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John reviews the Clinger Comfort Cling Holster Review as a way to safely and comfortably pocket carry with EDC weapon, a Glock 43.

Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling
Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling
John Crump
John Crump

U.S.A.-( When I want to be really discreet about carrying a firearms I sometimes will pocket carry a pistol.

I usually carry a Beretta Pico .380, but I wanted to move up to a bigger caliber. Being a Glock fanboy that I am, I just happened to have a Glock 43 sitting around so I wanted to see if it was possible to find a comfortable holster to pocket carry the Glock.

I have had reviewed Clinger Holsters in the past and really liked their products. Their V2 No Print Wonder really impressed me with its small footprint.

I saw that they had a holster that can be used as a pocket carry holster and decided to try it out. The people over at Clinger Holsters hooked me up with one to try out.

Clinger Comfort Cling Holster

They sent me their Comfort Cling Holster. Clinger Holsters makes this clipless holster for some of the most popular single stack pistols including the Glock 43. According to Clinger, they have this holster coming out for even more guns in the near future. At the time of this writing this holster is made for 44 different guns.

The good thing about a pocket holster is that the trigger is covered. This is a safer method of carrying a gun in your pocket than just sticking it in with a clip like I have seen. By covering your trigger you cut down on the chance for a negligent discharge, and you can keep a round in the chamber. With the price of pocket holster being as cheap as they are there is no excuse not to use one.

The Comfort Cling holster consist of three layers.

  • Clinger Holsters made the outside layer of a no slip leather like material. This clings to the inside of the waistband or pocket. It helps keep the holster from moving around. This way when the pistol is pulled the holster stays in your pocket.
  • The middle layer of the Comfort Cling is a gel like substance. This adds a little bit of padding to the holster. I really liked this addition that Clinger Holsters added. Other pocket holsters I have used did not have this layer. I could tell a difference right away which surprised me.
  • The inner layer is made of a low friction material. Clinger Holsters did this to make drawing from the Comfort Cling easier. This is basically the opposite of the outside layer.

By doing multiple layers you solve the problem of the holster’s outside layer not being “sticky” enough and the inside layer not being “slippery” enough.

The Comfort Cling holster has a sturdy feel. I had another pocket holster that I got off Amazon and after two weeks of use, it started to fall apart. It was a single layer holster that I paid around the same price that Clinger Holsters sells this holster for.

I have carried the Comfort Cling holster as a pocket holster almost every day for a little over a month with very little wear to show. Compared to the holster I got from Amazon this holster is bullet proof. Clinger did put a lot of effort into the durability of the holster.

The problem with a lot of pocket holsters is when they are drawn the whole holster comes out with the gun. This was another problem I had with the the Amazon holster. When you draw your gun you want to be able to put your finger on the trigger as soon as you acquire your target and are ready to shoot. If the holster comes out of your pocket with your gun then you are in trouble. This could mean life or death.

The Clinger Comfort Cling Holster is also very comfortable. This is one of the biggest advantages of a pocket holster. Most pocket holsters are comfortable, but by Clinger Holsters putting that extra layer of gel into the holster, it puts this holster over the top in comfort.

GLOCK 43 is a perfect fit for the Clinger Comfort Cling Holster
GLOCK 43 is a perfect fit for the Clinger Comfort Cling Holster

Also with a pocket holster printing is cut down. The Comfort Cling holster and gun can appear as a wallet when it prints. This isn’t unique to just the pocket holsters that Clinger Holsters makes, but still is worth bringing up.

The people over at Clinger Holsters also says the Comfort Cling can be used as an inside the waistband holster. I did try to carry the holster as a IWB holster around my house like this, but I did not try carrying it outside my house in this configuration.

It did not fall out of my waistband inside my house, but carrying a holster inside my waistband without a clip scares me a little too much to do in public. I worry about it falling out at the wrong time.

Over all at the price of $19.99 at the time of this writing The Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling is a good value. This is the same price point as other pocket holsters of less quality. This is a low risk high reward holster.

Clinger Holsters also offers a 2 week no questions asked return period on all their holsters. This give the end user time to see if the holster will work for them. Not every holster works for every person so this is a good way to experiment.

Clinger Holsters also gives the buyer of their holsters a one year warranty. This is important to me due to my experience with things like the Amazon holster I purchased. I only paid $20 for that holster, but I still think it should have lasted more than two weeks.

Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling
Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling

Would I recommend the Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling for a pocket carry holster? Absolutely, I am still not sure about using it for an IWB holster though. That is probably just my hang up.

The Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling Holster can be found at

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