Anti-Gun Left is not Capable of Understanding H.R.38 (Reciprocal Carry)

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Anti-Gun Left is not Capable of Understanding H.R.38 (Reciprocal Carry)

U.S.A.-( Shaneen Allen obtained her concealed carry permit at the advice of a family member. She works two jobs and late at night, told local media that she was robbed twice last year before she decided to start carrying a gun.

When she was stopped for a minor traffic violation while passing through New Jersey, she without question and willing informed the officer that she held a permit and was carrying a firearm in her vehicle. Three-year minimum mandatory sentence in State Prison; Christie pardoned her, and the next N.J. Governor would not have.

Mistakes like this happen every day, and States like New Jersey that want to hurt and punish gun owners for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights are the reason H.R. 38 exists.

The anti-gun left openly fear hordes of redneck gun owners (to them: white uneducated, racists) swarming across the country upsetting their philosophy that it is better to be a victim than to defend your rights, yourself or your family.

I see no nobility in being a victim. Pain, anguish, loss…yes. There is no nobility.

H.R. 38 exists to protect the average gun owner who makes a mistake, often through no fault of their own. Had the left-wing elite decided not to punish people for their 2nd amendment rights H.R. 38 might not exist. This bill is a backlash to their prosecution of people like Shaneen Allen.


The left claims that H.R. 38 is unconstitutional because it violates states’ rights.

But what the left fails to remember is that we’ve heard this argument over gay marriage. The left argued that because a plurality of states allowed gay marriage all states should. Additionally, they argued that a marriage license issued in one state should be valid in ALL states.

It sure looks like a plurality of states allows CCW.
It sure looks like a plurality of states allows CCW.
 Only the red and dark red counties prevent a citizen from defending themselves. 60%+ of the CA population lives in a shall issue or may issue county.
Only the red and dark red counties prevent a citizen from defending themselves. 60%+ of the CA population lives in a shall issue or may issue county.

The same far left activists who jammed gay marriage down our throats will see their same logic used to expand 2nd Amendment rights. It sure looks like a plurality of states allows CCW.

The fact is there are only a handful of States where may issue is the law of the land. It is those costal elite that oppose H.R. 38.

Now I’m going to tell you a secret. I’ve added a map by county of California. Only the red and dark red counties prevent a citizen from defending themselves. 60%+ of the CA population lives in a shall issue or may issue county. The State is ruled by the Bay area and LA county liberal elites. The rest of the State looks a lot more like normal people.

If not for motor vehicle registering illegal aliens to vote, the face of California would look very different. Approximately 4 million illegal aliens, all voting in state and local elections, creates a state that can never be too left for its population. Most of these illegal immigrants come from counties where gun ownership is banned. This block of voters is also why the gay marriage initiative failed in CA.

H.R. 38 PROTECTS gun owners, it keeps us from being persecuted by left-wing zealots and helps preserve our rights. Call your Senator NOW.

About Don McDougall:Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • 16 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Left is not Capable of Understanding H.R.38 (Reciprocal Carry)

    1. How does this bill apply to down state New York’ers who have sportmens pistol permits as well as out of state cc? By down state i mean long island where getting a cc is close to nill.

    2. States “rights” are still bound by the constitution PERIOD. The second amendment states the PEOPLE have the RIGHT to keep AND bear arms, PERIOD. There is NO wiggle room for “permitting” or regulation of ANY kind. The supreme court rulings allowing these infringements are unlawful and a blatant attack on the constitution.

    3. Plurality of the States was not the case with gay marriage. Even California voted that marriage was between one man and one woman. However the “plurality” argument is most valid concerning 2nd Amendment rights

    4. The house of representatives act like chicken little about guns, they need to remember that it was only a few short months ago that a bunch of their members came under gunfire by a liberal nut who had watched the members practice for a charity baseball game then proceeded to shoot at them hitting a couple, one seriously.
      If the members wouldn’t have had armed security with them they would have most likely all been killed, it took a good guy with a gun being the armed security detail to take out the threatening shooter and save the lives of the congressmen.

    5. This is great, but I haven’t been able to find anything that talks about our truckers out here, when, or do they now get to carry?
      Alot if them get robbed, sometimes the whole truck and cargo gone.

    6. I think you meant to refer to NJ as the People’s Republic of NJ (PRNJ). Gun unfriendly is being too nice – how about the nonsense to get a FID of any kind in NJ + the separate nonsense to have to get a permit for EACH and EVERY pistol you buy. This bureaucracy has certainly not stopped the utes from the towns that are clusters of diversity from buying whatever the heck they want. Pretty much all violence in the PRNJ is the result of these magical diversity centers. We definitely need more Loretta Weinbergs in the govmt to beat the privilege out of us.

      Everyone needs to realize that the end goal is total disarmament. Than our globalist overloads can continue to do what they want to us with no repercussions.

    7. Well, Get Ready! Now with the election of Murphy New Jersey Republicans that hope to protect loved ones will end up doing so with the knowledge, they are doing it against New Jersey state law.

    8. In NJ a citizen requires the endorsement of his local police chief (or state police if there is no local police force) before the state will consider granting a CCW permit. So you’d have to map the state by town to show where local law enforcement made the area “no issue.” Even after that, the term “may issue” is being generous. NJ has 9 million citizens and some 1100 CCW permits issued. I think that makes it the least gun friendly state.

      1. I know; I used to live there……got out of that rat hole back in the eighties. I live in a much more gun rights friendly state now. And my property taxes are a tenth of what they would be in New Jersey! We are a Constitutional Carry state, now as well, thanks to our awesome governor!

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