Take Your Upland Hunting to the Next Level with Trulock Choke Tubes

Trulock Choke Tubes
Trulock Choke Tubes

Trulock ChokesUSA -(Ammoland.com)- Upland hunters know that choosing the best choke tube for the upland hunting they do is a critical factor in how successful their shooting will be.

The best choke for tight-sitting woodcock that flush at your feet is not going to be the best choke for a tough pheasant launching itself into the air at the edge of gun range.

Not only is the right choke constriction critical, but the performance of the choke tube itself can make or break a fast shot at upland birds.

Trulock Choke Tubes

That’s why serious upland hunters turn to Trulock Choke Tubes. A long-time industry leader in quality choke tubes, Trulock designs, makes and tests every choke tube they sell at their headquarters in Whigham, GA.

They know that the right choke tube can make a crucial difference in delivering even, dense and consistent shot patterns and superior down-range pellet energy to the target. At every stage of their manufacturing process, they focus on using the highest quality components and the best possible designs. And at the end, they test their chokes in the field to make sure they work as designed.

Because upland hunters pursue a wide variety of birds under a wide variety of conditions, Trulock makes a wide array of chokes for upland shotguns: from Skeet 1, cylinder, imp. Cylinder, Skeet 2 (lite mod.), mod, improved mod., and full. Many of these are designed for specific shotguns and even in some cases for specific loads.

If you truly want the best performance out of your shotgun, you want Trulock Choke Tubes.

Furthermore, Trulock also doesn’t just build the best choke tubes, they guarantee their work with the best warranty in the business.

Any customer who is not satisfied for any reason can return the tube for their money back or an exchange within 60 days of purchase. And any customer who likes the choke tube knows that the best customer service in the industry stands behind it: Trulock Choke Tubes are guaranteed against failure for life.

There are all kinds of things that can go wrong on a hunt, but your Trulock Choke isn’t one of them.

For more on the full line of Trulock products as well as some technical information on how shotguns and choke tubes work, check out their website or shop them online.

About Trulock Chokes:

The staff at Trulock Chokes prides itself on providing excellent service and an excellent line of products. In the event you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a refund or exchange within 60 days from the date of purchase – with other firms, the moment you open it, you own it.

For more information, please visit their website.