YouTube Singles Out All Gun Channels For Special Exclusion / Discrimination ~ VIDEO

USA – -( About 11 months ago, this is how I started the show…. Yea… at the time I fully believed that YouTube was not in fact going to come down hard on gun content creators. It seems as though I was completely wrong. As you guys may have seen by now YouTube has released a new policy about guns. I’ll break this down the best I can and then we’ll talk about what all of this means.

To my knowledge this is the first time Youtube has actually segregated out firearms into its own category. The policy states that youtube prohibits certain kinds of content featuring firearms. OH BOY. Then they get into specifics. They don’t allow content that intends to sell firearms or firearm accessories privately or links to sites that sell guns. Even more specifically, they outline accessories that “enable a firearms to simulate automatic fire or convert a firearm to automatic fire” … like bump stocks, binary triggers, etc. They also specifically mention everyone’s favorite vague term… high capacity magazines but they actually define it as mags or belts that hold more than 30 rounds. Drum mags be damned.

It keeps going. They dont allow content that provides instructions on manufacturing a firearm, ammunition, high capacity magazines, homemade silencers, or accessories like they mentioned in the other portion. So if you show how to complete an 80% gun, say goodbye. If you show how to reload ammo, say goodbye.

And the last and quite possibly the worst part… they don’t allow content that shows users how to install any of the aforementioned accessories. HOLY SH*T. This is insane.

Think about it this way… someone could argue that simply inserting a magazine into a gun is showing how to install that accessory. Someone could argue that simply taking the gun apart and reassembling it would be demonstrating how to build it. No more gunsmithing videos, no more reloading videos, no more educational content about guns AT ALL. And god forbid you give a positive review. That could be argued as a marketing or sales tool and you could have your channel shut down for simply talking about a product you actually like. Someone could argue that training on how to more proficiently use your firearms would a violation as it might make you shoot faster. On top of all of this… they recommend that people report policy violations by flagging the video. What that means is that youtube is opening the door to an entire subculture of undereducated anti gun people to come in and flag every little piece of gun related content they see and shut us down across the board. THIS IS BAD.

And this goes far beyond just us content creators. They are essentially silencing an entire industry. Imagine if the main resource for gun related content suddenly disappears. The direct line to a massive number of consumers would disappear overnight and I am very skeptical of anyones ability to bring them to a new platform in great enough volume to effect change. And the world would keep moving forward while the gun industry remains behind.

Some might say, well what about Facebook? What about instagram? Well first those are both owned by Facebook, which in recent months has shifted its algorithm and will continue to do so and push people AWAY from business pages and in a more general term, away from firearms related content. The days of easily distributing content on Facebook and instagram as a business are behind us now. And you might think, im not a business or a content creator, why does that matter? If the gun industry disappears from a platform, and you are completely unaware of what is happening, sales will PLUMMET and the gun industry will suffer in a big way.

This is not a joke. Its not April fools. This is one of the largest controllers of internet traffic, silencing an entire law abiding industry.

Which begs the question… can this be stopped? That’s really tough to say. We were able to bring channels back from the dead like Hikock45 with a huge concentrated effort and I would like to hope that YouTube’s policies can be shifted with a similar effort. You need to let youtube know that this is NOT okay. You can send them a message directly on the gun policy page thats linked in the description, OR you can hit them on social media everywhere and let both Google and YouTube know that you will not be silenced.

The Gun Collective
The Gun Collective

As far as TGC goes, This will absolutely impact us a big way. Without knowing exactly how things will shake out, I can’t predict the exact path but this could be a big problem. You can rest assured I am on it. I’ve already contacted YouTube looking for true clarification on all of this. If you guys want to support what we do here and stay up to date on gun news AND this attack on the firearms industry you can do that on, There is a link down in description for that. Stay tuned because I will have more for you guys tomorrow. When I know something, you’ll know something.

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They can’t stop the radical terrorism but they can stop Gun related video’s!!! REALLY!!!!


Sue them. Good opportunity for constitutional attorneys looking to sink their teeth into unconstitutional discrimination.

Nicholas Mascari

Full30 has stepped up and you can view gun related material there ..I can’t BELIEVE YouTube is doing this …


I’ve been saying all this electronic shit was baaaaad since the company I was working for started doing everything online, record keeping, dispatching, customer contact and relations in he early 2000’s. It was new, efficient and free and they loved it. But way back then I was saying that the company no longer controlled their communications and company data and records. Back then, even before I knew what hacking was, and how easy it was to steel millions of people’s data, folks, that means records and information. So that’s where we are now. More afraid of some one hacking into… Read more »


Can’t we have another viewing “tube”? Let’s contrrol our own destiny!

John Dunlap

The only video hosting site that currently offers anything like the features Youtube does is Vimeo. There were two attempts in the past, Qube TV and, but both appear to have vanished. My guess would be not enough anger to pull content creators away from Youtube at the time, and too narrow a focus on news and political content. I started to suggest that the if the industry were to organize a collective effort through, say, the NSSF and/or NRA, with massive advertising and perhaps a crowdfunding campaign, they could set up a streaming service. The NRA has NRATV… Read more »

William Snook

Like all conservative political thought firearms need their own venues…we have the numbers we have the will we need to withdraw all our support of their sources and create our own.


YouTube is a leftist organization. Soon all gun channels will be banned. I’ll be deleting YouTube as I have no need for it except to watch gun channels.

Ozark Muleskinner

I’ve already replaced YouTube with Full30 on my home screen. I will not willingly feed the beast.


Time for an Anti-Trust suit against ‘Big Tech’. Then own For and about GUNZ shooting, training, sports, fun and safety.. No liberal communists allowed. Conservatives Only!


What about libertarians?

Anyway, it has been suggested that YouTube’s anti-gun censorship is a violation of their terms of service Perhaps a breach of contract lawsuit would work.


It seems to me they are exercising editorial control over content. Shouldn’t that mean they lose all “safe harbor” protections? Google should now be held civilly and criminally liable for any content that appears on youtube. Copyright violations etc.

John Dunlap

No single company or economic entity should ever have this much power over the public discourse. It’s way past time to start inundating Congress and the White House with demands for a Sherman Anti Trust action agains Alphabet, Google and Youtube’s parent corporation. BREAK EM’ UP!

Michael Browne

I have over 1000 videos pertaining to firearms on YT. Many reloading educational videos along with gun reviews and long range precision shooting. Last week I set them all to private as I had anticipated this after the 7000 shoes brought to you by Avaaz, a private organization with more money to fund anti-gun operations for some time. That is anther story. Right now I am in the process of making copies of the videos that were good productions that were extremely costly to make. I only had 1100 subscribers and upon reflection you tube has been an incredible waste… Read more »

Wild Bill

@MB, I think the “… Avaaz, a private organization with more money to fund anti-gun operations…” story that you allude to sounds interesting. Why don’t you tell it?