Do You Know Who the NRA’s Marion Hammer Really Is?

Glen Rubin, Florida
Unified Sportsmen of Florida
NRA Benefactor Member

Marion Hammer
Marion Hammer

USA – -(  Marion Hammer was the first woman president in the history of the National Rifle Association. NRA was 125 years old in 1996 when she was elected. But she is so much more than an NRA Board member and past president.

Our people love this woman. Her dedication, her honesty, her exceptional commitment to the NRA, the Second Amendment and our cause of Freedom are unequaled.

When he nominated her for the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame in 2005, Florida Governor Crist said “Marion Hammer is one of the most courageous women I have ever had the honor to know. She is a true freedom fighter, working tirelessly to expand the freedom of all Americans through her advocacy on the Second Amendment…”

Florida Governor Jeb Bush best defined her character when he said, “When she says it, you know she means it, and you know her word is golden. She is an extraordinary woman in a man’s world, and she’s one of the most effective advocates in the political process over a long period of time.”

If you Google Marion P. Hammer, you will be impressed by her many accomplishments. There are hundreds of articles and praise for her work – even from those who hate the NRA and our Second Amendment.

After being elected NRA President, she chaired her first NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas 1996.

She was introduced to the members with a video as she took the Presidency and has been fighting for you, your gun rights, the Second Amendment and freedom continuously since. This video gives you a window into who she is.

The extensive list of pro-Second Amendment legislation she passed in Florida paved the way for the nation and is unequaled.
If you have a concealed carry license, thank Marion Hammer. Her efforts led the way to passage of legislation to restore “right to carry” nationwide.

If you appreciate the right to protect yourself without fear of criminal prosecution for armed self-defense. Thank Marion Hammer.

Have you heard of the NRA’s award winning and nationally recognized Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program for children? It has been taught to over 29 Million children. Again, thank Marion Hammer — she was the creator and driving force behind it.

If you shoot at an outdoor range and a state or local government agency are prohibited by law from zoning the range out of existence, thank Marion Hammer because she’s the one who pushed Range Protection Acts.

Have you been to, or read about the NRA’s state of the art National Firearms Museum? Thank Marion Hammer for it. She raised the money starting with getting $1million from Bill Ruger, Sr. She stepped up, raised the money and had it built — start to finish — during her term as NRA President.

Working with Wayne LaPierre at the state and federal level, Marion Hammer has stood on the front line with Wayne fighting for you to protect the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and insure that our firearms rights are restored and remain secure.

Marion Hammer has never viewed being on the NRA Board as something for a resume. She dedicates herself daily to unselfishly working to protect our rights as lawful gun owners.

Below is a list of some the other accomplishments Marion Hammer has achieved for NRA members and all law-abiding gun owners. She worked to pass these pieces of model legislation in Florida so other states could follow:

~ Nation’s first “shall issue” Right-to-Carry law
~ Firearms Preemption to Stop Local Gun Control Ordinances
~ Right-to-Carry Reciprocity law between states
~ Protection Against Expiration of CW Licenses for Active Duty Military
~ Hunter Protection law
~ Protection From Shooting Range Closures for Noise/ Nuisance
~ Protection From Shooting Range Closures by Government Environmental Lawsuits
~ Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit Protection
~ Restoration of Castle Doctrine Protection
~ Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground Protection
~ No-Net-Loss of Hunting Lands
~ Hunter Voter Registration
~ Right to Carry in National Forests
~ Gun Registration Prohibition
~ No Confiscation of Firearms During State of Emergency
~ Penalties for Local Governments who violate Gun Rights
~ Protection Against Doctors Violating Gun Owners Privacy Rights
~ Numerous Fee Reductions for CW License Holders

and much more……

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, who worked extensively with Marion Hammer during his years in the Florida State House before being elected to Congress, wrote in the Fall, 2015, issue of INFLUENCE Magazine;

“I knew the greatest force in Florida politics was on my side. Marion Hammer is the chief [Florida] lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. Armed with decades of political and legislative experience, financial resources, and the most engaged/informed/rabid liberty-loving constituency, she is widely regarded as the most powerful state-level in Florida (and probably the United States… Her judgment is trusted with good reason.”

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre summed it up, “For Marion and her grassroots army of voters, winning has never simply meant ‘not losing’ or just ‘holding the line.’ It also means gaining new ground in redefining the rights of the individual. I have always valued her counsel, not only for her legislative and political acumen, but just as important for her rock-solid integrity.”

Folks, that is who Marion Hammer really is.

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How about this? I personally don’t give a crap what you are, who you are, what you push from where, what you’ve done with your life, who you hate, whether or not you bleed…let’s see, what else?….oh yeah…who the men in your life are, what you flew where, how much you make, about that really feeble attempt at being Freud, what kind of flowers you are…wilting or otherwise…, or really, anything else. Your comments were just as boring as the moron you were trying to lambaste. My appreciation for your comments simply stems from your passion to say what’s on… Read more »

Chris BeHanna

Let’s not forget what Marion’s bodyguards did to Ken Brodbeck in Philadelphia in 1998, shall we?

(Ken is the husband of then-board-member Sally Brodbeck. For having the temerity to videotape a meeting, Marion’s goons threw him to the floor and choked him unconscious.)

Cannibal smurf

Sad to see her Bowl cut hasn’t changed but her views on the unconstitutionality of gun control have.

Jo Ann

Finally, some wit.


This is the horrific shooting in Parkland. Marion Hammer God have mercy on your soul.


Amen. I suspect Marion Hammer will spend her eternity in a very hot place.

Beverly Hanson

I Believe she will rot in Hell!!!


For her part, Hammer rejects a connection between guns and public health, calling it an “anti-gun” agenda, and wouldn’t discuss a possible compromise between the two camps. When asked if she believed the NRA would ever be open to the idea of re-examining existing legislation on firearms, Hammer was clear about her opinion.

“That is the dumbest question I have been asked in 40 years,” she told us.

Thanks to your intelligence, Marion Hammer, we have 17 dead….at a “public” school. For myself, I would call that a “public health” problem!

Gunz 4ever

Nope. As much as you guys hate her, the worst thing that will happen is she’ll have the room right next to yours.


Nah…wrong again. There are 17 dead because the political policies of fools like you have removed the boundaries that used to keep these shooters in check. You killed every one of those poor folks in Parkland and you have to live with it.


The author seems to be forgetting the part where Ms. Hammer actively torpedoed open carry and campus carry in Florida and when she said that bump fire stocks need to be reinterpreted as being machine guns under the NFA; as well as the part where she called those who disagree with her “extremists” and secret traitors.

The woman is the NRA swamp in microcosm. The swamp needs to be drained and the NRA needs to be made great again.

Dr Dave

BTW the reason for this whole thread is that Adam Kraut has proposed that ALL board members be approved by the rank and file every 2 cycles and that attendance is required at all board meetings unless emergent reasons and then even if emergent no multiple excuses Hammer is fighting back now to get momentum up for her re-election so she can leverage her position for still another year with no attendance This is pure and simple someone who might have been a solid value at one point but no longer has the energy or activity to step up and… Read more »

moe mensale

Looks like Glen found enough testicular fortitude to have his USF association finally shown. I’m sure it was just an oversight originally.

Amazing that some people think we unwashed deplorables are just dumb hicks that will believe anything our “betters” tell us and are too stupid to dig out the truth.

Sorry Glen. Sorry Marion. Sorry Wayne. Not today.

Johnny 180

“This video will give you a window to who she really is…” And then you post a video from the 90s.
From the 90s.
What a puff piece. Ammoland, you need to hire an editor.

Wild Bill

, I think that Ammoland was the catalyst for this entire debate. I have learn a great deal that I was unaware of from all of the commentors. Absent Ammoland’s efforts I would have remained ignorant of all that has been brought out.


Marion Hammer has 0% attendance for the last 2 years at NRA board meetings. She’s cashing in on distant past accomplishments without any recent contribution to the gun community.

Please take the time to vote for Adam Kraut. Youtube him or The Gun Collective to find his many informative legal briefings that help the gun community. Our gun rights depend on forward thinkers like Adam, not establishment dinosaurs like Ms. Hammer.

Dr Dave

Did you know she hasn’t been to a board meeting in two years and still holds a Board position and can hold up any advancement in the NRA? Did you know she was the prime instrument in FL not passing the three bills related to gun use in the FL in 2017? She was instrumental in not getting the law to allow licensed CCW holders to not become felons for a shirt lift or otherwise brief brandishment. We were SO close to getting the allowance to have guns in churches but that also is now gone. Maybe the author should… Read more »

Phill Spence

Glen Rubin’s associations were good enough to post on this archived article’s byline from 2016, but not now. For shame, Ammoland…


A house divided cannot stand. Where were YOU in 1968? Or 1977? Or anytime Court was in session to decide the outcome of critical anti-gun legislation? Will the ‘true’ fighters for the Second Amendment continue to fund the ‘Eddie Eagle’ program, the Range protections, the Hunter protections, the National Firearms Museum . . . and the list goes on. I was only 18 years old in 1968, the nation was (and still is) in shambles and the actions taken by the NRA saved most of the Second Amendment to work towards full recognition and restoration in the future. Let us… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

So we are about the same age, most of us anyway. Your horse changed direction and you didn’t notice. The NRA was around for a lot longer than that. The real question is why they didn’t fight the original ant-firearms acts and why they back politicians who are anti-gun and give them flying colors.
The BOD decided that consolidating power was more important than the stands it should have taken. Dumping Fudds and money brokers isn’t a bad thing if you replace them with Constitutionalists.


Premise that the NRA supports (with money)d politicians who are anti-gun, FALSE.

2nd amendment “A well regulated militia”…even Ronald Reagan and Antonin Scalia did not view automatic weapons as a second amendment right. Further, militia means military and regulated is self explanatory. I wonder how people on this website would feel if their child was lying DEAD in a classroom.

moe mensale

@mistly, I was a little older than you in 1968. What’s the point? While the Eddie Eagle program, range & hunter protections, the museum, etc. may be admirable endeavors of the NRA, they don’t make up for the NFA 1934, FFA 1938, GCA 1968, GCA 1986, FOPA 1986 (machine gun ban), CCA 1990, the Brady Act 1994, AWB 1994, NICS 1998, NICS Improvement Act 2008, Fix Gun Checks Act 2015 and many more on both the federal and state levels where the NRA just rolled over and acquiesced to the government instead of truly defending the 2nd Amendment. You’re probably… Read more »


Shill? C’mon if that’s all you have go back to Spongebob. I don’t disagree with you at all…but really…shill? Calling somebody a shill went the way of the dinosaur two decades ago. It doesn’t hurt anymore, it just shows that you have no imagination. Dang! Now I’m probably a shill for Hammer as well. Last person that called me that was Chris BeHanna…that was ’97 I think.

Chris BeHanna

Given that you’re a coward hiding behind a pseudonym rather than using your own name, I can neither confirm nor deny your allegation.

Jack Patriot

This puff piece on Marion Hammer is DISGUSTING. Shame on AmmoLand for publishing this piece of sh*t.

Richard Pope

If any of my friends here are NRA members, the Board
ballot should arrive with your February magazine.
Please Vote Adam Kraut, and here’s why.
Also check Him out at The Gun Collective on YouTube.

moe mensale

@Glen Rubin,
Tell us that you don’t have any ties to USF. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

And why were no comments able to be posted on this article for hours after it appeared this morning? Unlike every other piece on the morning feed?

moe mensale

@Jo Ann,

When Marion pontificates, it might as well be etched in stone because to disagree with her is to incur her wrath. Ask me how I know.

Wild Bill

Many of those things would not exist if the NRA would have worked on Heller and McDonald like cases in 1969. And Judges… the NRA should be experts on judicial appointments and the appointment process. Get back to enforcing the words of the Second Amendment against Congress and the states, and most of that stuff disappears in a puff of smoke.

Jo Ann

This is what happens when you pile on. I was surprised at the vitriolic comments and personal attacks following her recommended list. We are all free to vote n support whom we wish but the list did not come to us on stone tablets for God’s sake.

James Russell Bailey

@Jo Ann, News flash, I am sick to death of this overarching penchant for the politically correct Lemmings to promote any woman at any time for any reason, simply because she’s female. Sadly, these days a she doesn’t actually have to be female to be promoted as a woman! But I digress. Marion Hammer is a traitor to the Second Amendment. She supports bands on bump stocks and other items which precipitate a faster rate of fire. While this might not seem much to you, it goes to the heart of the issue concerning the Second Amendment and the phrase… Read more »

Jo Ann

Are you particularly angry at Marion or all women in general?
Can you back up all those accusatory insults?

James Russell Bailey

@ Jo-Ann, I can’t believe you actually have the gall to ask me that question! Well and good, let’s roll with it. Let’s see, how about pussy hats, walking vaginas, that is to say large brightly colored vagina costumes, vagina hats, and screaming from a stage that all men are rapists, potential or real, while women cheered when one said she wanted to burn down the White House, wearing clothing that is see through with plunging necklines that leave quite literally nothing to the imagination, pants so tight the Contour of every fold of genitalia can be seen, all the… Read more »


How you sound like you have Mommy issues! Feminists do NOT support all women. The problem with your argument is that women have been the butt of SEXISM and “Grab em by the pussy” politics in EVERY aspect of our lives for GENERATIONS to the point where the only thing that cuts through the LYING rhetoric, which you are perpetuating, is in your face “costumes.” So sorry it holds a mirror up to your impotent masculinity! Talk about hypocrisy, you are the embodiment, “chicky.” Personally Marion Hammer is a hate filled jerk and I suspect her reward will be eternity… Read more »


The difference being of course, that no matter what a male, especially a white male wore, you wouldn’t see women systematically making assumptions about his sexual availabiltiy, the appropriateness of making sexual innuedo’s or making sexual demands purely based on his choice of clothing. Of course women aren’t wilting flowers. We bleed every month out of a body orifice for most of our adult lives. We push baby’s out of those relatively small orifices after what is laughingly called “labor”. We object to the whistles, dirty jokes and crude terminology because we know what they are being used for, to… Read more »

Jo Ann

Perhaps you’re right. I appreciate the comments that contain facts that are germane to the subject as some were news to me. It’s the frothing at the mouth comments that cocked my pistol! /s/ Another old vet