World Champion Shooter Julie Golob Asks For Your Vote For the NRA Board of Directors

Editors Note: Julie Golob is running for NRA Board of Directors in 2018. Julie has been a great friend and supporter of AmmoLand Shooting Sports News for many years. As a professional shooter, mother and shooting sports fan, Julie has first-hand real-world experience working, traveling and managing a family while responsibly living with the challenges faced by everyday American gun owners. With her unique perspective she would make a great addition to the NRA BOD, and AmmoLand is endorsing Julie for the 2018 Board of Directors. Please vote for her when you get your ballot. ~ Fredy Riehl Editor in Chief

Julie Golob
Julie Golob

USA – -( We all have a “gun” story. Mine is one with roots deep with the National Rifle Association.

I learned about the importance of the NRA mission as a young girl growing up in New York State. One Christmas my freedom loving, NRA proud grandfather gifted all his grandchildren life memberships to our organization. Knowing how important it was to him, I knew it was something I should care about too.

Guns have always been a part of my life. Dad hunted to put food on the table, and I remember him carrying concealed. When I was as young as eight years old, I started hunting and going to the range with my father for our local NRA Silhouette competitions. Eventually, shooting became my sport too as he and I worked and competed in practical shooting matches all over the northeast.

My gun story involves enlisting in the US Army and shooting for the Army Marksmanship Unit. It includes becoming Captain of Smith & Wesson’s shooting team and winning many world and national shooting titles. I’ve written books, taught people how to shoot better and have even been on television sharing my passion for the shooting sports.

Julie Golob Professional Shooter
Julie Golob: Professional Shooter

It isn’t all about the accomplishments and shooting is more than a just a job for me. I’m not bashful when it comes to my support of the Second Amendment. From Town Hall and Freedom’s Safest Place campaigns, personal contributions to America’s First Freedom and NRA Family as well as serving as the lead trainer for NRA Women’s Love at First Shot on NRA.TV, I proudly and actively share NRA messaging.

I would love your help with the next chapter in my “gun” story as I humbly ask for your consideration to vote for me in the upcoming NRA Board elections. I’ve been a voice for safe, responsible gun ownership and the shooting sports for decades and now, I hope to further influence and help lead our NRA to connect non-members and millions of gun owners.

Communication is my platform. Just as each of us has a “gun” story, we have our own thoughts and feelings about the direction of the NRA. By listening to the full spectrum of views within our membership and by better communicating with each other, we can be much more effective. If elected, my goal will be to connect our current members, welcome new ones and share the importance of our message, our people, and programs within and beyond our organization.

Please take the time to share your “gun” story in the comments below and on social media as I will read them all. Throughout this election, I look forward to learning more about you and our members. Our stories together combine to make an extremely important unified story about freedom, and that is the heartbeat of the NRA.

Sincerely yours,
Julie Golob

About Julie Golob

Julie Golob is a decorated multi-time world and national champion, and a U.S. Army veteran, firearms instructor, and mother. Author of SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children’s Book About Gun Safety and eBook resources, she is a prominent voice for sharing safe, responsible gun ownership throughout the firearms industry, the shooting sports, and beyond. Golob has been selected by National Rifle Association’s nominating committed to run for the 2018 Board of Directors. Learn more at and follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.


  • 30 thoughts on “World Champion Shooter Julie Golob Asks For Your Vote For the NRA Board of Directors

      1. here, here! I wish julie would’ve been at Ft Benning when I passed thru AMU in 1979, I might’ve been better motivated to make a mark. Great video and great example of what NRA is today!
        Where’s Jimmie and Lones and Dewey? 2nd Region ROTC spimd pff!

    1. Julie you got my vote as well. No better person to have that seat on the BOD.
      Ps. I’m very jealous of the awesome hand guns and riffles you get to shoot. I’m in California so we don’t get the opportunity to

    2. @Julie, I could not get to your comment to reply, so I had to copy as much as I could from the Recent Comments section, my apologies. You write, “@Wild Bill – You can certainly give me any feedback you like! I don’t offend easily…”
      First, the NRA BOD recently moved to gain tighter control over who gets on the BOD. As you were picked by the NRA BOD, will you be a rubber stamp for the board? What ideas do you bring to the BOD? Why do you want to be on the NRA BOD? Is a position on the BOD an honorary, position for you? I think that these are fair open ended questions, diplomatically put, as I promised.

    3. In 1962 I became a life member of the NRA, in that 55 years I can’t think of a person that
      would represent it’s member better than Julie Golob.
      Be sure to vote and vote for Julie G.

        1. @Juie, Not so fast. I have a question or two for you, and I will put them as delicately and diplomatically as possible, but first, I need to know if you will take them wrong or are you thick skinned enough to be a real candidate.

          1. @Wild Bill – You can certainly give me any feedback you like! I don’t offend easily and certainly have dealt with my fair share of negativity over the years as a hunter and shooter, negativity so severe from some who have issued death threats. I haven’t backed down yet.

            1. @Julie, Apparently, my previous questions evaporated. Recently, the NRA made it more difficult for its members to remove board members after they tried to remove Grover Nordquist. After this tightening of control, and as you were nominated by the BOD, will you be a rubber stamp for what LaPierre wants done?
              Since the BOD does not shoot at each other very often, how do your skills quality you to be on the Board? Do you see this as an honorary position without any real thought work?

            2. Hi Bill, I can’t speak for anyone on the BOD and I actually don’t personally know that many on the board. I was nominated by the nominating committee and I know there are several other influential women in our industry that have been nominated as well. I applaud the NRA’s efforts to reach more women and a younger generation. I think these segments are critical.

              I am not a rubber stamp for anyone or anything. I do my best to be as transparent as possible in everything I do. I will be honest, I’m rather new to “politics” and don’t have a huge amount of experience serving on boards. I have represented shooters on NRA committees but this is a huge step up from that. I plan to do a lot of listening and learning because the devil is always in the details. I also want to be a voice for the membership to the BOD. It’s important that we take into account how our members feel.

              My ideas? I hope to connect the dots within our organization. It puzzles me how segregated NRA programs are from one another and NRA media outlets. The closer knit we are, the more we know about what’s going on and the better we can be. I believe that communication is the key. We can always improve how we communicate and we need to explore more effective ways to do that. A great program or idea can never reach its potential if not communicated well. HOW we share news, our stance and programs is now more important than ever. Along with that communication involves how it will also reach more women, minority groups and our youth.

              This is by no means an honorary position. I am very flattered that anyone would think so, but I don’t by any means consider myself a celebrity. This election is one I had to put serious consideration into as someone with a pretty intense travel schedule as it is and a young family. It means a lot and I’m up for it. It isn’t honorary, but if elected, I plan on listening, learning and providing a younger, feminine insight to help us grow. No, not an honorary, but it will be an honor to represent our members.

              I hope that help some. I have a series of articles planned, a page on my website dedicated to the election and a Facebook group. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

            3. @JG, Thank you for your thoughtful and well stated reply. We wish you the best of good fortune in the election, and even more luck once you are on the BOD.

    4. I’d vote for her for about anything. She’s a great person but I’m done with the NRA selling us out. Sold us out in the 90s, sold us out the other day on the original statement on bump stocks and the NRA supports a racist as spokesman who thinks he can say one thing as a NRA spokesman and another as a black man in his opinion of white law enforcement.
      The NRA will not get another dollar from me after being a member for about 30 years, an NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer.

      1. @MIO, Who is this “… racist as spokesman who thinks he can say one thing as a NRA spokesman and another as a black man in his opinion of white law enforcement.” of whom you speak?

      2. Just because Noir isn’t a cop worshiper, which is apparently an arbitrary requirement of yours, doesn’t make him a racist.

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