The Political Left’s True Colors When it Comes to Self Defense

By John Farnam

Democrats War on Guns
In fact, some even laughingly insist Democrats are “supporters” of our Second Amendment.
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “There are no longer ‘liberals,’ nor ‘progressives,’ just Communists, in varying shades of red.” ~ Marshall

It’s not so much what leftists say, but what they do when forced to reveal themselves for what they really are, that their true colors become obvious.

Some, with a straight face, even claim to “support” our Second Amendment, but that lie is starkly revealed the instant they acquire any kind of political power!


Democrats are now lining up to oppose concealed-carry reciprocity, just as they (without exception) opposed legal concealed carry (that we now take for granted) in the first place.

Leftists in political power continue to insist that it is our civic duty to be weak, defenseless, and easy victims for violent criminals.

Accordingly, attorneys general from seventeen states, including NY, PA, and CA, every one a Democrat, are calling on Congress to oppose all legislation that would allow concealed-carry gun permits issued in one state to be honored in all states.

In their letter to congressional leaders, they say such legislation, “… will lead to the death of police officers and civilians, proliferation of gun-traffickers, acts of terrorism, and other mass violence.”

These sleazy liars said all those exact, same things when concealed carry was first passed in every state where it has been passed. None of those “blood in the streets” dire predictions ever came true. In fact, violent crime is down in every state that has passed “shall-issue” concealed carry. They have since apparently developed a severe case of amnesia, and must think we have too!

I have friends who are professing Democrats, who even call themselves “liberals,” and they unconvincingly insist that the Democrat Party is not really as rabidly anti-gun as it appears. In fact, some even laughingly insist Democrats are “supporters” of our Second Amendment.

They and all of us need to look at facts:

  • Every anti-gun proposal ever put forth, is fully, indeed automatically, supported by Democrat politicians, without exception.
  • Every expansion of gun-rights is vehemently opposed by every Democrat politician, without exception.
  • Obliterating our Second Amendment has been the wet dream of Democrats for the last hundred years!

That’s a fact, and has no chance of changing anytime soon! Whoever doubt that is a naive patsy!


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  • 41 thoughts on “The Political Left’s True Colors When it Comes to Self Defense

    1. They are not just against guns. They are against self defense. If you defend yourself with a stick, they would also criminalize you for it. The basic concept is that an attack happens when the poor oppressed group member tries to serve social justice by redistributing wealth (theft, robbery, burglary) from the rich owner to the poor robber. If you are an owner of anything (house, car, laptop, jewelry, bank account, income…) and you prevent the robbery (social justice) then you are an even worse “fascist” oppressor. Leftists want to make sure that you will not be able to stand in way of social justice wealth redistribution occurrences (robbery, theft…).
      They just prosecuted a man in England for self defense in his own house with a knife.
      During the early years of communism in eastern europe, if you hid your property, it was a crime. If you hide, defend…your property from the proletariat, then you are a class enemy. This is how gun ownership makes you a class enemy in the eyes of the reds.

    2. Robert,

      If you truly believe your statement that, “No one in any party has tried to take your guns away…” then you have clearly demonstrated the mental instability that would disqualify you as a CC License holder. Every gun-control-nutjob liberal politician has – since 1968 – incessantly screamed to completely remove AR-15’s from civilian ownership… how the hell do you equate that with NOT trying to take our guns??

      On the other hand, if you do not actually believe your own statement… then you lied.

      Either way, you proved conclusively that you have no – zero – credibility.

    3. That was a hard, brash, statement from you John Farnam. And I could not agree more. I have long given up the idea of finding some common ground with ” Democrat friends “, or finding a higher purpose. I actually have some, distant relatives with no guns, no sovereignty, and no Constitution attitudes. We are different in too many ways, and I do shun them, it’s my right. I treat them as incorrigibles, and I don’t pretend we can come together as Countrymen. Compromise is what has turned our great country of honor and character into a cauldron of perversion.


      1. I approach that conclusion with a bit more trepidation and sadness than you seem to exhibit… but I do agree with your analysis. It’s coming… inevitable and unstoppable…

    5. This week a four young black thugs (teens) jacked an Apple MacBook from a young college student at a local Sbucks and they’d earlier hit another Sbucks. They were all armed with ice picks with tape wrapped handles. Fortunately no one was hurt or killed and a bystander followed them while alerting police … subsequently they were captured and because the laptop is valued over $900 it is a felony. With stuff like this happening everyday every security minded, law abiding citizen should be allowed to CCW if they desire to do so.

    6. Nearly a decade after the Supreme Court’s DC v Heller ruling (which effectively imposed a ban on a total gun ban), and add the fact that the Trump appointees will further emtrench Heller, it is highly unlikely that even the most extreme gun controller would actually call for a total ban on private firearms. John Farman is putting on his tin-foil hat

      1. Historically, the political Left has completely and absolutely ignored the Constitution, ALL Supreme Court rulings and ALL pro-gun firearms-related statutory laws, so far… what makes you think they might suddenly start respecting any new court orders? Magic?

        1. I am a gun owner and liberal Democrat. Before that I was a Republican for for 50 years. Now I do not agree with you or the bullshit you all profess. If you ever in a foxhole are going to ask the guy that jumps in foxhole, “Are you a going ask him/her if they are liberal”?

          1. What guns do you own Mr. Liberal Democrat gun owner Robert?
            Do you own a semi-automatic? Do you realize that Democrats want to be like Australia and BAN SEMI-AUTOS?
            Do you own a pump shotgun? Democrats want to be like Australia and BAN PUMPS!
            Do you recall that quote of Nancy Pelosi saying something like “If I could I would say AMERICA, do you have guns? TURN THEM ALL IN!”
            If we are lucky the Democrats will allow us to have a Red Ryder BB gun AND ONE BB AT A TIME!!!

            1. Ok, so I own a 357 for home protection and 22 for target. I shoot weekly at a range. I also have an American Nitro ss 12 gauge fc that I have used for birds.. I have my cc license but do not carry. I think you guys are nuts btw. No one in any party has tried to take your guns away. Read a book rather and stop the crazy posts about Democrats.

            2. BJI, and bb guns also need licensing in Australia.

              Robert, yes, there are those politically to the left that own firearms. The problem is that even those typically believe in some form of “control” and the polls and politicians show that the Left believes in bans. Look at all the Leftist cities and states and all of their gun control laws, mag bans, registration, list of legal arms, etc. How has that made them safer? It hasn’t.

              Maryland bans the sale of mags greater than 10-rounds, but not their possession. I was at a Fredericksburg, VA gun show last weekend, and spoke with several people that were from Maryland, all members of Maryland Shall Issue firearms rights group. They stated they drove this far to buy firearm mags that they can’t buy in or ship to MD, but can legally carry into the state.

            3. Robert, ever heard of the Clinton Gun Ban? Also, please read about California’s registration and subsequent requirement to turn in certain firearms a few years later. Also read about their ever shorting list of legal firearms.

              Also, think about this, the Left states they want to ban certain types of rifles under the ruse of saving lives, but FBI stats show that rifles are one of the smallest categories of death. If they wanted to save lives, they would ban all handguns that cause about 8,000 deaths annually. Then they would be coming after your .357. Would you willingly turn that in to save lives?

              Then there’s that Pelosi quote mentioned earlier. Also I have read that since they know a total ban wouldn’t be acceptable, and just like the War on Drugs and Prohibition, wouldn’t work, they just want to make legal firearm ownership as onerous as possible. Ironically, voter suppression is illegal, such as poll taxes, etc., but making legal firearm purchases and possession more costly isn’t.

              Tell me Mr. CC holder, are you the one we need to worry about or is it the criminals that are the problem? Which gun control laws work and what others do we need to prevent the 8,000 murders annually? Do you believe an “assault” weapons ban would accomplish that?

          2. @Robert – if you are proud of the fact about being a Democrat, then I suggest you change your screen name to “Useful Idiot”. The Democratic Party was co-opted by the Communists years ago, they push an agenda designed to inflict totalitarian rule on Americans. Sorry but I fought to defend our freedoms, so I could never agree with what they stand for. And just because you might own a gun or two, it doesn’t mean that you would stand with true American patriots for the Founders Ideals and Values. Liberals always like to avail themselves of the freedoms that better men have fought bled and died for, then turn around to use those freedoms to abuse their countrymen. I remember that from back when I first joined the military during Vietnam, and how you liberals sought to disparage my service and myself by the vile names I was called. I have forgiven, but its the forgetting that takes some work. And I am not one of those fools who blithely trust the Government (ESPECIALLY DEMOCRATIC POLITICIANS!) to look out for my freedoms – no sir, they are too busy trying to take them away.

            My 2nd Amendment right comes from God – there is NO government entity high enough on the food chain to take it from me. “For those who are willing to fight for it – FREEDOM has a flavor the protected will never know.” – LCpl Tim Craft, USMC , Khe Sahn – 1968

            1. From “Useful Idiot”, Don’t give me that patriot bullshit. The founding fathers were liberal but practical. Your second amendment rights come from the constitution not “God”(supposing there is such a creature). Thee fathers were very careful to separate religion from government. Well, at least my post gets all you far righties to spew your hate.
              Love Bob

          3. @Robert, You are a liberal Democrat that was a Repub for fifty years! That must be quite a Halloween costume.

          4. Robert – I am glad that at least you are a gun owner. When you state you are a “liberal”, I take it you don’t know that (in just the USA) “liberal” means the opposite of what it does elsewhere. It was the extreme left wing (national socialist) FDR who ordered the already far left media to stop using “progressive” (what he and his kind are) and steal the term “liberal” from conservatives/libertarians. Why! The 1936 election was looking bad for FDR, and Americans were (despite the considerable censorship and distortions of the MSM then) becoming aware of the extreme ugliness of progressivism due to the evil of Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini. Yes, they and FDR were all widely understood to be “progressives”, and the media even had a term for them – The Mighty Four. These four (FDR being ranked as the least) were constantly praised by the media and academia as trying to bring a socialist utopia to the world. You may educate yourself by studying the incredibly detailed and referenced “Liberal Fascism” a a start (more readable than the books by von Mises and George Reisman).

            And yes, the left (progressives, who either follow the communist or national socialist forms, where the difference is basically the illusion of property rights) have been attacking most things American (the progressive ideology is the opposite of the American ideology of limited government, maximum individual liberty, and free market capitalism).

            A core requirement of their religion is the elimination of firearms in the hands of anyone but select federal agencies (state and local police, citizens, etc. are to be unarmed – as in the UK). One cannot fight a civil war (the well known purpose of the 2nd Amendment) and tear down a tyrannical government unless the public is well armed.

    7. It’s because every single person who has a license to carry crosses that dirt line from one state to the next all of a sudden becomes a psycho killer. That’s what they want you to believe. There must be something in the water or air in their states that causes that to happen. Why would anyone who has a license act any different in the other state? Just a bunch of uneducated morons who think they have the answer for controlling everyone.

    8. I have noticed since I started paying attention to the left that they have selective reasoning and never let the truth get in the way of their anti gun agenda. The left see life and the solutions to everyday problems in a different way than a conservative. They cant help themselves as that is the way their brains are hard wired. Most of them probably suffer from a condition called transference syndrome. A person suffering from transference syndrome has a unreasonable fear of guns. Even if they are just laying on a table with nobody handling them. They also may have unresolved problems with rage. An example of this would be the obsession that a CCW carrier would shoot someone over a parking space argument. You know, the old Dodge City example of gun fights in the streets at high noon. They can not resolve the fact that this is exactly what they would do. They cant rectify this in their conscious mind so they subconsciously transfer these feelings of murderous hostility to others. They undoubtedly require deep psychological therapy. Unfortunately they walk among us and get elected.

    9. If you notice in news articles, (accurate articles if possible), most mass shooters are leftist radical Democrats.E.G., the shooter of the Republican senator at softball practice, (he wanted to shoot more), and the LV shooter. Just two examples…there’s more.

    10. Grampa 38 says;
      There is no mention of any controls in the 2nd amendment and as to why they want control or no guns at all,check the communist mantra
      Have a nice day!!

    11. I have never understood the rager liberals have over firearm ownership. Most deaths attributable to firearms are suicides, and people who do that will find other ways, so dont blame the firearm. Liberals will grudgingly allow self defense in the home but wrap so many restrictions around it that it becomes useless. Then the liberal elected people surround themselves with armed security. Wait!! We cant have self protection outside the home but you can? If they werent so hypocritical I might recognize their beliefs (which still ignores real data). But they are hypocrites over this issue. DiFi has stated she would support the confiscation of your firearms but she has one of 5 concealed carry permits issued in the county of SF and she is 80 years old. You cant have one. Again a hypocrite.

      1. Like Hitler and Stalin, they want to disarm everyone before they take over. Socialism has almost always led to fascism.

      1. Can anyone explain why, since red is the color of the communist party, states controlled by Democrats are called BLUE states???!!!

          1. oldvet has it correct…”Red” being associated with Conservatives was an intentional orwellianism by the Maggot Media LEFT. Whoever controls the vocabulary, controls the debate. Just like elections, words have consequences. Conservative should stop using the phraseology of the LEFT. Such as: Modern Sporting Rifle…NOT assault rifle; standard capacity magazines…NOT high capacity magazines; Conservative States…NOT Red States.

            1. Silence, 100% correct. I also typically use the term firearm over gun, since the Leftists attribute negative connotations to the word. We should use the words firearm, rifle, shotgun, handgun, pistol, etc, and avoid the use of the word gun, except in reference to Leftists being anti-gun.

            2. I’m not sure which presidential election started it, but red is the color assigned to those states on the electoral map, won by the Republican candidate, and blue to those won by the Democratic candidate. .

              It wasn’t always that way. In the 1968 presidential election, blue was the color given to those states by Nixon, yellow to those won by Humphrey and red-stripes were those won by Wallace. This was by CBS news. Not sure if NBC and ABC had the same scheme.

            3. @Luis, the media used to switch colors. Every other election Repub would be blue and the Democrats red. Some media mogul decided that people liked blue best and assigned that color permanently to the dems for the Barry Soetoro second election. The color assignment has remained ever since.

        1. I believe it eventually wound up indicating the ocean border states vs the heartland of America. Blue for water and red for hard workers. In 197 though, Time mag used red for Dems and white for the GOP. However, I remember when it was Reagan vs Carter in 1980 and the NBC studio map was aglow in blue light bulbs. In 1984 one network was illuminated in blue bulbs for Republicans while its opponent used red bulbs for the Republicans. A director from the Pantone Color Institute said years ago that there were semantic associations which were fairly entrenched. She said that the Blue is cool and calming, and typically represents ”those things in nature that are always there for us, like water and the sky,”. Red, in contrast is ”exciting, dynamic, and high-energy.”

          I personally chose an alphabetical connection for my recall. Re is for Republican and red while Bl is for blue and blabbering idiot !!

          1. Bums and beggars will always motivate towards the most productive areas, a much bigger prize is to be had. The lazy prefer to be around the ambitious. By the way Robert, what part of California are you from. I believe you belong in the class of beings discovered by that great Patriot Journalist, David Codrea, known as ” ankle biters “.

    12. Anyone who believes and votes Democratic should just go by the moniker of “Useful Idiot”. I am an Independent Constitutional Conservative, and I fully support the Founders’ Principles and intent!

      1. Unfortunately in some states such as where I live, you cannot register as an independent if you wish to vote in the primary elections .

        1. oldvet, and in some states, like Virginia, we don’t register for political parties and when we go to the primary, state which party we affiliate with.

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