Meet Edie Fleeman, Running for 2018 NRA Board of Directors

Edie Fleeman at Camp Perry
Edie Fleeman at Camp Perry

USA – -( Hello AmmoLand News readers, my name is Edie Fleeman, I am running for re-election to the 2018 NRA Board of Directors.

I am a current NRA Board member, NRA Benefactor member and Nominating Committee candidate working tirelessly for our Second Amendment freedoms.

A right is not a right unless it is exercised which is why the recreational and competitive shooting sports are important to me. Introducing people to the shooting sports is where my heart lies. As an NRA Instructor and Level 2 Certified Coach in both rifle and shotgun, and NSSA Level 2 Instructor, I have coached at girls’ summer camp, junior club, collegiate team, local club, and Women On Target levels. Competed in the NRA Smallbore Rifle Championships for 40 years, earning five Women’s National Champion titles, and qualifying for the honorary Randle and Dewar teams over the years. Serving/served as Chairman or Vice Chairman of NRA Committees: Smallbore Rifle, Collegiate Programs, Competition Rules and Programs, Youth Programs, Air Gun, and Protest.

Avid supporter of NRA’s Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics; co-director of 36 local WOT Clinics introducing over 2,100 women to the shooting sports since 2008.

Edie Fleeman at a recent Mother Daughter Skeet shoot.
Edie Fleeman at a recent Mother Daughter Skeet shoot.
NRA Board Member Edie Fleeman shooting at Camp Perry
NRA Board Member Edie Fleeman shooting at Camp Perry

2007 Sybil Ludington Award recipient for promotion of recreational and competitive shooting, and advancement of women in the shooting sports. My Brown Bess is proudly displayed in the NRA Firearms Museum. I was honored to have served as a Ohio Gun Collectors Display Show Judge. Second Amendment activist assisting NRA in successfully lobbying NC Legislature for gun safety classes in schools, and working with pro-gun rights candidates. Member of local Friends of NRA banquet committee since the program’s inception.

Endorsed by the North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association, the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association, and the Florida Sport Shooting Association.

Memberships: Durham County Wildlife Club (board member), Sir Walter Gun Club, North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association (life member), Ohio Gun Collectors Association (life member), GOAL, NSSA (life member), ATA (life member), NCYESS (NC affiliate of USAYESS, NC Vice-President), Black Hawk Rifle Club (Secretary-Treasurer).

Featured with mentee in NRA’s “Make A First” program, with subsequent programming by NRA All Access TV on The Outdoor Channel:


Please consider voting for me when you get your 2018 NRA Board of Director ballots. ~ Edie Fleeman

  • 13 thoughts on “Meet Edie Fleeman, Running for 2018 NRA Board of Directors

    1. Edie is a very capable competitive shooter, a skilled and devoted instructor, and a firm, unshakable supporter of second amendment issues. She is personally engaging and charming. I cannot imagine a more suitable ambassador for the shooting sports and for the NRA. Please keep her on the NRA Board!! We need more like her to be the face of the NRA to the general public and to lawmakers..

      1. Perhaps, but that doesn’t answer the questions:

        Does she oppose a “bump stock” ban?
        What is her position on Constitutional Carry?
        What is her position on “gun-free zones”?
        Will she work to repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the National Firearms Act of 1934?
        Will she support the use of NRA’s legal resources to defend victims of kidnapping and robbery, like Shaneen Allen, Brian Aitken, and Meg Fellenbaum?

        After years, or even decades, of the NRA Board throwing many members under a fleet of figurative buses in the mistaken belief they would save a few, we need clear, specific answers to these questions.

        You can’t have our votes for free anymore. You have to earn them.

    2. Activism is crucial to our “freedoms” becoming truly free and Adam Kraut is the man who can rise to this challenge. Please vote for Adam Kruat and help the board set a truly pro 2A agenda.

    3. I wish more Ladies would apply, not because that it could make Safety a forward looking item agenda, I call it common sence. However I wish that I could vote, but I am British who has lived in Belgium for the last thirty years, but I wish you all the best for your re-Election, Bon Chance Madame.

    4. I live in N.J. where libtards run this shithole state , back in the 1990’s I had a legal problem with confiscation of my firearms by local police.Being an NRA member I contacted them told them my ploy and was told because it was not a grass roots case they could nothing but refer me to a $200.00 per hr lawyer in my area with no free consultation. Till this day the only thing I see the NRA doing in N.J. is ask us members for MONEY and do nothing to help change our draconian gun laws. The NJ2AS is the only organization fighting for our 2nd amend. rights in this hell-hole.I’ve been an NRA member for a long time now and will be questioning why I should continue to support an organization that really does not support me or my rights in this state.

    5. Okay, she did a photo op with a country-club gun that probably cost more than most of us take home in a month.

      So did Obama.

      How does she feel about the AR15? Or Constitutional Carry? Or “gun-free zones”? Or as Wild Bill says, repeal of GCA68 and NFA34?

      Reading things off a card isn’t good enough anymore. Mine will be another bullet-vote for Adam Kraut.

    6. Would you request, suggest and or even fight to repeal for the a Unconstitutional and abuse of power by denying law abiding citizens their 2nd Amendment rights NICS system? This question needs to be asked by everyone to everyone. NRA board members to the politicians.

    7. @Edie, “… the recreational and competitive shooting sports are important to me. ” is insufficient. Repeal of the NFA and GCA are necessary to getting back to our U.S. Constitution. What have you done to work for the repeal of these two unconstitutional acts of Congress?

    8. When the NRA rushed in to support the banning of bump fire stocks shortly after Las Vegas tragedy, I thought here we go again… just like the 1986 Hughes amendment. I remember at the time all I heard from the NRA was don’t worry we will fight it in the courts, it’s unconstitutional… and what happened, nothing. All they did was fundraise off of it. I agree with JMR, that’s why I joined GOA.If Adam does not make it I am done with the NRA.

    9. The only one people should vote for is Adam Kraut, it’s clear the NRA has gone back to its pre 70’s stance and would rather give away our right then fundraise to line their pockets and do nothing about it.

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