Kent Cartridge Adds New Elite Bio-Fiber Loads to the Line for 2018

Kent Cartridge Elite Bio-Fiber Shotshells
Kent Cartridge Elite Bio-Fiber Shotshells

USA –  -( Due to the increasing demand from consumers for fiber wad loads, Kent Cartridge has added a new line of products to their extensive lineup with the addition of three new Elite Bio-Fiber shotshell offerings.

Elite Bio-Fiber shotshells are available for both target and hunting applications. Twelve and 20 gauge loads are available using proprietary Diamond Shot technology. There are two loads in 12 gauge with Bismuth shot for waterfowl hunters, or anywhere non-toxic shot is required. Bio-Fiber lead and Bismuth shells use a biodegradable powder cap and fiber driving wad below the shot charge.

The Elite Bio-Fiber loads also include Bio-Wad Steel, featuring the exclusive Bio-Wad fiber shot cup loaded with Precision Steel shot. The shot cup, powder cap and driving wad are all produced using biodegradable materials.

Elite Bio-Fiber

  • E12F28            12 Gauge         2 ¾”     1 OZ                1200 F.P.S.       #7.5, 8
  • E12FHV28        12 Gauge         2 ¾”     1 OZ                1300 F.P.S.       #7.5, 8
  • E12F32            12 Gauge         2 ¾”     1 1/8 OZ          1150 F.P.S.       #7.5, 8
  • E20F24            20 Gauge         2 ¾”     7/8 OZ             1200 F.P.S.       #7.5, 8


 Elite Bio-Fiber Bismuth

  • B12F32            12 Gauge         2 ¾”     1 1/8 OZ          1250 F.P.S.       #4, 5, 6
  • B12FHV32       12 Gauge         2 ¾”     1 1/8 OZ          1400 F.P.S.       #4, 5, 6


 Elite Bio-Wad Steel

  • E12STF28         12 Gauge         2 ¾’     1 OZ                1250 F.P.S.       #7


Kent Cartridge

About Kent Cartridge

Founded in 1997, Kent Cartridge produces a line of high-quality shotshells for hunters and competitive shooters, including Bismuth Non-Toxic, Silversteel, Tealsteel, Fasteel, Elite Target, Diamond Dove, Steel Dove, First Dove, Fast Lead, Ultimate Turkey, ProTrial Field Blanks, Tungsten Matrix, and Elite Bio-Fiber.

For more information, visit the Kent Cartridge web site at or on Facebook at

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Many landowners, in the South, are restricting dove clubs to card and fiber wad shotshells and requiring all fired shells removed at dove shoots. This growing trend will lead to card and fiber shotshells commanding a larger share of the factory loaded shotshell market!

I suspect powder manufacturer published shotshell reloading guides will soon begin including new card and fiber wad loading data for this fast emerging market segment..