Disgusting Immoral Child Whoring by Anti-Gun Protestors – WARNING Offensive Images


Child Protestor wishing to Fuck the NRA
Child Protestor and mother wishing to fuck the NRA.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- I have been torn today, after watching the “National” March on Washington and how overwhelmingly one-sided the coverage seems to have been as well as the moral morass and ignorance of the protestors.

In a few hours time I saw many interviews, and the responses I saw not only made me angry, it made me sad as well.

Sad because so many young adults, ignorant of history and the Constitution, were being used as pawns and as political props. Props used by those on the left who are pushing these rallies, but since their faces are known [Bloomberg], they conscripted children to do their dirty work.

What made me angry were how young I saw some of the kids to be, that held signs in favor of gun control, some that aren’t even old enough to be in Kindergarten. In those cases, the parents who use their kids in such a way are morally reprehensible, and they should all be ashamed. Who would use their children like this?

What struck me was how uninformed so many were when a few reporters started asking intelligent questions. Several responded that they wanted a ban on “assault weapons,” but when pressed what one of those was, they were pretty much clueless. There were many holding signs that had to be partially blurred out as to what they thought gun owners and the NRA could do with guns as a whole. Probably one of the most common things I saw, after the marchers got done stating the long list of things they wanted banned, most if not all then parroted out that they “don’t want to infringe on the rights of the law-abiding citizens”.

Perhaps one reporter should have brought around a dictionary and pointed out what the word “infringe” actually means.

Whoring Babies Against Gun
Whoring Babies Against Gun
Offensive Anti NRA Signage Carried by Clearly Ignorant Children
Offensive Anti NRA Signage Carried by Clearly Ignorant Children

On the very nice, and very expensive looking for a grassroots organization, main stage at the rally in Washington, DC, one celebrity after another trotted out and bloviated their views. Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande to name a few and more offered support from afar. What no one asked these self-centered Samaritans is how much-armed security they have around them to keep them safe. How many police officers and armed guards keep them and their families safe while lending their support to those who out of ignorance, arrogance or in some cases both would deprive gun owners of that same right. All the while vilifying the American men and women who make up the NRA. This hypocritical stance is one reason why gun owners and conservatives look at these rallies with disgust and are wary every time the words “common sense gun laws” are uttered.

What these rallies are and what they are gearing up to be are voter drives.

The left knows they are on the losing end when it comes to common sense issues. That was proven in November of 2016, but many are beginning to show fatigue from politics and at the same time, don’t seem to want to be bothered to vote this fall.

As a conservative, I can tell you that the left is mobilizing and doing so with as much money and media backing as they possibly can. I want you to imagine what this country will look like if the Democrat party gets back in control of Congress, a terrifying proposition.

Children Protesting the NRA
Children Protesting the NRA
Pink Pussy Hats Protesting Donald Trump at Anti-Gun Rally
Pink Pussy Hats Protesting Donald Trump at Anti-Gun Rally, what does this have to do with School Safety?
Proud NRA Protestor with Vulgar Sign
Proud NRA Protestor with Vulgar Sign

You can bet one thing is for sure, the Democrats getting control of Congress can mean one thing, impeachment proceedings for sure. On top of that appointees for judges for district courts to the Supreme Court will be compromised, which means a Justice that can go whichever way the wind blows, and frankly, we’ve had too many of them as it is.

Now I want you to think a little farther down the line, and that’s to 2020. Imagine what January, 2021 can look like if a Democrat President comes into power with control of a Congress run by the same party. If you think that a ban on bump stocks is hard news, imagine what could be passed with a vengeful party who has been on the receiving end of a couple of years of policies they didn’t like.

Only thing worse than a Democrat President in 2021 is the thought of hearing the words Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. If you think it can’t happen, it can, and will if we as gun owners and voters don’t get off our collective backsides and do something about it.

What we’re seeing with these marches using children, are that battle lines being drawn, and the orther side has no problem placing kids in the line of fire. I don’t hold them, the babies responsible; I do, however, fault whoever is educating them, and the schools that are encouraging it, while at the same time silencing the students who oppose the agenda of the left. Sadly, what I can say is that I think this is just the beginning.

There are some on the left who want to see these kids protesting non-stop, joining up with the likes of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, which is starting to happen in places like Sacramento. No good can come from these organizations merging except high school students being placed in the back of patrol cars with the media plastering some sad faces all over the evening news.

Anti Gun Politicization Of Shooting Deaths Let A Tragedy Go To Waste
“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

One thing we can all say for sure is that this country is split, right down the middle, politically, culturally, and morally, and that divide instead of healing is worsening daily.

Elections this November are critical to gun owners and conservatives in the long run. If the Democrats regain control of Congress the next year will be dominated by one thing, impeachment for whatever reason they can come up with, it won’t matter, and this country will be even more torn. Throw any tragedies or disasters into the cauldron, and one can see how things can spiral downward. No matter what gun owners differences are with each other, with the NRA, it’s now plain to see how the other alternatives can be worse in the long run. Karl Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto when it came to the history of society something that wrings shockingly true of what we are seeing in these rallies that is a dire warning:

“Society as a whole is splitting up more and more into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other.”

Karl Marx was the author of what many on the left are practicing now, most of them don’t even know it. The marches we’re all seeing against guns, gun owners, the NRA and the Second Amendment as a whole is precisely what the father of Communism envisioned for promoting his political ideals and it’s been eating away at America for the last few decades here.

If the Democrats win, that cancer will spread further and faster than ever. It will be up to us in November to fight back the tide in the voting booths nationwide.

AmmoLand Join the NRA Banner
AmmoLand says Join the NRA

David LaPell
David LaPell

About David LaPell

David LaPell has been a Corrections Officer with the local Sheriff's Department for thirteen years. A collector of antique and vintage firearms for over twenty years and an avid hunter. David has been writing articles about firearms, hunting and western history for ten years. In addition to having a passion for vintage guns, he is also a fan of old trucks and has written articles on those as well.

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    1. We lost public education many years ago. The results of losing it is before your eyes. The left took over in the 60s with leftist dogma and leftist unions, and they succeeded easily. You now have third generation leftist teachers and these kids are the future leftists.

    2. I don’t know if this point has been previously raised. If the following is a repeat, excuse me. It seems to me that if not all, certainly the largest part of the school shootings we hear so much about were perpetrated by people of the same age group that these “student demonstrators” are part of. Given that perhaps strange situation, my hard headed mind poses the following questions. How come this? Also, how come these “student protesters”, while so ready to point fingers at others, seem blind to problems amongst themselves. Additionally, how come they seem to have forgotten that adults, whom they are so critical of, and many young people not much older than themselves, fought and died to maintain the freedoms these kids enjoy, Freedom Of Speech being one deserving of particular notice.

    3. and none of these tree hugging hippies thank the people that sacrificed more then they could imagine while using these “horible killer guns”to protect there rights to do and say all this stupid shit.they should send them all to some third world shithole for a few weeks to see how good these fools really got it..it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun-bunch of stupid shits

    4. “Author: Wild Bill
      @LT, I see that my writing was not clear. I should have written: You, Lew Tripp, a civilian, can not successfully conduct your civilian civil war combat operations with only semiautomatic weapons. You’d get slaughtered!”

      IF, IF the Army and National Guard actually understands their oath, they would join with the people. The problem is will the Air Force pilots and missile men fully understand the same oath they swore. Unlike dictatorships and monarchies, Americans swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
      The enlisted swear the oath and also swear to follow orders. Officers don’t swear to follow orders.
      Furthermore, since WWII following illegal orders is a crime and not a defense.

      1. @Jim M, I think that you are on to something here! The National Command Authority could order that every member of the Military receive a two hour block of instruction, each year, explaining the oath that they have taken is an oath to uphold the Constitution, and not any person, party or even the Federal Government itself. The instruction, to include: what domestic enemies of the Constitution are!
        If the NCA orders such a block of instruction, that would have to be done

        1. It isn’t my idea. OATH KEEPERS thought of years ago. I think the Founding Father thought of it too. That’s why Officers have a different oath from the enlisted. I don’t know about today but the military did instruct on lawful orders and constitutional authority.

          WiKi doesn’t always tell the truth. Sometimes you have to realize fact from fiction.
          Oath Keepers is an anti-government American far-right organization associated with the patriot and militia movements. Wikipedia”

    5. By the way. In an earlier post, I questioned whether or not the child holding the FUCK THE NRA sign knew what the word FUCK ment. He probably doesn’t but perhaps more interesting is the following. Does his mother, I assume that the female appearing arm shown in the photo was that of the child’s mother, or did she merely partake of FUCKING instinctively, like for instance cats and dogs do? Seems likely though, that kittens would benefit from more caring and thoughtful parenting than the sign carrying child is likely to.

      1. Quite frankly, Alan, the moral standards of way too many of today’s children AND adults have fallen by the wayside, and their prevailing attitude is ‘” hurrah for me and f… you! ” , and way too many parents condone and contribute to that attitude.

    6. Wild Bill:

      Re the Feds and machine gun ownership, it’s not simply the purchase of that $200 tax stamp, as there are quite a bit of bureaucratic routines to navigate, and that is re the Feds. You then would then have to navigate state and possibly local regulations and or law. Some states respond with a flat no. Others, essentially say, Pennsylvania being one so far as I know that essentially say, If the Feds don’t object, we don’t either. Of course, the local sheriff could be a hill to be climbed. It can get complicated, which in my opinion, it shouldn’t, but nobody much listens to retired Piping Designers. Perhaps they should, however they don’t. Then since adoption of the Hughes Amendment, the prices of machine guns has gone up considerably, another worm in the soup, strangely accepted by Congress Critters. Enough lest I wax bitter.

    7. Lew Tripp:

      Re your recognition of error, we all,now and then, spill our milk. the important thing is the recognition of error,and avoiding a repeat thereof.

      1. @macofjack No problem.. my first sentence did sound a little antitrump upon me rereading it but it was meant to say I just felt he missed a few chances to do more and we could have had President Hillary during this time. I for one think almost any other President we could have had this time would have given in to the calls of we have to do something for the children even though it would have been the wrong thing to do.

    8. The NRAFoundation is not the NRA, but a subset, not the same thing. You have to donate to NRAFoundation for it to a charity donation. You membership in NRA does not allow you to deduct your membership dues, and doing so will get you audited by the IRS. Just be clear as to what is what.

    9. @mackofjack I get notifications of a new post in my email like an hour before they show up in comments section and that’s why I’m not responding directly to you comment. The point I was making was that anyone who regrets voting for Trump or would vote Democrat in the future should think about how bad things could be right now if we didn’t have him willing to take a pretty firm pro gun stance. I do think he could have fought a little harder on some gun issues but that was just a minor point I was making. Maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough because I do see where he lets his opponent trip themself up all the time. But that wasn’t my point either. It was mostly that I think we would be a lot worse off right now if pretty much anyone else was President because most would have folded to the pressure to do something and people need to remember that in future elections.

    10. @Repo – You and for that matter the rest of the what Trumpers need to watch what is going on. President Trump lays traps for EVERYONE, then sits back and watches as they take an inch, run a mile and hangs themselves. He has done it so many times I’ve lost count. DECA kids, donkeycrats are on a roll, then they overplay their hand and now they have lost!
      STOP looking at an issue and taking a snapshot then calling foul!

    11. to mike,you told me that i didn’t research about the NRA donations,well i did,maybe you should take your own advice. go the the NRA donation page,it’s printed right across the bottom,donations are not tax deducible for tax purposes.read and educate yourself mikey. i know about this ,i donate regularly.

        1. After the NRA was forced by various federal election and tax laws, they created the lobby, The NRA-ILA Institute for Legislative Action. https://www.nraila.org/
          The NRA Foundation is a charity that funds educational long term programs.
          The plain NRA https://www.nra/ is a membership corporation formed in 1871 and it has a web site with links to all the divisions from law enforcement, college NCAA, military, Olympic, hunting, the Whittington Center range in New Mexico for example. http://www.nrawc.org/

    12. Well, what did anyone expect. They claim they want “action” taken to toughen gun laws. So I’ll make it simple, what laws stop criminals? Now, what laws hurt law abiding citizens?
      What laws would have stopped hijackers from taking planes and crashing them into buildings?
      Would taking away a drivers license stop someone from drinking and driving. Hasn’t yet. Why, because criminals are criminals because they BREAK THE LAWS ASSHOLES! So, current laws didn’t stop a muslim from running people over in time square, just as laws don’t stop burglars!
      Fkn liberals will do just what the establishment wants them to do, thats WILLFULLY HAND OVER YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS TO HAVE A FICTITIOUS SECURITY!
      All that blood spilled to have a constitution and a bill of rights is for nothing when you so quickly submit and drop to your knees. Well liberal, you can do it on your own behalf and when you do, contemplate it hard because it will be the last thing you do of your own free will. As for me, COME AND TAKE IT! BECAUSE YOU WILL DIE TRYING. No self respecting American with pride and honor will stand still and take the sacrifices of his forefathers for granted.
      The blood of others has always been an easy price to pay when its not theirs!

    13. Law Tripp

      WIth respect to your military service, however according to federal law, as it stands, civilians can own and possess automatic weapons, aka machine guns, having undergone a load of bureaucratic crap, in my personal view, and paid the established fees, $200 transfer fee or tax. Some of the several states, in what passes for their august wisdom preclude ownership of machine guns by the private citizen, others do not. Pennsylvania is one of the latter.

      1. I would say Tripp is probably another school kid like Kent Clark.Anyone that has been in the Military up an down the road,own all the guns he says he owns would definitely know about the class 3 law.So I would say he is a school kid like the hogg.Doesn’t know if he ass is punched or drilled.They would serve their self better as to get educated an learn something an stay off grown up forums

    14. the same people parading the kid around is probably the same a$$hole that marched their kids down the street last year dressed like a giant c**t. these morons have no shame or morals,to expect them to have any is wishful thinking,God help those kids when they get older and have to live in the world mom,yes,she’s probably divorced,made for them.

      1. Alex, In 1990 the NRA FOUNDATION was formed as a 501(c)3 organization for the purpose of furthering gun safety and education. Donations are tax deductible. Research first, then speak!

    15. Dave Brown

      Communication is a two way street, where both sides must be willing to listen to each other. Also, analysis and the reading of history is a lot more difficult than in the carrying of rude language signs and trashing someone else’s property. If these young people want to be taken seriously, they need to act like thinking adults, seemingly a characteristic not often displayed by them.

      As to the magazine limits you see to admire, given the long advertised goals of the anti gun types, you should be aware thereof, if you aren’t, how come, as they have been telling all and sundry for years, 10 rounds today, none tomorrow, how does that strike you. RSVP if interested.

    16. Sorry I had to laugh in a discussed way. Now the left and the right all do it so what is the point? How about the right and the left figure out that US are split about 50-50 on most issues, and then learn to figure it out by working together????? Learn from any kid as they work things out all the time. These kids in their teens have a movement so learn from them. If you disagree try to educate and attract them into your point of view. But No, WE are sitting around Complicating about the Complainers, be u on the left or right u all do it, why? The writers and news people do a lot of it for The Buck, Sad. Was I one of these kids in the late 60s with my draft # of 252, sure was, but I supported our troops just not the war. Today I own and shoot more guns then most, yet I support these kids. They might help protect my grandkids. I say take half the money our so called Governments spend on keeping themselves safe, and making almost every government building safe with arms security, and use half of that money to help protect our schools, or better yet take all of that money and protect our schools. Me, I have CC daily for years, and if I ever have to defend against an AR or AK I would stand a better chance if the limit was 10 rounds. Now some would say that is anti 2nd, I say it is Pro 2nd and ME.

      1. You can’t work together with low life, leftist liberals. Wake up Dave, they want gun confiscation period. They have a plan for a socialist,communist form of government and we can not allow them to succeed. They must be stopped by what ever means necessary. If they want a civil war, so be it. At the end of it, lib democRATS will be in short supply.

        1. Gotta chime in here… Mr Tripp is 100% correct, they will stop at nothing until they have achieved complete confiscation, they is no “middle of the road” for them. “These kids have a movement”, NO they do not, the ORGANIZERS and money backing anti gunners have the plan, the clueless mouthy kids are nothing but their mouthpieces being used as fodder in their disarm America battle. THEY have focused everything on the AR or AK and the media and stupid label it as an assault rifle, it is NOT ! They forget about how many are killed each DAY by alcohol, drugs, driving while on a cell phone and even PEER PRESSURE and BULLYING…….. Which is EXACTLY what is the root cause of the Florida shooting ! His “friends” knew something was wrong or going to happen, yet they didn’t do SHIT ! A couple student/parent calls were made to police or the FBI, they also DID NOTHING !!!!! A sheriff coward outside as shots were fired. Mr. Brown has the midset the left wants, they want easy gullible prey and those who will push their “partial confiscation” bullshit. Look at the data for hood murders, gang murders, etc. AR’s are NOT the gun of choice or weapon (gun, car, gasoline, rope, knife, hands) for 99.9999% of murders. There are MILLIONS of AR’s legally owned in the U.S….. A couple are used by those KNOWN to be unstable in a felony crime, allowed to do so by those who said and did NOTHING including police and FBI and you want top cave to the Soros, NWO backed minority, give them up ? Don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors Mr. Brown.

    17. OldCowboy:

      With a view to what sort of upbringing these children will receive from their parents, one might shudder to think on the sort of “adults” they might eventually become.

      1. It might well be the parents hand on the kids shoulder. Oh, by the way, what do you think the chances of that kid actually knowing the meaning of the word FUCK, which is by the way, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, at one time actionable under British or English law.

      1. What do you expect from low class people that will cry about this and that with out thought? They look for others like them to spread there low class b,s,….They are now using kids for there sick goals. How low…. . I for one am sick of the b.s. Clinton , Kennedy, all three brothers were screwing around and nobody brings them up for there b.s. and they were in office while cheating on there wives ……We are now facing a moral issue brought up by the very same people that want everything there way and the hell with our country….Our fore fathers would have tired these very same for treason as they should be but they have freedom of speech that is protected in the constitution as is the right to bear arms . If you take away the right to bear arms the freedom of speech will also disappear . Then and only then will the crying stop because they will have no more free speech because the right to bear arms will be gone also.

    18. These kids were breed?The fathers should have shot that load in the toilet and their fathers father should have been beaten for breeding.Breeding on the left is a dangerous thing.It produces brain dead children like you see holding them signs.They were probably on their ADD drugs or lack of.They act like little zombies just walking around

    19. There’s an old saying that makes sense…”When you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns”. What would some of these people say and do when & if that would happen? ‘I want my neighbor to have his gun back to protect me’. Guess what, by that time it would be too late.

    20. The NRA (which only represents about 6 million – out of a total of more than 100 million – gun owners) is absolutely NOT the firearms-manufacturing industry’s lobbyist. The NSSF is the industry’s lobbying arm in Congress. These sheep-dip-for-brains – who suffer from the Eye-Dee-Ten-Tee (I D IO T) Syndrome.- do not even know who their avowed “enemy” actually is…

      The NRA spends an average of just over $9 million per year on politics, at all levels… local, state, and federal. (NRA spent nearly $20 million in 2016, but just $800,000 in 2017. Individual years vary, but the last 25 years’ average is almost $10 million per year). In contrast, this nation’s Labor Unions donated $1.7 Billion to federal politics in 2017 alone – so, who is “buying” whom in Congress?

      1. The NRA is a 501c organization and as such is not permitted to be involved in politics, just as a church is not so allowed. The NRA does not sell guns or ammo. Now, if we think back to when the head of the IRS, which regulates 501c organizations, under Obama admitted to concentrating investigations on conservative organizations. It makes sense that, if the NRA had such power as the lefties claim, it would have come out and their 501c status revoked. Of course, this does not apply to the NRA/ILA, the legislative/activist side of the NRA, which is totally different from the NRA, and is not a 501c organization. They raise funds from donations. They still are regulated as to what they are permitted to do. Also, just because, if they did, the NRA tried to “buy” a politician of any political viewpoint, it still comes down to whether or not that politician sells their vote, which is illegal, or not.

        There are 5M members who pay dues which cover every aspect of NRA operations. That amounts to about 1.5% of the population. So, where does the NRA get it’s super powers by which to control the entire gun discussion? High quality telephone polls from Gallup and the Pew Research Center in 2017 found that 42% of people in the US live in households with guns.

        The only way the NRA could have the power attributed to it with so few members would be that there are millions of hunters, sports participants, and others who believe in the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, who are NOT members of the NRA. Many of them belong to clubs, groups, etc, not associated with the NRA, but holding similar views. Many others believe in the 2nd Amendment but do not belong to any pro-gun organization even though they hold similar beliefs.

        The NRA is vilified by anti-gun people because they are an easy target, not for what they actually do. The kids who marched do not understand what they marched for. They believe it is to create a safe environment when it will have just the opposite effect. They believe that they can do good, but it is their own demographics which are killing fellow students. They should look at the backgrounds of the mass shooters. Nearly all have been identified as having mental issues. Nearly all have come from liberal (aka Democrat) homes.

        Finally, in his speech, Hogg claimed the march and movement was not Republican or Democrat, but was American. He seems to have missed the fact that the 2nd Amendment IS about as American as one can get. It is clear he is not familiar with the history of this nation and why we have the 2nd Amendment.

    21. David LaPell: I know that Ammoland discourages authors of columns from replying to comments. However, I’d be interested in your views to the following: 1. In large part the problems we’re facing today, with proposed anti-gun legislation, are a direct result of our own President’s words and actions when he told the DOJ that he wanted Bump Fire Stocks banned. If you’ll remember, he campaigned on a strong Second Amendment platform. 2. This same President also campaigned on the promise of immediately signing into law National Reciprocity as soon as it “hit his desk”. That Bill has been stalled, by Mitch McConnell, in the Senate, and the President has not only made no effort to expend political capital moving it (which he could do if he so chose) but he boldly declared “Reciprocity is dead” at his round table White House meeting.

      Given all that, plus the Fix-NICS debacle, you now expect gun owners to be invigorated and excitedly move forward and campaign for Republicans to ensure victory in the midterms, saying we must win or the alternative will be so bad! Bad as compared to what, a President, House & Senate that lied to us repeatedly and then laughed at us when we dared question their commitment?

      We all need to, perhaps, reassess exactly how many times we’ll tolerate our supposed allies lying to us before we either write in a third party, understanding the end result, or we just sit home and let them swing in the wind, letting people like Ryan & McConnell go the way of the pony express…..dust in the wind.

      1. You’re right Vanns. I was on the fence as to what party I was until President Trump came along. I always vote my conscience, not political parties.
        You’re correct in saying things have gone into the crapper. The President was going to help us gun owners, he was going to keep the politicians that spend so much in line, he was going to take care of our immigration problems. Hell just those reasons there have been thrown in the toilet by the President. He’s helping us gun owners alright. He’s helping us get more laws on the books and still not enforcing the ones already there. He pushes to ban bump stocks and other things that will make a gun shoot faster. No help to gun owners. He’s now pushing to let the DACA people become citizens without doing it the legal way. We’ve made it pretty clear they should be sent to the country they started from but the President wants to help them. He got what? 1/31th of what he needed for the wall in the omnibus? Ridiculous. The President helped the spend crazy with billions for 2 states, build something the rest of the US will never see, let alone use.
        When the President pushed to screw gun owners I gave him the benefit of a doubt. When he was mad because the illegal DACA people are abandoned by the dems. I gave him the benefit of a doubt. When he signed that omnibus he totally destroyed any good faith I had for him.
        He’s been dropping his base voters on their heads and doing what the dems. want. He has lost all respect from me and I will be voting for someone else this coming presidential election. If no one comes close to what I think we deserve then I’ll not be voting for anyone. Lying politicians need not run.

        1. You guys are right about Trump not stepping up when he should about protecting gun rights. I wonder though what do you think a Democrat President would have done to gun rights after Vegas and parkland with all those antigun people screaming for something to be done. Could Trump do more…. yes. But he or others could do a lot less and really hurt gun rights.. just something to think about if you are willing to vote for someone from the historically antigun side.

    22. The worst of it is that this is that the same people that removed the pledge and Prayer from schools is now teaching your kids that guns are bad, And, how will these small kids look to their fathers that own guns. Real truth history has not been taught in schools in many years. I have lost all respect for the education system. No wonder the US is so low on the list.

    23. Can’t whoop his @ss anymore Marc, the same Libs/Dems that want to take our guns took away the right to discipline our children already. You know the same ones that took away the freedom of speech, having a WINNER in a contest. The same ones that made everything politically correct as to no offend a snowflake/lib/Dem. Yes, those ASSHOLES that invented the non punishment “TIME OUT”, what a F**KING JOKE !
      I DO agree with you though !

    24. Before everyone gets too excited, the lead picture of the boy holding the F NRA sign, please note that the words have been Photoshoped on. That does not mean the other photos are fake, but the lead one is. Nobody is helped by Fake News from either side. Remember the Left ( i.e. gun grabers ) doesn’t say anything that is not based on a lie. We should avoid the same. Be vigilant my friends, they will lose eventually.

        1. Charlie, never said be courteous or kind, because anyone who tries to take your guns should be put down on the ground. I guess these idiots not only don’t understand the 2nd Amendment, they don’t get the 4th or the 9th either. It’s the Bill of Rights, not Needs. I just don’t want to be the one telling lies, because they all come back eventually, no more proof then Hillary.

    25. Have these sign carrying A-holes sit down and talk to the German or Russian holocaust survivors or family members that know in depth what happened to their loved ones. The FIRST thing done to them was disarming, we all know what followed. Have them talk to those in Rwana, Iraq, Iran, Serbia, Georgia, etc…let them hear first hand what they are preaching leads to. As stated elsewhere here, the children din’t make the signs, the liberal/ leftist/ Democrat parents OR teachers made them. The anger is aimed at the NRA, it “should” be focused on the real problem, LAW ENFORCEMENT and the JUSTICE SYSTEM ! Most of the murders are in “THE HOODS”, they are committed by gang members and street thugs, yet no one can SAY that because of back ground or race, you would be labeled a “RACIST” for speaking a known TRUTH ! There are murdering whites too ! Throw ALL races into the capable catagory. You see it nonstop, the neighbors, etc. saying “something has to be done” yet when asked, no one saw, heard or knows ANYTHING. THEY are their own worst enemy. The school or club etc shootings, again, it is NOT the NRA. The shooters have been singled out as in Parkland and picked on or ridiculed by fellow students, they are now poster props and mouthpieces for the libs and Dems antigun cult, instead of growing a set of balls and stating the TRUTH !!!!!!!! THEY are the reason this happened, not the NRA, not me, not you. THEY pushed the shooter to this. His “friends” said and did nothing or VERY LITTLE, his parents, the same. His doctor, the police and lastly the FBI failed to do their jobs after being warned various times. The shooter had a key for the gun safe that the parents didn’t know he had, again, NOT the NRA’s fault. His being able to carry out his plan was a LOCAL failure, not the NRA. The same goes for most school shooting, they were bullied to the killing point by FELLOW STUDENTS, NOT the NRA. Then there are the club shootings and others, fueled by hate or Muslim conversion (many of them), NOT the NRA… These kids with signs or throngs of mostly teen protesters are pawns for parents that wonm’t accept the facts and need someone to blame, they automatically grab for the NRA straws… As far as I know, not ONE shooter has been an NRA member, what does that tell you ? EVERY trigger has to be pulled by a finger, friends, family, peers, school officials, people at work and YES video games have over timed programmed that finger for it’s destiny… Is the mind attached to the finger able to see and feel REALITY, able to deflect nonstop negativity ? Is it going to do good or bad, ask yourself how you “programmed” your friend. Funny too, they were almost ALL on somebody’s “radar”… And they did nothing.
      Look in the mirror at the person actually responsible, and I’ll bet they aren’t NRA members.

    26. Do these kids realize what will happen if they win? All the guns that were out there protecting them will be gone, and only the people that want to harm you will have weapons. It is beyond me how they can rationalize this. The very guns they are afraid of will still be out there, only guns owned by those that would have protected you will be gone.
      You are doing precisely what the Left wants you to do, be minions and do what they can’t.
      Kids when the good guys give up their guns soon after that we will be under the rule of a different leader, and you thought living in a world where freedom to be ignorant is terrible. Imagine residing under Kim’s control, or China. It will be from a country that has a much more significant military then we have. Learn to bow TO BOW WHILE ON YOUR KNEES AT GUNPOINT!

      1. That is what we as patriots, gun owners can never allow to happen. If it brings about a civil war right here on the streets of the USA, so be it. At it’s end,leftist liberals will be very short supply..

        1. @Lew Tripp, Aren’t you the Lew Tripp that said fully automatic weapons are not legal and never will be? You can not conduct combat operations with only semiautomatic weapons. You’d get slaughtered! Even the third rate armys have select fire weapons.

            1. @CK, the Soviets were beaten by Afghanis deploying shoulder fired surface to air missiles provided by the CIA. You should know that because Hollywood made a movie about it, starring Tom Hanks. Either sober up or have another and go back to sleep, Clark.

          1. Bill, I said civilian ownership of full auto will never be legal. Word twisting much,billy. I’m a retired Army Senior NCO and I’ve been up and down the road several times. No way in hell will that law ever be repealed.

            1. Trolls are out and back peddling ladies and gentlemen. They are sleazy, they are slimy. They lie. They don’t own guns, they haven’t served their country. However, what they are is traitors to the Constitution, pay them no mind, have a beer and carry on! 🙂

            2. Lew:

              As I have already said, your service is appreciated. That said, regarding federal law, the private citizen, aka civilian can most definitely own machine guns, selective fire weapons too. There is a bothersome proceedure to be gone through, plus a $200 tax stamp to be purchased, and the machine gun is yours, you being the purchaser. State laws on the possession of automatic weapons vary, some allowing, others not. Pennsylvania essentially says if the Feds are ok with it, we are too.

            3. @Lew, Being a SrNCO does not make you acquainted with federal law. I was a BN CMDR, but I am not an expert on French cuisine. If I were your BN CMDR, and you gave me such poor advice, it would reflect on your SNCOER.
              There was an article in Ammoland just the other day, about a millionaire with a select fire collection. There is a company in Texas that you can rent select fire, crew served, and armored weapons. Many companies rent all of these things to hollywood for their war movies. Of course, full auto weapons are legal to own, one need only pay the NFA transfer fee of $200.
              You damage the NRA every time you correspond.

            4. @LT, I see that my writing was not clear. I should have written: You, Lew Tripp, a civilian, can not successfully conduct your civilian civil war combat operations with only semiautomatic weapons. You’d get slaughtered!

            5. @LewTripp, Here is a nice full auto MP40 for sale that I am looking at:
              Page: 1 of 2
              No Image
              MP40 German C and R transferable ITEM #: 3004
              PRICE: $23,000
              Active [ Missouri ] LISTED: 03-28-2018
              Seller: No Image (225) All Listings
              And if you, a civilian, are going to engage in a CIVIL war, then you better buy some fully automatic weapons, too.

            6. When trolls lie I call them out for what they are and that would be, of course, liars. If a troll wants to attempt to prove me wrong by citing Federal Law they’re free to go ahead and try.

            7. Bill, I was wrong and I apologize for my posts. I was going on the 1934 law and I did some research and I was way wrong. Machine gun ownership is legal if Federal guide lines are followed. I sure as hell couldn’t afford one. To all of you out there that gave me the facts, Thank You and my upmost apologizes to anyone I have offended.

            1. Van, you can revert to name calling if you wish, I couldn’t care less what you call me. It just goes to show that you don’t have the intelligence to have a discussion with someone that disagrees with you.

            2. @Lew, Stand easy. Vanns converses with me all the time and that certainly takes an amount of patients normally only attributable to an intelligent person.

      2. @LK, It is not about kids. Soros, Bloomberg, an the other billionaire behind this don’t like kids or people. They like control. Kids grow up to be people, and people need to be controlled. Ignorant, disarmed people are easier to control.

      1. @skip: I have commented here a number of times about always being told by the NRA, NAGR, and other pro-gun organizations, that when you contact your Reps in Congress, ….”be polite, be courteous, be humble, be sweet”….in other words, “kiss their ass”. The time for “ass-kissing” is over. I’ve yet to see anti-gun individuals being sweet and courteous. We’d better start “manning-up” and become vocal and change tactics. Let’s face it….we’re losing this battle, and we’re getting our asses kicked by Soros and Bloomberg!

    27. Godless minions , evil personified. These people are against everything related to self reliance, Judeo -Christian or pro American. We are truly in a culture war

    28. For the first time in my life i’m speechless, anyone who knows me would say that’s quite an accomplishment. This just makes me so sad. I just can’t believe whats happening to our country, so sad.

    29. The NRA had created the National School Shield program in 2012 to bring greater security to our schools.The First NSS Security Assessor Training was held in 2015 in Tennessee and additional courses have been in 16 states. Florida did not be part of the program. and be one of the states. Too bad for Florida and the other states that did not take advantage of this program as this incident might have been prevented.

    30. Mommy and Daffy said I couldn’t say bad words.
      But Mommy helped me write this sign. I’m so happy to say ruck you.
      BTW, what is NRA?

      The one picture of the girl FCK NRA . I wonder if her Mommy sitting on the bench would like some good guy with a gun to save her from rape or if she should willing submit because guns are bad?

    31. public school 1st grade ? Those kids didn`t make those signs. Maybe colored them, but that`s it. Why ? Because in public school, those kids can`t even spell or write their own name, yet. It`s mental child abuse by taxpayer paid public education.

    32. And to Think of ALL the Guns
      That Protected them as they
      Protested ! They don’t have to ,
      have guns of any Kind what so
      ever . No body Can Force Them
      to Buy One ! But ALL the SAME ,
      These Fools Scare Me !

      1. public school 1st grade ? Those kids didn`t make those signs. Maybe colored them, but that`s it. Why ? Because in public school, those kids can`t even spell or write their own name, yet. It`s mental child abuse by taxpayer paid public education.

        1. @David T, Since public education has been weaponized, maybe it it time to end public “education”. Most every parent that really cares for their child’d education has pulled them from public “education” and put them in charter schools, Catholic schools, or home schools their own children.
          Grouping kids up in Unified School districts was definitely a bad idea. Grouped up people spread pandemics, make fun and convenient targets, and it is hard to teach large groups. Any monies saved went to superintendent salaries. Los Angeles Unified superintendent has his own chauffeur that is paid $90,000 per year.

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