these rifles if they only ordered 6 of them.