A Texas Hero, Fort Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls

By John Farnam

Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- A Texas public official who does not “cater to criminals!

Fort Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls, talked with a Fox News reporter recently about the way armed Fort Bend County residents might deal with looters.

When asked what his county is doing to deal with looters, Nehls replied:

“We’ve experienced little of that here in Fort Bend County.”

Nehls continued:

“I’ve heard some horrific stories about Harris County and others, and I’ll tell you right now the residents of Fort Bend County, they support our 2nd Amendment. Many are armed. My caution to looters, those that want to rob people who are suffering: You probably want to stay out of Fort Bend County, because you might leave here in a body-bag,”


Sheriff Nehls is a straight-talking, tactically-aware public official, who leads by personal example.

What a hero, and now watch the liberal media denigrate him.

What a magnificent contrast to mumbling, mealy-mouthed, liberal, anti-gun, urban police chiefs and mayors, who stress that you should ever be utterly dependant upon them, and never do anything for yourself!

“I take pride in having earned the scorn of my liberal antagonists. And, I take every opportunity to keep them enraged, which is when they most openly display their personal dishonesty, hypocrisy, vanity, phony self-righteousness, and malignant bile.” ~ Taussig


Fort Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls, talked with a Fox News
Fort Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls, talked with a Fox News

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This man is a disgrace to the police. Should be fired!


Okay, but how does he feel about Constitutional Carry? Or is he too attached to those license fees?

Getting tired of just another thief-with-a-badge spouting a few words and suddenly becoming some kind of “hero” or RKBA. Prove it.