NJ Democrat Governor’s Gun-Ban Round Table Previews War on Rights ~VIDEO

New Jersey – -(Ammoland.com)- February 13 2018 Governor Murphy held an anti-gun “roundtable” in Cherry Hill featuring a who's who of local and national gun ban extremists.

Attendees included:

  • Representatives of CeaseFire, NJ,
  • Mom's Demand Action,
  • Everytown for Gun Safety,
  • Million Mom March,
  • Gabby Giffords,
  • Antigun Clergy members,
  • Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D6),
  • Cherry Hill mayor and police chief.

“How can they call it a 'round table' when there was no one to speak for NJ's one million law-abiding gun owners,” asked ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach “They always talk about wanting to have a ‘conversation' about gun issues – this was more like a monologue. They need to focus on severely punishing violent gun criminals instead of banning tools needed by honest citizens to defend themselves.”

During the meeting, while paying lip service to the Second Amendment, more of the upcoming anti-gun legislative agenda was revealed, and it included:

  • Ban on magazines over 10 rounds
  • A new smart gun law giving a political commission control over the ban
  • Opposing all forms of right to carry
  • Fifty caliber gun ban
  • Armor-piercing ammunition ban (note: bans most rifle ammunition)
  • Suspension of gun rights without due process via “extreme risk protection orders”
  • Suicide prevention measures (note: 2016 range attack was styled “suicide prevention”)
  • Mandating training as a condition of owning firearms
  • Funding a Rutgers anti-gun think-tank

Notable quotes from the roundtable included: Governor Murphy saying “we will use all weapons available to fight back” on right to carry; Assemblyman Greenwald equating bump stocks to “high capacity gun clips“; and a representative for Moms Demand Action saying “we support the Second Amendment.”

Watch the “roundtable” event above.

Please get ready to do your part as anti-gun attacks ramp up in Trenton.

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  • 11 thoughts on “NJ Democrat Governor’s Gun-Ban Round Table Previews War on Rights ~VIDEO

    1. I can not help but notice the similarities between the temperance movement of the 1920’s and this vocal minority. The temperance movement promised that banning alcohol was for our own good, family life would be better, violence would go down and our society would reap a whirlwind of benefits. What a fantasy, entire families turned to easy money crime, violent crime increased to levels never seen before and none of the promises materialized. What is that saying about fool me once…

    2. The reality is NJ politicians are not afraid of gun owning voters. Period. You can sue until you are blue in the face, but NJ will continue to operate their own way and hold the Drake case over you as it was their victory. SCOTUS will not hear anything until new judges are nominated and confirmed (well conservative ones). NJ gun owners must accept that they are not wanted nor needed in NJ. They don’t care if you move, some other person will buy your house and pay taxes. You have zero impact on NJ, I was once a resident, I know.

      1. @MB,

        “Really Screwed themselves…” is an understatement. Okay, granted Kim G was not much of a candidate and she carried all the negative Christie baggage, but it was the total apathy of over one million FID (firearms ID cards, and over 850K hunters) who stayed home on Election Day to allow this s/b communist to win.

        But, I believe these things are cyclical and he can only do so much, before many of the aforementioned shooters wake up and say – ENOUGH..!

        One thing is for sure: It will be an interesting period for us NJ shooters….

    3. I suffered through the listening of these DUPES. What a waste of time. If an INDIVIDUAL American Citizen does not want to be able to PROTECT himself, THAT IS HIS CHOICE.
      I take note that the enforcement of these ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT fiascos (laws) have NOT altered the willingness of a THUG who is WANTON to harm others. TERRORISTS do not and will not follow laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      What a CIRCUS acting under the “color of law”.
      When SECONDS matter, the Police are only MINUTES away.
      So in Strictly controlled sites like the “Cherry Hill” administrators offices have their own GUNS and DEFENDERS on site. Why is this not a fact that is enabled in OPEN PUBLIC SITES such as SCHOOLS and CHURCHES.

      1. @Fred, What is fair about applying more Unconstitutional control over the people, but not on the police? What is fair about abridging the peoples’ Federally guaranteed Civil Rights with a state statute. What is fair about punishing innocent people for what others have done.
        None of this is about safety or suicide prevention, this is about stripping the people of their Civil Rights, controlling people, and backing it up with guns wielded by state employees.

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