Hunting Finally Gets an Awareness Ribbon

Hunting Awarness Ribbon
Hunting Awarness Ribbon

Camp Compass

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -( Camp Compass Academy announces its new hunting awareness ribbon for America’s youth and outdoor hunting traditions. The orange camouflage ribbon not only helps to better represent and recognize the cause, but also helps raise awareness and unify subgroups in the outdoors.

Hunting Awareness is a national call to action that helps raise awareness and share a uniting message of heritage, hunting, and shooting traditions. Founder and teacher John Annoni has been working diligently in his outdoor efforts for over two decades.

John started Camp Compass Academy in 1994, which is an effort that systematically grows kids into the outdoors.

“When I first began, skeptics told me that I could not build and implement an inner city hunting and firearm education process, but I did,” explains John. “The success and results of Camp Compass Academy speaks for itself.”

However, even with the success of Camp Compass Academy, John recognizes that his fight for youth and hunting traditions needs to be embraced not only by grassroots sectors but by those with power and privilege in the outdoor industry.

The new Hunting Awareness ribbon will not only help to unite sportsmen and women but will better outdoor opportunities for the next generation. This initiative will encourage people to become active in mainstream society by showing off their ribbon. It will help raise awareness, and educate about the benefits hunting and outdoor heritage traditions offer.

“To get to the next level of awareness and progress it’s up to all of us to educate about our outdoor hunting and heritage traditions. There’s been way too much talking and not enough proof of actions. Visually showing others that you care by displaying an orange camouflage ribbon is a keystone in that process.” said John Annoni, Founder.

By participating in Hunting Awareness, you are taking a stand for the next generation and recognizing that hunting is a focal point in conservation.

“We believe that every child, no matter what circumstances they may be in, should have the opportunity to experience positive people and outdoor related activities,” says John. “When you proudly display your ribbon, you are standing up for the next generation and who you are. Visit HuntingAwareness.Com sign up, get the orange ribbon and stand proud as a person who has benefited from what the outdoors provides.”

While the individual awareness message may seem small, John believes that if enough people take a stand together it will make a huge difference. “We have a goal of two million people to show they care and I firmly believe that we can achieve that and more,” John added

About Camp Compass:

Camp Compass (CC) is a nonprofit program comprised of a unified effort to assist urban, disadvantaged youth with life through a structured program. Founder, John Annoni, and his staff make a difference in the inner city by providing hunting, fishing, archery, tutoring, social guidance, and other outdoor youth activities. CC also works to foster self-esteem through positive role models and assistance in making positive life choices.

For more information about Camp Compass visit their website.

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