What Else Can They Ban? Request for Bump Stock Comments from ATF

Ban Bump Fire Gun Parts
What Else Can They Ban? Request for Bump Stock Comments from ATF

USA – -(Ammoland.com)-The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has requested comments from gun owners like you on pending regulations that could ban bump stocks.

Gun Owners of America URGENTLY needs you to speak up by the January 25th 2018 deadline set by the ATF and help us incinerate this proposal before it even hits the House floor.

Please submit your comments to ATF here. >>

The proposal to ban bump stocks is nothing but a political game orchestrated by politicians like Nancy Pelosi. Most gun owners don’t even own bump stocks, but Pelosi knows that the second Republicans give her an inch, she’ll take a yard and stab them in the back.

This is a dangerous slippery slope that we absolutely cannot cross. This is exactly why Gun Owners of America has officially taken a no-compromise stance.

Our Constitution is clear. We have a right to bear arms. Period. Our Founding Fathers were wise enough to know that if we start sacrificing our God-given freedoms for a false sense of security from a nanny-state government, we’ll be left with neither liberty nor security.

Every gun owner needs to realize that if the ATF can unilaterally ban bump stocks, THEY CAN BAN ANYTHING THEY WANT.

We need to fight back.

Tell the ATF you will not let them strip us of our rights. >>

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America

About Gun Owners of America (GOA)

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no compromise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul.

Visit: www.gunowners.org to Join.

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One additional question. How many reading this have offered comment to the BATFE, either way, on regulatory action regarding Bump Stocks?

James Higginbotham

i have. but not gotten a response from them.
and don’t know if i will?
but they KNOW how i feel, and they DON’T have the Constitutional Authority TO BAN ANYTHING.


Very unlikely that you get even a response saying your comment rec’d. If you commented via government site, you did get indication of comment received along with a reference number, which is what I’ve had. By the way, for whatever it might be worth, thanks for your effort, the comment you sent. Every one helps.

Andrew Duncan

First and foremost people like Dave Brown listen up. Those “control laws” from before may not as he put it ” no longer exist” but the fact is some actually do such as FOPA 1986 which ban the sale of any new manufactured machine guns to U.S. Citizens. Perhaps if people like Dave Brown had fought harder against foolish political agenda our second amendment would not be as infringed. This fight is not about whether you personally like or engage in particular parts of the firearm culture. It is whether you truely believe in what the bill of rights stands… Read more »


Poor legislative creatures, the GCA of 1964 the NFA of 1934 et al, while perhaps amended, are still very much with us.

John Young

Alan ~ It was the Gun Control Act of 1968. Yes, they are all still with us. They are all outrageously unconstitutional and illegal. The trend toward banning guns by the liberal left wing tyrants will continue. Give them credit. They never change. And they never quit. And they will say and do ANYTHING in order to rob America of it’s rights and freedoms. No lie is too low or agregious, no deception too outrageous, e.g. “We don’t want to take your guns.” I believe in the Second Amendment BUT…”, “We MUST do something to protect people from gun violence.”,… Read more »


John: Perhaps incorrectly, but I place a big portion of the blame for existing gun control problems on gun owners themselves. How many times have you heard the following, or words to the same effect from gun owners. The NRA won’t let “them do that”, such pat phraseology being a poor excuse for their own damned lazyness exhibited by the fact that few gun owners ever make a legitimate effort to make and maintain contact with law makers, and yes I realize that there are exceptions to the above mentioned, unfortunately I suspect, to few in number. I will close… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Albbac2, yep, you are incorrect. Politicians, judges and bureaucrats took oaths to defend the Constitution, not ignore it. If the various governments would follow their oaths, and observe the Constitution, then we would not even need an NRA. It is not the fault of gun owners that Politicians, judges and bureaucrats ignore the Constitution.
The various governments are not limiting themselves to diminishing only our Second Amendment enumerated Civil Rights. All of our Civil Rights are in jeopardy. And that is not our fault either. There is no profit in letting Americans be free.


The Firearms Owners Protection Act had some good points. Unfortunately. The Hughes Amendment was hung on it, to the everlasting shame and disgrace of Congress was hung on it .

Dave Brown

I would worry a whole lot more about everything else DC screws up as in the big picture we are semi screwed by the right and the left. As for firearms, I am 65, have been shooting for 55 years, and hunting for 49. I have seen a bunch of gun and ammo control in those years. Now most of those controls no longer exist. Did they hurt me, no, do I miss them no. I own and shoot a bunch of different firearms. I have bump fire guns like the Mac. They are fun, but not something I want… Read more »

Ozark Muleskinner

As with everything else involving government and lawyers, the devil is in the details. My understanding is that this new proposal to ban bump stocks is so ambiguously worded, by design, that unelected bureaucrats (can you spell BATFE) can/will use it to ban trigger upgrades and other non-bumpstock related, user-installable firearms upgrades. Give the devil an inch and he will take a mile. Turn the heat up slowly on a frog in a pot and soon you’ll have well done frog legs. Citizens, learn from history. The road to serfdom and tyranny is paved with incremental encroachment of freedoms and… Read more »


The writer offered “Citizens, learn from history”. The Spanish philosopher said something along the same lines, quite a while back. “We either learn from history or we relive it”, as my memory serves. He was right too.


The Spaniard’s name was Santayana, omitted by mistake

J Young

Dave Brown ~ No, you just don’t get it. The illegal gun ban laws of 1934, 1968, and the Hughes Amendment attached to the so called FOPA of 1986 STILL EXIST. And the war against freedom, the constitutional republic, and ESPECIALLY the SECOND AMENDMENT is REAL and ongoing. It’s not about what YOU SEE or what YOU WORRY ABOUT. It’s about the United States Government trying to morph itself into a communist / socialist tyranny. When they disarm the citizens, they can attack, destroy, and kill you, and any and everyone in opposition to them. Wise up. And grow up… Read more »

Wild Bill

@J Young, Truer words were never spoken!

John Young

Thanks, Bill. JY

The other Jim

Beach Boy Chris Christie of New Jersey just signed the bill yesterday prohibiting ownership, sale or purchase of “bump stocks” and “trigger cranks,” effective immediately. 15 days to turn them in to police before you get arrested. Doesn’t matter how much they cost you to purchase or how may decades you have owned them lawfully, gotta turn that personal property over to the police without compensation.


Signing a legislative proposal into law is one thing. actually enforcing or operating the law might well be another thing.

Missouri Born

One nut uses a bump stock in the horrible shooting in Las Vegas so lets ban all of them from private ownership….
name something else other than guns that congress and elected professional politicians have talked about banning in the last fifty years.
I don’t own a bump stock and I don’t waste ammo but who am I to say you can’t own one if you want.
That bump stock didn’t pull the trigger a crazy person did!


While China is on the march Militarily, in Pakistan and India, preparing for the Japanese Islands, Taiwan, the Philippine islands, and in North Korea, and tying up resources in south America and Africa, the Leftists here are concentrating on eliminating Our Second Amendment Rights, First Amendment Rights and our ability to control our borders and Immigration. They are not being stopped or delayed in Washington. If they can’t get the vote they will import them and buy them, and use racism to stir up easily ooled people against America, and our Rights and everything American. How ironic the birthplaces of… Read more »


Couldn’t have said it better. You would have to be in total denial or Marxist yourself to not agree.

Wild Bill

@Casca, What, specifically, do you propose that we do?


What can they ban next in New Jersey? Gov. Chris Christy just put his signature on a ‘Bump Stock Ban’ during his last day as Governor. What’s the Democrat ‘Toad’ who replaces him going to do? There’s already talk of tax breaks for ‘Charitable Donations to Government’. How’s that for ‘Transparency in Government’?