CBS’ 60-Minutes “Report” on 2nd Amendment Issues, Hopelessly Biased As Expected, FAIL


CBS’ 60-Minutes “Report” on 2nd Amendment Issues, Hopelessly Biased As Expected
CBS’ 60-Minutes “Report” on 2nd Amendment Issues, Hopelessly Biased As Expected

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Praise from your critics is akin to the executioner commenting that you have a pretty neck!” ~ Eli Wallach

The heart of CBS’ 60-Minutes latest “report” on 2nd Amendment issues was not surprising to anyone familiar with the hopelessly liberal media.

The commentator (Steve Kroft), after assuring us all that he is so fair and in fact “hunted with his farther and grandfather,” (don’t they all!) proceeded to present the National CCW Reciprocity Bill, now making its way through Congress, as a war between the “Gun Lobby” and the police!

Police officials in NYC, who were simply handed the microphone, smugly commented that only they, and selected friends, should be able to even have guns, much less carry them. Kroft nodded in approval. What a surprise!

Many individual police officers and officials, including most sheriffs here in CO, favor this new legislation, but of course, we didn’t hear from any of them.

The NRA apparently declined to be interviewed. After being screwed by the media so many times, you really can’t blame them!

Others in favor of this bill were interviewed, or rather argued with, but Kroft assured them that shooting incidents would result “within a month or so,” when the bill becomes law. Dubious predictions like that are easy to make of course, when you don’t have to back them up!

Such “wild west” predictions always precede passage of CCW shall-issue laws. When the predicted “wild west” doesn’t happen (in fact, violent crime always goes down), vitiated liberals who made such careless predictions suddenly develop amnesia!

As always, CBS and their commentators, like all leftists, are utterly incapable of objectivity.

It is not surprising.

We believe individual “rights” are conferred upon us all, by none other than our Creator. Our Nation’s Founders rebelled against the European system which decrees there are no “rights,” only “privileges,” and that privileges attach to one’s status within society. It is a “caste system,” where one’s status can never change and that certain privileges are enjoyed only by the ruling elite (who are never questioned nor held accountable) and selected supporters. And unlike rights, privileges can be arbitrarily granted and withheld, at the casual whim of “the anointed.”

Our Second Amendment, wisely included in our Constitution by our Founders, understandably frightens and simultaneously confounds these modern-day royalists, who would return America to the European caste system.

They know all too well, as we do, what people with guns will do to people without guns! They thus want us to be forever without guns, but they soft-sell the idea to the gullible by insisting they’re “doing it for our own good,” masquerading as “benevolent despots”

The self-anointed, in and out of the media, are so predictable!


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  • 11 thoughts on “CBS’ 60-Minutes “Report” on 2nd Amendment Issues, Hopelessly Biased As Expected, FAIL

    1. If it is so great to not be able to carry for defense purposes then why don’t some of these news reporters go to the bad streets of Chicago unarmed and see how long they last. Let th break down in the middle of the night in a strange area without being able to protect themselves or their family.

    2. Steve Kroff has always been a woosy. Whatever the commie broadcast system tells him jump he says how high? There was no way this was going to turn out a winner for the gun people. They have to obey Soros or the EU.

    3. Don’t be afraid to call out CBS as fake news!!!
      WE went back and watched the video again……
      “Fake news CBS!!!!!!
      There were a whole bunch of errors in the 60 minutes segment that aired last Sunday.
      Two stood out to me!!!!
      1) they were at a gun store in Mississippi, and they said that anyone over 18 could carry a pistol out of the store, when the minimum age for concealed carry in that state is 21. Fake, false, news CBS!!!!
      2) They stated that getting a driver’s license is harder than getting a concealed carry permit, which is patently false. (Illegal aliens can get driver’s licenses in several states, but not concealed carry licenses) They also seemed to imply that reciprocity would allow people from Constitutional Carry states to carry in other states, even though the law being proposed clearly states that a permit is required to carry in another state, even if your home state doesn’t require a permit.
      The one thing 60 Minutes fake news, did not and could not do is explain how I as a holder of an Idaho enhanced Concealed Weapons Carry Permit, able to carry a concealed weapon in downtown anywhere Idaho as I did this weekend, or as we can carry in our neighboring states, NV, WA, MT, Dakotas, WY, UT,AZ, suddenly become a dangerous person by carrying that same firearm in downtown New York City. The politicians including big city police chiefs that they quote make the claim that by coming to their city I somehow become inspired to misuse my gun they even go so far as to imply that following reciprocity New York City is somehow going to become a magnet for suicide tourism!
      Of course, 60 Minutes has an anti-gun bias, and Steve Kroft right along with the rest of them. They conflate the opinion of a big city chief of police with the opinions of all police, without acknowledging the fact that the big city chiefs are political appointees and are creatures of their anti-gun bosses. 60 Minutes is happy to proclaim that more guns means more crime. They ignore common sense, and the information and statistics collected and published by John Lott that absolutely proves that more guns does not mean more crime.”

      Fake new CBS, why not report on how states issue concealed weapons permits? Qualifications? Why not interview fellow firearm instructors? What about interview gun owners? Why not interview victims had have been shot and lived? Why not discuss the church shooting in Texas, and how a good fellow and fellows help stop the perp?

      Thanks for your article!!!!

    4. “but Kroft assured them that shooting incidents would result “within a month or so,” when the bill becomes law.” If the people who carry now don’t go around creating shooting incidents, why would they start just because the bill passes?

    5. “The self-anointed, in and out of the media, are so predictable!” YES, but, only to the informed and those who pay attention.

    6. Push Back people. This is what we must do. Push Back. In WA State, the 2018 Legislature has introduced 7 Anti Gun Bills, ranging from Magazine Bans to Forcing ALL Gun Owners to locking up their Firearms 24/7. All have been defeated so far except one. They are going to Ban so called “Bump-Fire” Stocks on AR platforms. Many and I say many Washingtonians have sprung into action and stopped the other 6 unconstitutional fireman proposals. The success here in Washington State is this:

      Turn it around, Inform your State Lawmakers that any and all proposals to restrict, ban or regulate Firearm Ownership is “UNCONSTITUTIONAL”, and therefore any further action on their part will be deemed as direct threat to the Constitution of the United States of America, and their actions are deemed “Subversive” and they will be held accountable and charged Under US Code Title 18, with Treason, Sedition and Subversion. PERIOD. It works, They back off. If we can do in WA. State, so can anyone else. Fight Fire with Fire, PUSH back. Now pick up the pen and get to it. The enemy is no longer at the gate. They are INSIDE the compound.

      1. BINGO!!!!!!!!!
        The “Gun Lobby” is not against the Police OR against other Law Abiding Citizens.
        The “Gun Lobby” is trying to enable Law Abiding Citizens to be able to PROTECT themselves against the THUGS of the world.

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