YouTube Bans / Censors Major Gun Manufacturer Without Warning

Spike’s Tactical YouTube Channel
Spike’s Tactical YouTube Channel : “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”

APOPKA, Fla.-( On Tuesday, YouTube banned the channel belonging to Spike’s Tactical, a well-known gun and AR-15 manufacturer, without prior notice or warnings.

When thousands of Spike’s Tactical followers now attempt to visit the company’s YouTube channel, a red banner says, “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”

However, according to representatives from Spike’s Tactical, they claim they have not received any prior warnings about the content of their channel and feel they are being targeted because they are a gun manufacturer and for their vocal support for conservative issues.

“This is without question an attack on free speech,” said Kit Cope, marketing director of Spike’s Tactical. “We feel strongly that after they get done going after guns, they’ll continue to ban and erase content that falls in line with conservative ideologies like they have already demonstrated with the deletion of anti-abortion videos and the like.”

While Spike’s Tactical has been known for delivering controversial marketing materials across other mediums, their YouTube page has remained nearly entirely educational and served the purpose of demonstrating their products.

“While we rarely believe in government intervention, with the recent exposure of Google, YouTube and Facebook’s power and their demonstrated manipulation of the masses, we believe something needs to be done to ensure the public is able to continue to be able to express themselves freely, even if it is something we don’t necessarily agree with, but especially when it is something that is constitutionally defined as a right,” said Cope.

In addition to this recent issue with YouTube, Facebook has continually prohibited Spike’s Tactical for paying to boost their posts because they are a gun manufacturer, representatives from the company said.

About Spike’s TacticalSpike's Tactical logo

Spike’s Tactical was founded the day before 9/11 by Mike and Angela Register and is headquartered in Apopka, Florida. The family-owned business employs around 40 people and all products are made exclusively in the USA and assembled in Florida. Spike’s Tactical is regarded as one of the premier AR-15 manufacturers in the world. Their mission is to build the highest quality products and offer them at the best possible price to the consumer. Spike’s Tactical weapons are designed to military specifications for civilian, law enforcement and military use. All products manufactured by Spike’s Tactical feature a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

  • 24 thoughts on “YouTube Bans / Censors Major Gun Manufacturer Without Warning

    1. To Jerry May:
      It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad, that someone would read your response to me and think we were saying the same thing!
      I do believe that at this point, businesses like YouTube, need to be controlled more than we have in the past: zero regulation, zed, nada.

      Our long history of grappling with freedom and what it means has shown us that it is always best to step back and allow something to develop before taking any permanent action. Citibank’s response was either a personal vendetta from a board member, a marketing choice, or some combination of the two. same thing that is happening with Facebook. I believe Zuckerberg will be stepping down and handing control over to Sandberg (a woman). They will do this as a form of damage control.

      Citibank’s act was illegal. This will be proven in time.
      Facebook’s greed and lack of respect might lead to a call for an analysis of the FCC’s regulations. At least I hope so.

      The issue of the baker’s is very different and complex. Our commerce regulations (thousands of them) are based on many basic capitalistic concepts: all goods and services need to be distributed to the citizens fairly, cheaply, and as quickly as possible. Religious Freedom and your right to practice it, should take precedence according to normal and customary legal thought… but in this case there is a legitimate conflict. The conflict is a big one between Religious Freedom and Discrimination, which is also covered in the Bill of Rights and some following Amendments and law.
      But here is the deciding factor for me: could the gay couple have acquired those goods and services from another business located within the same municipality. I don’t know… maybe you know more about the case than I do. I remember hearing that the baker’s had a much better product but that is a personal judgement that should have no bearing on the case.

      Jerry… do you know? Do any of the other Trolls (sic) know? The truth is my wife and I have a current favorite movie: Trolls. The truth. Another truth… I am as good as anyone else out there at self-defense, defense of others, and when necessary… an offense.

      1. Funnier still is that you refer to me as a “Troll.” As a Troll, I’m telling you your opinion is just that, an opinion. At the end of the day, our great nation is built around the notion of “We the people,” not you the person or me the troll.

    2. Wow, Lee and Jerry May have their panties in a bunch because they don’t like what we say about You Bube. It is very easy to tell they are on the left side of the fence and talk about owning guns just like we have heard a thousand times before. What a waste of reading time to entertain them. I’m done listening or commenting to them because they are TROLLS.

    3. I am very sad this morning, and disappointed. Unfortunately we have a Troll on this site that has been masquerading as a Constitutional free speech and gun rights advocate. He has been getting away with it simply because he writes well and appears to be educated, and owns a gun as many of us do. If he is well-educated, his teachers let him down. In the final analysis, he will do all of us, the real believers in the difficult process of creating a society that offers as many people as possible a form of freedom, a great injustice. Without the Bill of Rights, and the amendments that follow, the people are in for a very tough time.

      Many months ago, when I commented on another article related to weapon regulations that went a step too far in my opinion, I was asked by the this person to join his group. I declined for a variety of reasons… none related to what I am writing today. My instincts are usually spot on, as my family and friends can attest to.

      Using words reserved for the deepest anger that can not be fully be represented by normal conversation are not a sign of freedom. Using them only pollutes their real value. That is one reason censors, educated and wise censors, have attempted to restrict their usage in daily life. Assessing a words meaning, value, and popular usage should be done in an orderly and scientific manner… not haphazardly by individual opinions. Those options need to be thought out and analyzed before passing any judgements. That is a basic tenant of any science. That is why we have Lexicologists. Word usage, gun ownership, drug abuse, or any activity has little to do with freedom when more than one person is involved.

      The person I hinted at in the beginning of this short note is actually as bad as any left wing Liberal who refuses to discuss and analyze a subject in a group, and then accept the best solution. Some of us get wiser as we get older, some of us… well… we just get older.

      1. You’re enjoying free speech right now and so am I. You can throw everything you have at the notion that the issue with YouTube is a matter of free speech. The owners of YouTube have spoken. They made a business decision. That’s all it is. You can use your free speech and complain all you want, but at the end of the day, the owners exercised their rights as company. Some years ago, I used my free speech and posted a short, thought provoking movie of myself burning something considered reckless and dangerous. YouTube immediately removed and deleted my content. I really wanted YouTube to let the video run it’s course, but YouTube would not. End of story. Had I forced the issue, I would have ended up holding the poop end of the stick, so I let it go even though I went through a lot of trouble to make the film.
        Having said that, there is a reason that the constitution allows citizens to be armed. Can you imagine a world in which the only ones with guns are the government? Very frightening!
        About bakers in California who didn’t want to make a cake for a gay couple. You can’t declare that you won’t provide a service to someone because of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. That’s bold faced discrimination. I don’t agree with all the laws that get dreamt up and passed, but it’s not about just me or just you. The constitution is about all of us “collectively.”

    4. Denny: What is the answer, other than working within our system?
      This might be a bit too much for a lot of people reading this but the root of this problem is free speech. Free speech is great, but we are not really concerned with our right to stand up in Central Park, or Hyde Park for that matter. No one is restricting our free speech. They are attempting to use mass-media way beyond what was foreseen. As an example, over-the-air broadcasters were required to prove social relevance and other factors before being allowed to broadcast. That was enacted before 99.9% of us were ever born. That way, the content that the vast majority of citizens received did not have to be censored! Those individual rights were hammered out in the courts before we ever saw a soap commercial! The average person today believes the internet is somehow excluded from any conditions. This is a fallacy… just watch what happens to Zuckerberg… the genius from Facebook who puts electrical tape in front of his laptop’s camera so nobody can watch him! Most of those youngsters are not very wise. Gates is. Yes… Google owns YouTube… but not Facebook. Well… not today anyway. The government better start regulating those things or we will be changing our political system. Great Britain appears to be wiser than we are on most issues. Maybe they can return the favor and save us!

    5. I am on Spike’s channel right now. I’m watching the “Tool-Less Trigger Guard” video with Alex.

    6. Here we are,, The Government can shutdown a business for refusing to sell a weding cake and then allow a business to ban and censor thousands of people for supporting the constitution. I am speechless, however, It’s time to find my Voice and speak up….Stop this Madness!! I see that most of the people here agree with me, with the exception of a few fence sitters.

    7. For all of you readers who believe that any censorship or regulation is wrong:
      1. Do you live alone? If you live and work with people… do you follow some sort of censorship or regulation? Of course you do.
      2. If I were to write “(insert the F word) you, you (insert the c word)” and direct it at one of the commenters on this page, would it be censored? Should it?
      3. What is the alternative to censorship and regulation? Anarchy? We only follow what you decide?

      Has everybody forgotten how we got here? Yes, we need to re-educate everybody on everything and start with the basics.

      1. You are correct HOWEVER the scheme of political correctness and the heavily leftist/liberal school curricula have laid the foundation for illegal censorship, “violence for peace” (antifa), fake news, denigration of Western religion, & more. The left has infiltrated every important area of life and we must weed out these destroyers of democracy to attain our freedom oriented way of life

      2. @Lee, With all due respect, “censorship” or more correctly “prior restraint” can only be done by government. To put it another way: Only government can “censor” communications. If a business, say Ammoland for instance, were to delete my use of the word fuck, then that would not qualify as censorship.
        One of the reasons that we call ourselves a free country is because we can open our mouths and say words that some people find offensive or outline ideas that some people find offensive (e.g. shit and socialism). Do I follow some sort of censorship? No, only the government can censor my words. In pleasant company I try to use pleasant words. That is called charm not censorship. The people that I used to work with I call magnificent bastards. When I want them to understand me and remember, I give it to them loud and dirty.
        All your blabbering about sacrificing my First Amendment Civil Rights to your sense of propriety is all fucked up bull shit and evidences that you are a socialist pussy that needs re-education your own damn self. Did I miss any words? Note to Ammoland: For the record, this is only an academic exercise.

    8. Jerry… when a monopoly, such as Google, FB, and Youtube (all the same company) are THE major movers of information and speech in the world, and they are purposely and willfully limiting free-speech based on politics, that cannot be allowed. At some point, monopolies must be broken up. I feel that Government interaction is justified at this point. Interesting how Google worked with the Chinese government for a decade to help them design algorithms that would censor “unacceptable” speech, and now we are seeing it applied to the U.S. market. Completely unnaceptable. This cannot continue and flies right in the face of the very core of our 1st amendment.

      1. @Jerry May remember the couple that didn’t want to make a wedding cake for a couple of gays? Before the government got done with them they were broke and out of business. What is good for one group of people is good for You tub. Take goog down with them, they have gotten too big for their bussel.

    9. I guess the right to free speech is only okay for some. You guys that support this censorship should be ashamed of yourselves.

    10. The coming laws and regulations that will eventually be adopted by the FCC will deny/allow what are known as information pipes on the internet (YouTube, Facebook, and others) from providing content. This will be a good use of the Federal power that many people are so afraid of. I am not familiar with Spike’s, but if they promote something that is obviously a step too far… they should be censored. If it is as simple as “arm yourself,” they should be allowed. Otherwise, that pipe becomes nothing more than a shill for a particular view. Free speech is necessary, but so is regulation. Unless you believe in anarchy… which has never worked out well!

      1. Im so glad you know what a step too far looks like. Other than promoting violence free speech should remain exactly that. If I dont like what someone says, I go somewhere else. People like you are always looking to compromise away rights.

    11. You are correct just as everyone has the right to stop supporting the YouTube media platform based on there political / social biases.

    12. Censorship at its finest. Our country is in the toilet and people don’t care….we are losing all our freedoms one by one cuz nobody will stand up for our rights….we say we have the bill of rights, the constitution but nobody wants to fix what’s wrong in our country, which is the politicians and their hippocracy.

    13. This is very scary. I have seen some ugly, provocative videos on YouTube but they want to censor and delete a company that supports my Second Amendment? How hypocritical of YouTube! Not until they ban sexually explicit videos with adults and children, domestic violence videos, assault videos, terrorist videos, etc. will they convince me that what they are doing now is for the greater good of society. What’s next? Whatever they decide to “ban” next will more than likely be contrary to my God-given rights and religious faith as an American! It appears that YouTube has become an entity that only supports the HATERS of Democracy and constitutional freedoms!

    14. Everyone has to live in their own skin and if the owner of any business wants to discontinue advertising a product for any reason, who’s to say they shouldn’t?

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