AmmoLand News Endorses Scott Bach for 2018 NRA Board of Directors ~ VIDEO

USA-( AmmoLand Shooting Sports News is endorsing Scott Bach for 2018 NRA Board of Directors.

“Scott is an experienced and effective fighter for your right to keep and bear arms. His leadership in the state of New Jersey has been instrumental during Chris Christie’s time as Governor and is now needed more than ever with the election of rabid gun banner, Phil Murphy, to the office. Please vote for Scott Bach for NRA BOD” ~ Fredy Riehl, AmmoLand News, Editor in Chief.

A gun rights leader in the most hostile territory imaginable for nearly two decades, Scott Bach has redefined the meaning of “relentless” as he has repeatedly beaten the odds, often leaving gun-ban politicians stunned, embarrassed, and defeated.

He left his legal career behind to pursue his true calling – the defense of Liberty against those trying to extinguish it. Often demonized in the liberal media, and sometimes the target of death threats from those who preach “tolerance,” Scott leads one million gun owners, hunters, sportsmen, and sportswomen in the Northeastern U.S.

Scott’s background and record of accomplishment speaks for itself:

  • Improved Carry Laws in 3 States
  • Defeated Numerous Gun Bans Against Impossible Odds
  • Obtained Historic Pro-2A Vetoes, Executive Actions & Pardons
  • Helped Reinstate NJ Bear Hunt After 30-Year Ban
  • Sued Several States and Towns Over Unconstitutional Gun Laws
  • Sued the Port Authority of NY & NJ For Harassing Gun Owners
  • NRA Board Member & Benefactor Member
  • Founding Chair, NRA Right to Carry Committee
  • Vice Chair, NRA Public Affairs Committee
  • Executive Director, Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs
  • Knife Rights Advisory Board Member
  • Former Police Captain
  • Numerous National Media Appearances
  • Regularly Debates Anti-Gun Extremists
  • Attorney Licensed In Multiple States
  • Trained With Col. Jeff Cooper, Gunsite Founder
  • Trained With Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch
  • Outspoken Advocate for Right to Carry
  • Former Congressional Staffer
  • Former Intern, U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
  • Former Intern, U.S. Attorney, Southern District of NY
Scott Bach
Scott Bach

Read what Other Leaders Say About Scott Bach:

“Scott Bach is one of the greatest fighters for the Second Amendment in the United States.” – Robert Unkovic, National Co-Chairman, President Donald Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition

“Whether he’s reinstating much-needed bear hunts or defeating senseless gun bans, every New Jersey gun owner benefits from Scott Bach’s dedication to freedom.” – Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President and CEO

“Bach has the energy of any three other people. When there is work to be done, Scott rolls up his sleeves. When there is a crisis, you can count on him to be there.” – Alan Gottlieb, Founder, Second Amendment Foundation

“Scott Bach has been a fierce advocate for New Jersey gun owners, with a significant record of achievement despite overwhelming odds.” – Chris Cox, Executive Director, NRA-ILA

“Scott Bach is one of the hardest working 2A advocates in America fighting in one of the most difficult 2A battlegrounds and making a difference.” – Doug Ritter, Chairman, Knife Rights, Inc.

“Through sheer force of will, he has defeated gun bans in a State House controlled by anti-gunners, and used the courts to advance a pro-Second Amendment agenda.” – Sandy Froman, former NRA President

“New Jersey gun owners owe a debt of gratitude to Scott Bach, their vigilant guardian of 2A rights. Without Scott’s tireless efforts, every gun safe in the State would be empty.” – Evan Nappen, Esq., Gun Rights Attorney and Author

“Scott Bach is truly the behind-the-scenes hero of the 2A resistance in New Jersey.” – Anthony Colandro, Gun For Hire Radio

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Thanks Ammoland for stepping up to the plate with an endorsement for the NRA Board.
From suggestions of respondents to Ms. Hammers epistle there are 5 individuals who have been named. Kraut, Knight, Liptak, Golub, and Titus.
IMHO all of these are very good choices and unless anyone else has another good “grass roots” endorsement I move the proposed ballet be closed.


What is the First Safety Rule?
Can’t even do that Correctly.


Thank you, Ammoland, for publishing this endorsement. NRA voting members need some source of information about board candidates beyond the useless bios published by NRA itself. I wish some blog would collect a competitive source of info about the candidates that would “complement” the NRA’s bios. What I’d like to see is a down-load-able spreadsheet that I could sort on criteria I, as an individual, feel is meaningful. E.g., – This candidate was nominated by the nominating committee (Y/N) – This candidate was nominated by petition (Y/N) (some are both) – This candidate has had consulting contracts with the NRA… Read more »