New Jersey Gun Owners: Rising from the Ashes of Murphy’s Victory

New Jersey-( Phil Murphy will be the next governor of New Jersey, and like others within the second amendment community, I’ve thought hard about what went wrong for our preferred candidates and have consulted with a diverse group of Second Amendment activists for how best to move forward following Murphy’s devastating victory. Simply put, we don’t have time to pity ourselves, and the New Jersey Second Amendment Society is already formulating new political strategies and developing citizen action plans to counter the Murphy Administration. For those ready to get involved and help fight back, the following is our framework moving forward, and we’d love to hear your ideas and feedback:

First – This is not a sprint, and barring any unforeseen changes, we’ve got four years of battles ahead of us – two of which will definitely include a supermajority for Democrats in the state legislature. Not only do we need all hands on deck, but it’s important we aren’t easily discouraged or wasting energy bickering instead of focusing on spreading our message.

Second – All the money in the world won’t stop the Murphy-Bloomberg-Soros campaign to strip us of our second amendment rights, but we – – yes, you and I – can stop their tyrannical legislative agenda in New Jersey with something money cannot buy: passion! This is a call to action – knock on doors, call your elected officials, speak out at public meetings – whatever it takes before it’s too late. And while we at NJ2AS understand our hard-working supporters have busy schedules – especially during the holiday season – everyone putting in just 3-5 hours a week can make a gigantic difference.

Third – I would like to emphasize that Phil Murphy and his cronies in the legislature are not dictators, despite their wishes. We can and will fight back against any attacks on the Second Amendment. As our members already know, we have been successful with getting pro-second amendment legislation sponsored on the federal level and have achieved legal victories against the state like no other New Jersey organization.

Finally, if you’re ready to stand up and fight for your rights, please join, renew, or donate and unite with us to defend the second amendment against our most dangerous enemy yet – Phil Murphy.

About the New Jersey Second Amendment Society:New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

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    2. It breaks my heart to watch as the short sighted people of NJ who pay no attention to their history so readily surrender their rights for “something for nothing”. The free money is going to disappear, stolen by those they elected. Then what? Open your eyes people! Who in their right mind would spend millions for a job that pays thousands? Public service from politicians? More like a license to loot the public! I can never get enough of the the wisdom of our forefathers. Sayings like “those who surrender liberty for security will ultimately have neither “. “once the populace realizes they can vote for those who will give them something for nothing, democracy is finished”. The right to bear arms gives the people a chance against tyranny of their government. History shows time and again one of the first goals of a mass murderinging government tyrant is the disarming of the people. When will we learn?

    3. I grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to North Jersey for a wife and a job in NYC. Forced to wear body armor to work and carry a boot knife instead of the CC I had in PA. The day I retire, NJ will lose another taxpayer Taxpayers are a dying breed in the state overwhelmed by freeloaders and lefties. I’ll never surrender my weapons and should SHTF “finally” come, those few of us , law abiding suffering gun owners will have our hands full against the “bad guy gun holders who don’t care about gun laws, who never have and never will as demonstrated in Illinois, California, Massacheucettes, Connecticut and Michigan whose gun laws have done nothing against crime. Every county in NJ is classified an urban county. Liberal democratic cities will be the death of this country. Cesspools of corruption and naive people who willingly surrender their constitutional liberties for empty promises and perceived fictional safety. I miss Pennsylvania!

    4. Your right. We are not going to like the new laws that are about to come. But the only people that have a right to bitch are the people who voted in the election. Since approximately 65% of the voters did not vote, we who did are stuck with what’s to come. If all the gun owners in our state had voted, we could ha e controlled the election and sent a message.

    5. The 2nd Amendment fight is not just about today, but about the country our grandchildren will live in. Everything starts at the bottom. Many cities have citizen activist groups that meet frequently. We need to join those groups, even if we disagree with most of the members. Knowledge is power, and the old adage, “Hold your friends close and your enemies closer.”, still applies. We need to identify our enemies before they can get elected to positions of power. It is virtually impossible for 2A advocates in states like New Jersey and California to reverse the Progressive trend by working at the state level. City councils and school boards are the starting point for many politicians, and that is where we must succeed if we are to stop the wave that is about to destroy our Republic. Get involved, folks.

    6. I don’t remember who said it but it is true. You get the government you deserve. NJ election results speaks volumes about the people of that state.

    7. Good luck N.J. I remember when Michigan went through the same democrat crap and people left like rats from a sinking ship. There was a bumper sticker that said “Last one out of Michigan, please turn out the lights”. Look where Detroit ended up. Sounds very similar for N.J.

    8. Survey your friends ,group,and club , as to how many are registered to vote ,and do vote .That is an eye opener .
      Use emails , cheaper than snail mail .Do not confine your criticisms to the second amendment ; taxes , spending , schools, everything is fair game . In N.Y.St , you have seven rounds to defend yourself and your family .
      Many years ago there was an Aqua Velva commercial . The male model and his model ( also) wife lived in a second story loft in the Bowery, or Meat Packing district (I forget which ) . A robber pulled down the fire escape ladder , entered the loft , surprised them in bed and tied up the husband .He took the wife to get the money . The husband was able to (partially?) free himself and retrieve a licensed .38 cal Smith & Wesson revolver from his night stand .The robber returned and said ,” Now I have to kill you .” The husband shot and hit him five times . The robber lived long enough to stick the knife in his neck and kill the husband . I don’t remember if the robber died .This is true story , and I can’t find it ( circa 1950 -1980). So if any one wants to limit how many rounds you have to defend yourself or your family when push meets shove ask them if they want a five ( or six ) round revolver , or a high capacity semi auto to defend them self ,and their family .

    9. Oh my, how NJ has changed since I grew up there as a kid. Some how, we all owned BB guns, and I had a used 22 SS rifle. I used to walk a few blocks from my home to a large field and woods behind, carrying my 22 and waving to the neighbors along the way. God forbid a kid were to do the same today. Many a tin can found it’s death by a thousand wounds, and nobody lost an eye. How could we have possibly been so confused? Why aren’t we all dead and buried? But, we saved the neighborhood from any indian raids, – none, – period. Just their left over soda cans and bottles.
      May God help you with this socialist governor.

      1. Good post…the people of New Jersey aren’t very bright! I grew up down there, but was wise enough to get out of there almost thirty five years ago, to a much more gun friendlier state!

    10. It never ceases to amaze how many times voters put in left wing assholes like Murphy. NJ has practically no gun rights as it is and the rest will be gone. Yes you can fight back but since the people on NJ put in such a governor & legislature not much hope. Perhaps if their already high taxes are raised another 30% or so and many of their other rights are taken they should be happy. You voted for bad & corrupt government so live with it. That is what you wanted ENJOY!!!!

    11. Good Luck from Oregon ….. we have a knot head Governor TOO, just put her blindfold on and signed a really STUPID Anti-Gon bill that she has no idea what it really was…… STUPID ! … hope your new Bonehead Governor has better views……….probably not ,

    12. Well, well, well. Great move, New Jersey. Another liberal moron. More gun laws, higher taxes, more regulation of everything – looks like NJ decided to compete with Illinois, California and New York in the race to the bottom. I feel for gun owners that voted the right way, but it’s time to start looking for a place to move. Passion is great, but it won’t matter when you have your “leaders” actively working against you. Good luck.

    13. As a former NJ resident, I hope they are able to counter any BS this new administration pulls which they will it’s there nature.

      1. As an OREGON resident…. GOOD LUCK … we have an off center Governor that loves to sign Anti gun bills here too……. just look at the last one …. really well intended but written by a Rep-o- idiot.

    14. You have three branches of government that are corrupt and usurping power and committing unconstitutional Acts. We have actually already exceeded far beyond what I found is would have done before taking up arms. You need to start following the founding fathers example and form a proper Shadow government like the Continental Congress and raise a proper militia in secret and communicate using the resources you can find that gpg4win.Org

      You also need to develop other communication systems as well, and other practical aspects such as a political power structure Beyond simply the equivalent of a Continental Congress and of course of the physical structure as well including power sources, money supplies especially outside of that of paper, and various communication systems including spread Spectrum encrypted Communications.

      You also need to find other technical information which will not be discussed here that will deprive them of critical resources in their fight for tyranny.

      And while it is not currently time to use those resources and take up arms directly at this time and we are very very close to it and you need to be prepared for it with full infrastructure in place and training. Lots and lots of training not just in the use of arms but in various technological and Tactical planning.

      1. Don’t forget to stock up on tinfoil hats and secret decoder rings, along with light sabers and spam.

        1. Dear Mr. Kent- tinfoil hats and light sabers will not protect us from the tyrrany to come if we stay on the course laid out by the leftists-which you apparently associate yourself with. At this moment this country still allows the idea of free speech- even when neither participant is in agreement with the other. Remove the God/Given RIGHT to keep arms so as to level the playing field for the weaker participants and see how long your right to proclaim your idiocy lasts!! As soon as that right is stripped away power mongers will exploit the populace at every turn and the RIGHT to speak your mind will be removed. This may not bother you as currently your beliefs are the same as the power base in charge-that may not always be the case!! Grow a set-take responsibility for your actions and become self reliant for your personal protection and then come back and talk to us. Until then please keep your idiotic opinions yo yourself!!

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