What President Trump has Done will Assure his Re-election in 2020

by Don McDougall,

Illegal border crossings are down over 70%
Illegal border crossings are down over 70%
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- There are some who would rather see the nation burn than for Trump to succeed. DJT is doing what his base wanted. He is doing what is right for the country. The results are below, and to be blunt, they’ll get little to no coverage anywhere except here at Ammoland.

1.Gas Prices are down. Consider this; the US burns 200 million gallons of gas a day. With prices down $1.25 over Obama, that’s $250 million a day in savings to average Americans’. Multiply that over 365 days, and Trump’s policies are putting money back in the average Americans pockets. Add in the savings for Natural Gas, and coal exports and the US benefits big from DJT’s policies.

2.Under Jeff Session arrests for gun violations are up 23%. After eight years of declining arrest under Obama, this number should continue to rise. Since 86% of all gun deaths are drug and gang related we’ll see an overall reduction in crime. GO JEFF!

Most all gun violence rests in big urban cities. Make them safe again, and you start the process of urban renewal.

Black unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 17 years. In 6 month Trump has done more for poor black communities that Obama did in 8 years. Yet Trump is still called a racist by the left.

3. The National Debt is DOWN over $100 Billion in the last six months. The ‘federal’ debt clock is now running backward! With a growing economy and no increases in spending, we are paying off the National Debt. $1 billion here, a billion there, soon it is real money.

4. Race Relation. The President is playing the long game. BLM assassinates five cops in Dallas, and the left goes silent. Trump may be that President that addresses race in a meaningful way. Nixon went to China, Obama did nothing. Maybe Trump will be the one. He seems to be the only one being honest with America.

5. Jobs are back if you have a four-year degree your unemployment rate is 2.3%. The President’s next move is to stem the flow of unskilled workers into the US and to allow wages to grow.

6. Donald J Trump IS the wall. Illegal border crossings are down over 70%.

Thank you states that let illegals vote, you’re destroying our democracy.
Thank you states that let illegals vote, you’re destroying our democracy.

There was an amazing article in USA Today saying no one knows why border crossings are down and lamenting the hardship for Coyotes (People smugglers) as their business dries up. Seriously?

Corporate profits are up, wages will follow, and the country is safer. Those wimpy left-wing CEO will have to ask themselves a question. Go back to an Obama 1% growth economy or support Trump and keep getting a 7-figure bonus check.

As for this whole statue/NAZI thing read READ what Trump said. Only one or two lines are taken out of context and used as talking points. It is 98% nothing but a smear.

Not ONE country that Trump carried in 2016 has flipped from Red to Blue. The fact more Californians or New Yorkers hate Donald Trump doesn’t matter. Let’s be frank he is NEVER going to carry those states anyway. (Thank you states that let illegals vote, you’re destroying our democracy.)

You won’t hear it anyplace but here, but the future is bright, and the President is doing a good job.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety onAmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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I am pleased with some of President Trump’ job in what he is doing for our nation, but not all of it. I am not pleased with the GOP, they act like Hillary won. The swamp need to be drained in 2018-2020. The wall need to be built, because what will happen when President Trump leave the office, we don’t know who will be in office and how they will handle the border. Mr. President, job well done! The Dems don,t do anything for the middle class, they only manipulate the people for their votes, such as, those racism comments,… Read more »


Don, thanks for the info. Please document your data from now on else it can be easily rejected.

Secondly, we were never intended to be a democracy. Democracies lead to ethnic cleansing like we have on now. Our Framers created us to be a republic. Look up Dr. Donald Livingston’s definition of. Republic on the Abbeville Institute website.


everyone has rights in a republic, in a democracy, 51 percent controls the other 49


Yes but it’s not as if Trump stepped in and made changes overnight. These numbers relfect years of work, and that carried over in to this presidency. There have been few policy changes that Trump has enacted that would have these sorts of results. All I’m saying is be honest about the discussion – it’s not all a result of Trump, but a variety of factors that began well before his presidency.

Wild Bill

@sam Try as you might, you can not give Obama credit. He did not do years of hard work to improve the economy. Obama did years of hard work adding needless regulation, denial of permits, and everything that he could to depress the American economy. Business did everything that it could to avoid Obama taxation and regulation. I did, too. In anticipation of a more business friendly environment, business is spending and hiring again. Here at the ranch we are planning a back up solar power system, that we had shelved during the Obama years. Eight years of pent up… Read more »



Don trumptard orange little hands

Lol You are full of crap pal. Wow are you drunk or on crack ? Your sick pal. Obama kicked ass you freak. Where have you been ? Oh in momma’s basement. Please seek professional help !! Trump Kicking ass ? Yeah you mean going down fast. The rats are jumping ship. Trump has done nothing. Wtf Are you on ? Lol wow dude. Obama wasn’t perfect as no president is but trump is a damn disaster. Funny you prolly think he has a chance in 2020 ? Bwahahahhaha. Trump sucks and you are high good day trumptard


@dontrumptard, I usually do not comment to slime balls such as you but you really can’t believe that obumer, the muslem, did anything for the American people of this Republic. If you claim someone on this site is rooting for Trump because they are drunk or on crack then I must believe you are antifa or one of the other protest members that have no idea what the real world is like. Maybe you are writing this crap while on meth. Anyway, I have given you my opinion and you can turn on me like a rabid dog all you… Read more »

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

@Dubi trumptard orange little hands – I see we have another closet Socialist coming out of the woodwork. Obutthole did NOTHING of note except for to do huge economic damage to this nation and got booger eating morons like you to buy into it. Dude – what do you use for brains? Anything you say that Obummer did was done by someone else and he just took the credit for it. But then you must be one of those eco-friendly freaks and thought “Our nation’s first black president … why that makes a thrill run down my leg.” Naaaaw dude… Read more »


what a crock


GOP better get their priorities and ducks aligned otherwise they will be history in 2016 midterms.

Disappointed that they had seven years to have legislation to kill obama-care on POTUS Trump desk on day one.

TRUMP 2020 all in all the way, making USA great again.

Wild Bill

@JAMES, Yes, the GOP better get their ducks in a row, and we can help them by turning out in droves at the primary elections and voting for some republican that willl support Trump, other than the some party loyalist hack. It will be easy to take over in the primaries because no one other than the party hack go to them. Won’t cost a thing. In the caucus states, we can do the same thing by going to the county caucuses with enough friends to vote our selves “delegates” to the district caucus, and so on. You don’t even… Read more »

Jack Gaume

Loved the article. One comment we are a Republic not a Democracy.

Old Sarge

100% Right, the Left nor the Far Right will admit that the President is doing a GREAT JOB! But I will!!! GREAT JOB President Trump!!!

l Gordon

Antifa is the US version of the Taliban. They should be placed on the list of banned terrorist groups. You can destroy our history,but you won’t change it.


Not all of us ,living in NEW YORK , voted for H.C. . A large part of suffolk country VOTED FOR PRES . TRUMP. Only the East end and the West end voted for H.C. Those people don;t even know who is running other than a Dem-o-rat who promises a lot BUT delivers NOTHING.

M Reyna

All comments true. The Rino’s I take serious exception to. Those scumbags make it harder to drain the vile swamp in D.C. If he lowers the National Debt liberals and some Rhion’s Will accuse him of hurting our Lenders. It will never end.

Larry Brickey

Some of the financial progress was begun during the last admin. Give credit where it’s due.


LB, Elaborate on your statement.


Exactly. Not an Obama fan, but you can’t say that black unemployment is at an all-time low because of what Trump’s done in 8 months, and ignore all the work the previous admin did as well. Has DJT implemented any policies that would have led to this result? Did Obama?

Wild Bill

@sam, Yes, after Trump was elected and before he was in office stocks started going up and employment started going down, just on the anticipation of the business community. Black employment is up more than 17% over the Obama years.

Wild Bill

@OV, and the “last admin.[istration]” devalued the dollar by half, so as to cheat the Chinese out of their profits. That devaluation of the value of the dollar halved the purchasing power of everyone’s savings, investments, and paycheck. Real financial progress, alright!


Maybe Bannon will bring these accomplishments to lite now that he is disconnected from the swamp and able to speak the whole story. He has said he is going to support Trump to the fullest extent.

The GOP need to start getting concerned they are in the spotlight and had better start doing something positive. There are two Repub. senators here in my state I won’t vote for again.

Good article, Doug.


maybe i shoulda said, awaiting moderation


wonder why ammoland censored my comment, if its an open forum, why censor it?


Trump donated his first quarterly check to the department of education, why did he do that?, our schools are teaching socialism, ..most of comrad Bernies supporters were high school and college students


Don, well said! Too bad we’ll never see an article like this in the mainstream media. Pete nailed it.


Completely agree. Hes doing a decent job with what he can. If the GOP would act like they won the election then maybe we could get some things done. Dems steamroll Obamacare through without a single vote but the GOP feels it needs to reach across the lines constantly on issues it has the votes on. And the ones they dont have the votes for its all on them as they have the majority. They cant even end Obamacare even after vote 50 times while Obama was in office. Rinos in office had no intention of actually ended Obamacare. In… Read more »


Didn’t finish the thought. First person was correct.


The first person who said that if Trump cured cancer the headline in the MSM would read “Trump putting undertakers out of business.”


LOL, 100% correct.