Smell That Big Red Chinese Rat?

Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence missile system
Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence missile system

Ammoland Shooting SportsU.S.A.-( I was walking my dog past a neighbor's home in the middle of the afternoon. He was working in his driveway and I stopped to ask him what the heck he was doing at home and not at work making missile and rocket parts? I chastised him for not being at work and asked him if he realized North Korea was fixing to attack and we the US would need all the missiles we could muster.

My neighbor works for a manufacturing company that makes parts for the THAAD or the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence missile system and from what I understand he makes parts for other missile systems. The THAAD is the system we deployed to South Korea to try to intercept North Korean ballistic missiles that may be launched and targeting the US mainland.

Did my neighbor not understand that the godless communist regime of Little Kim and the North Korean sycophant laden people's army were planning to destroy our American way of life? We will need missiles and lots of them.

It would appear there was some kind of minor production problem and for my neighbor, there was not going to be a second shift at his manufacturing plant, so he was cleaning his garage.

I smell a big Red Chinese rat and I hope I am not the only one to be considering an alternate combat scenario and the reasons for a potential war on the Korean peninsula.

It would appear that the Chinese want Taiwan back. Now, you might say to yourself, so what. Mainland China has wanted Formosa back for over 100 years since the Japanese took it away from them and then Chang Kai Shek and his gang of Western-backed thugs took possession of that island to keep it away from communist thug control.

Red China wants Formosa back and they are done playing around.

China on North Korea, We're Looking Into That
China on North Korea, We're Looking Into That

Out there in the un-classified world and I must assume in the classified world, the word is that mainland Red China is fixing to attack, conquer and hold forever the island of Formosa. The plan is to accomplish this in 2020. Why that is only two years away, can they really do it?

It would appear that the Red Chinese are working hard to make this combat take-back of Taiwan a reality. They are stationing land base aircraft along their southern coast that can strike Taiwan and return to their home air bases without refueling in the air.

The Red Chinese are positioning missiles on their southern coast that are right across the water from Taiwan that can create massive destruction on Formosa. Always remember that the Chinese invented rockets and they are very good at building and deploying (with accuracy) their stockpile of missiles. It is believed that in excess of 1000 Red Chinese missile are pointed at Taiwan and this number is growing.

The Red Chinese are building a couple of helicopter, amphibious assault ships. After the airplanes and missiles soften up Taiwan, the Red Chinese People's army will motor over and take back “their” 100 plus year estranged island. Oh, and they will kill a lot of their fellow Chinese.

The Red Chinese have developed some very effective anti-ship ballistic missiles to deter any third party's navy from trying to respond and back up Taiwan (read the US Navy and Marine Corps).

The issue is, the foul odor of a Red Chinese rat is actually coming from the Korean peninsula. If the Red Chinese plan to get into a shooting war in 2020 with Taiwan and if the US is the most likely third party who will come to that island's aid, why not take out the US military capability in advance?

Instigate with plausible deniability a conflict between the Koreas and wait until the US responds to help South Korea. Let the US take some losses courtesy of Little Kim and then rocket the hell out of South Korea and devastate the US troops on the ground. Then, China crosses the Yalu river into North Korea and drives the North Koreans south. China sets up a new demilitarized zone, let's say 100 miles south the Yalu. China has a new buffer between them and the west. They push south any and all remaining North Koreans and make them become the problem for what is left of South Korea.

Since the US military is no longer capable of fighting a two-front war, do not be surprised if Russia makes a move on NATO.

As the US is licking its very serious wounds, China takes back Taiwan with limited resistance. With the US unable to respond to Taiwan the rest of the weak-sister Asian Pacific countries who always assume the US will be there to do their combat bidding (NATO thinks the same way) will not come to the aid of Taiwan.

China wins, the big Red Chinese rat gets a victory parade in Tienanmen Square and there are tens of thousands of dead American troops who will need to be buried.

Of course the US military draft will have to be reactivated and that will cause lots of hate and discontent. We will need a major re-build of the military and lots of happily retired veterans will be recalled to active duty–like it or not.

Traitor: "Hanoi Jane" Fonda
Traitor: “Hanoi Jane” Fonda

My guess is, somebody will roll out Jane Fonda in a wheelchair so she can protest yet again.

There will be damage, destruction and ground combat on US soil given all the foreign national Chinese and Koreans who are legally in the US who might just work for their home nation's military.

Every time I take my dog to see our veterinarian and I am in the animal exam room I think of Newt Gingrich's comment, that in future conflicts our emergency medical personal will be doing triage in veterinary clinics in the suburbs. Our hospitals will be overrun with injured, wounded and dying and a vet clinic will be like first world medicine in a third world country.

Nobody is going to care about Obamacare, diversity, political correctness , helping the perpetually needy, or what you posted on Facebook. First off, there most likely will not be Facebook because I suspect “they” will go after our power grid.

I am off to Walmart to do some shopping. It will not surprise me how many products on their shelves will be made in China. I am not Walmart bashing. Almost every retail operation in the country sells products made in Red China. We will have to do without most of their products and we will have to develop our own increased production of consumer goods. This will have to wait until we have our nation regrouped, re-armed, we have trained new soldiers and buried our dead–our oh so many dead.

Again I say, I smell a big Red Chinese rat that has been rolling in North Korean kimchi.

We shall not manage, we shall not endure, we shall overcome.
May God have mercy on those who force us to overcome.

Major Van Harl USAF RetAbout Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”  [email protected]

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    1. The Very quick claim from new york daily news of gun fire, is now being refuted, that the driver had fake guns.

      1. @ Old Vet, just another terror attack with a truck. I would think N.Y.C. would outlaw trucks like they have knives and guns. It doesn’t make any difference to them that another Islamic Terrorist struck again. I listened to the gov. speak and he did not show a great deal of remorse for the people killed or injured, he just said the people of New York are resilient. Cuomo is a real class act.

    2. I wrote my Air War College graduate thesis on Chinese hegemony in the South China Sea in 1997. Most of the things I postulated have come true…the build up of their armed forces to become a regional dominate power, building of bases on man made reefs, and use of surrogates like North Korea to keep the US off balance (much as Iran has done).That was when the US had a much stronger armed force.
      While there, I also was one of a handful of senior course officers selected to run a war game on the Korean peninsula with the junior war college playing our staffs and subordinate commanders.
      Out of 20 seminars 6 of us were still “alive” on day 2, and only 3 on day three…and we got blown away when the Chinese came in. (You weren’t supposed to “win” and some of us came up with a strategy that was rolling back the Norks…give up some ground while pounding the bridges, supply dumps and rear strategic areas…don’t try to win it force on force. Very fortunate to have been one of the last 3 standing…but as I said we were a stronger military then and I had several carriers to move around as I needed them.

      I think the Chinese will not (initially) support a North Korean attack, unless (as they have said) the US attacks first. Although they do not want a reunited Korea I feel they would not enter until the US gained dominance.
      Instead, they will wait until we are fully engaged in the Korean peninsula, and suffering losses. At that point, Iran will probably try to move on Iraq oil fields, and then the Chinese will take on Taiwan, knowing the US can’t fight a 3 front war, or even a 2 front war of the magnitude those would be. I wouldn’t rule out the Russians trying to take more of the Ukraine at the same time, but neither Iran or Russia are essential to the Chinese…just having the US fully committed to S Korea.

      The “unknown” to me is whether China would give up its economy and best trading partner (the US) to do this. They are still getting their military into a modern state, but it won’t be long before they become a regional powerhouse. Certainly, the overtures to Africa, Thailand, and building bases to try to controls the South China Sea indicate that they plan on being the power to dominate the island chains all the way to the Philippines and perhaps beyond.

      Losing the South China Sea would be worse for the US strategically (due to shipping lanes and oil flow on tankers) than losing Korea.
      30 yrs a Sailor/Naval Aviator

      1. @JDC, First, as a War College grad, and Naval Aviator, you are a really rare and knowledgeable individual, and we welcome your input here. Second, I enjoyed your analysis, as brief as it is. As Germany attacked France (France was Germany’s best trading partner), I think that China will not let its business relations stand in the way of China’s global aspirations.
        I am thinking a U.S. led collation of Japan, Taiwan, ROK, and the Philippines in Naval/Air/Space attacks against logistically important targets. Ground war would consist of a hell of a lot of ROK army in formerly US tanks.

        1. Wild Bill,

          Good comparison of Germany/France with China. China’s biggest need right now is for hard cash. They have a ton of internal issues which so far the Communist party has been able to control. However, with over a billion people, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep the “have nots” under control when they see the opulence the “haves” have in the economic zones along the coasts. One of the ways you keep a population united is to create a situation where the population is focused on an external threat…ie declare war on someone. That is how Hitler was able to unite

          I think that need has kept China from attacking its neighbors while it modernized its military. Their aircraft engine technology is still mostly dependent upon the Russians. We stupidly are allowing Boeing and GE to build factories in China…which tells me they will be building much better aircraft within a decade…and taking over portions of that industry from us. From there, their fighter/transport a/c will be much better…count on it.

          I agree on your assessment of allies in the region. You forgot our strongest ally, the Australians who have fought and died with us in virtually every war since WWI. NATO would also have to participate under article % of the charter if we were attacked by either China or NK.

          Sadly, the Philippines has let the infrastructure the US left behind decay. What was once a strong Naval base for ships and a/c with a huge industrial repair capability at Subic is now in disrepair. Clark Air Base was heavily damaged when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. Not sure how much of it was fixed.

          Don’t know if you’ve read, but China is running practice missions with its Flanker a/c on attacks on Guam. Guam is our best base in the region, and in my opinion, would be the first place struck should China decide to enter the fray. Warfare has changed a lot since the first Korean war.

          If I were SECDEF, I’d be looking at my options to build some support infrastructure and sign treaties with Micronesian and other island nations for US and allied forces to use in the event should Guam or allied bases in Japan be destroyed.

          Appreciate your thanks…lots of other folks out there on the front lines sacrificing now who deserve that, and I accept it on their behalf. I look in the mirror now and no longer see the 25 yr old tiger I once was. The grey hair WAS earned by those night carrier landings though.

          1. @We should air drop half a billion smart phones, and arrange free wifi over China. That would solve the problem.
            Sierra 7 Bravo 06 out.

      2. @JDC, My other welcoming remarks went into Ammoland oblivion. And just about the time that I rewrite them, the original will show up. Let me just say that I am happy to read the remarks of anyone that has graduated from War College. I look forward to more of your analysis on China’s aspirations, and thank you for your service.

    3. Sure wish the rest of the US “liberals” would open their eyes to this very real threat. My wife and I have discussed these very real scenarios. Has anyone bithered to notice the Chinese and other Asians have been very quiet with all the Trump bashing, protests and civil activities of the leberal parties? The silent and forgotten are the sleeper cells as are any Muslims preaching peace and keeping a low profile. I see rifle prices and some ammo has gone down. So buy in quiet succession and be ready. Have aid kits and some stitching supplies. Treat your native brothers well and unite to stay strong.

      1. @Brick, I like your thinking, but you are going to need more than guns and ammunition. If you like food, water, and electricity, then you better figure out a way to provide it yourself and a few other people that will look to you as a leader, when the SHTF.

    4. @ W. Bill you are so right and Trump is trying to equal the playing field between foreign and American made products. Obumer gave the base away to China, S. Korea and Japan. We have very little manufacturing left in the U.S. Jim said earlier that he tries to stay away from China built stuff and I do too. I would not buy a foreign made car for nothing. Even if it is built in the U.S. the profits still go back to the country of origin. We gained a few jobs from the build but sold our souls for them. Our labor unions cause a lot of the problems because they demand too much and the big wheels make too much from the people who have to pay the dues. Bush was on the way to destroying the unions and weakened them quite a lot but they still exist. We have no verifiable proof they are necessary with all the state and federal laws governing the employment issues.

    5. China wants to usurp the USA as a global super power, and are very close to doing that. Look at the democrats and even rhino republicans now. We can’t accomplish anything, the Media spends all day tearing down Trump and longing for their socialist utopian dream.

    6. We are in the midst of a geopolitical paradigm power shift!

      The 20th century was an American Century. The last hundred years is when we came into our own as a nation, and now we are in the 21st century, which shall be a Chinese and Russian century with India trying to climb into the number 2 spot.

      I don’t like this idea, but the fact is it’s the way it’s going to be. When America ceased to be a producing Nation, with factories producing that which we used on a daily basis ourselves, and also exported overseas, that is when we shifted to a subordinate position.

      Between the Thug Unions demanding Evermore and government at both the state and federal levels, us manufacturing could simply not survive.

      Then we had an auntie military attitude in the Congress, and in society at General, which meant the debilitation of our ability to defend ourselves! During the eight years of Obama the US Navy is no longer able to even field full squadrons of hornets anymore, because of a serious lack of replacement parts!

      Militarily speaking, the U.S. Navy is somewhere between 50% and 60% full complement. This is a recipe for utter destruction of the USA.

      Trump is simply not have the time to fix what Obama has done to us and what the Congress has done to us, militarily.

      When the North Koreans hit us with nukes, both EMP and city killers, that is when reality will change for us. We can only hope that gets hit while both their houses are in session, and the governor is in his office, and the other targets are LA, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland, and other major social Progressive metropolitan areas.

      No, I do not want it to happen, but it is going to happen, and the targets have listed are in all probability the targets that the North Koreans already have picked out!

      The populations of those cities, in some of which I have family members and Friends, sadly, are the very voters that have put us in a position in which we find ourselves!

      The only question, is when North Korea is going to strike, which is entirely dependent upon when Beijing allows them to strike.

      What the Russians will do, is up for grabs, other than taking back the Baltic states as soon as possible. The rest of Ukraine is definitely on their list, but they’re going to have to pause at Poland, Hungary, Romania, because the slobs will band together and go with the Russians, because they will have no other choice if they wish to survive as independent states.

      The Germans and the French, there are literally feckless at this point, and with Merkel in charge and Macron, no one knows what those States will do. The bare minimum is that they will renounce NATO membership, and kick Americans out of their countries.

      Should anyone be interested, I suggest you read Clausewitz’s On War, Machiavelli’s The Prince, and pretty much anything by Bismarck in his prime.

      It’s time to belly up to the bar people, and get ready four empty shells in stores, empty fuel tanks at gas stations, ATMs that no longer dispense cash, and cash that has its best use as toilet paper.

      I did forget to mention, it when we’re at a point just before the balloon goes up, all the major oil-producing Nations other than the USA, will change the monetary base for oil sales to another monetary unit from the US dollar.

      If I could get my hands on that old Chinese Sage, who said “May you be born in interesting times.”, I would strangle the old jerk!

      1. I think that you have overestimated the Russian economy, which is approximately half the size of California’s. Russian economic interests are overstated because their economy is skewed to corrupt oligarchs and their military. Exactly what imploded when Reagan asked MG to take down the Berlin Wall. Time will tell if Putin survives. But you are correct about China and India. China is the big winner of the TPP not passing as the primary focus of the agreement was China containment and American economic security. If the TPP had passed, China would be in a more cooperative mood. India will not be a foreign economic threat until it provides paved roads, good sanitation and clean water to its people. Kinda like what Eisenhower started here in the 50s. MAGA!

    7. “…Chang Kai Shek and his gang of Western-backed thugs…” Sadly, either Major Van is a brainless Neo-Con, or just ignorant of history. I’m done reading any of Major Van’s postings.

      1. Bite your tongue and go make the same mistakes again. You have shown that you will never learn.

      2. Chiang Kai-shek was fighting against the communists with the help of what he calls “western backed thugs”.
        So what was Mr Chiang to do then? Let them have it? #$%$

    8. Once Nixon created the all volunteer military, rich people have had no reason to be loyal to America and are only loyal to their money. The poor and middle class have seen the voluntary military as a jobs training and education program. Reinstating the Draft will not really change the people who are already enlisting, but I would be happy to see the Romney boys and the Trumps mandated to serve. I think we can learn from Bone Spur’s and Cheney’s deferments how not to let these diamonds amongst the rough slip through.

      1. Chandler I was 2S during the Vietnam War. I was a student. Does that make me a draft dodger? Sinton got out of the draft because his father was in Arkansas government and pulled a few strings.

    9. Have avoided, whenever possible, buying Chinese products even to the extent of going without if the alternatives aren’t there. Don’t go to Walmart and many other Chi-Com.gong (hat tip to whoever coined that). Won’t sell my future for a nickle saved today.

    10. The scenario sounds plausible, however under Trump it ante never going to happen. Trump will not yield to blackmail. He know that the fate of the United States will not tolerate blackmail. It would be the end of the US forever as a superpower. If the article is true the Chinese leadership has seriously misread American resolve.

    11. Hey! Won’t all those liberals in Califony run out and defend us with their pee shooters issued to them by their governor.

        1. @C’ler, The Cal. National Guard is properly armed to engage in modern war, as part of a larger team. No one else in Cal. is.

          1. But, they only have ammo when the state allows it. Remember the LA riots? National guard was there and had no ammo. No deterrent at all. They finally got ammo and we’re effective. Look it up. How many looters were shot by the guard?

            1. Kristensdad, I was at the LA riots and the CNG did have ammo. At one barricade, manned by LAPD or LASO and CNG, the driver accelerated to run the barricade. The CNG put 14 rounds in the driver and 47 others in the car.
              We found out that COVER ME means one thing to law enforcement and another to the military when shots came from the upper floor of an apartment building. The LAPD yelled COVER ME and started to rush to the building. The CNG unloaded on the apartment building window. The LAPD came running back, yelling NO, NO, NO. Word went out through the combined TOC that all concerned had to communicate better.
              The CNG has ammo.

    12. Agree with Missouri Born. When one fails to maintain self sufficiency, one is at the mercy of the conqueror (and, there’s little comfort to be found in that reality). “Cheap” can have a HIGH price!

    13. Americans have always wanted more for their money so they buy the cheaper products from Walmart and other discount retailers, my opinion is that the unions that make products charge so much more for their goods because of wages and benefits that the cheaper products sell better and the stores make more profit off them.
      Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s you wouldn’t think of buying something from Japan let alone China.
      Now look at the few American manufacturers we have for everyday products, it’s our own fault.

      1. @MB, There are a lot of other costs going into American made products, too. Taxation of business gets passed on to the customer. Each time there is a transaction, there is a tax that gets passed on. The cost of the taxes in each part of the end product get paid by the consumer. Gasoline, for example, the companies make 3 cents per gallon, the government makes 15 cents per gallon at the pump. There are a lot of steps in between where tax is added and passed on.
        Regulations, too have costs that are passed on. If we could compete, the money would stay in America and not go to the Chinese for their war machine.

      2. It’s funny when I hear people say that, because I’m a truck driver and I haul American materials to American factories and goods to American warehouses six days a week. I see huge industrial parks all over the country churning out American products. In 2015 imports were 15.5% of our GDP.

        1. @Dr S, and the business tax for each transaction still gets passed on to the end user, which makes American products more expensive.

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