LUCID Optics Offering Multiple Size Mounts

Lucid Optics QD 30mm Mounts
Lucid Optics QD 30mm Mounts

Wyoming -( LUCID Optics, the manufacturer of the best value line of optics on the market, is proud to offer multiple size QD 30mm Mounts for 2018.

LUCID offers both standard QD 30mm mounts and PRO QD 30mm mounts. Both of these models are being offered in low, medium or high configurations. LUCID is also offering an optional 30mm PRO bubble level.

The LUCID Optics QD 30mm mounts are made for putting high power glass onto nearly any firearm with a picatinny rail available. The cantilever throws the scope out front, allowing for the proper eye relief.

Precision machined from 6061 aluminum and finished matte black, they feature a simple and adjustable QD Lever attachment system to accommodate both in spec and out of spec rail systems. MSRP is $159.00.

The LUCID Optics PRO series QD 30mm mounts include the top ring with a sensitive Anti-CANT device designed to help eliminate inadvertent rifle tilt in precision marksmanship. These mounts are well thought out and a quality platform for the connection between your rifle and the optic. MSRP is $165.00.

The 30mm PRO bubble level is the perfect accessory for the LUCID Optics QD 30mm mounting system. The top ring with bubble level will help eliminate inadvertent rifle tilt in precision markmanship. MSRP is $49.00.

To learn more and see the full lineup of LUCID Optics products, visit their website.

Lucid Optics

About Lucid Optics:

We strive, every day to live up to the demanding expectations of our loyal customers. Without our loyal, satisfied customers, the dream that is LUCID OPTICS would not be possible. I can’t begin to express how excited we are to share with you all of the NEW products this year and to see the top sellers continue to gain reach in the industry.

Just as important as it was when we began, maybe even more so today, keeping up with today’s political and economic forces is tough enough without spending excessive amounts on the right gear. In a world gone crazy with corporate attitudes and high prices we are proud to still be an exception. This is achieved by challenging stereotypes and thoughtfully creating our items with features and benefits that make sense for the intended use.

There will not be any “me too” products in our line. Each one is designed to fit a specific set of needs. We firmly believe that overkill is truly underrated and when applied skillfully and properly there really are no limits to what is possible. We create our products through practical hands on approach, not in a boardroom or in a high-rise building somewhere, but on the range in the hands of capable law enforcement, military, competition and recreational shooters alike. This foundation and approach in the product development ensures that LUCID OPTICS is able to offer a refreshing, functional perspective on all of the critical details of each product we produce.

For more information, visit their website.