Austin City Council Decide Whether to Ban Police Trade-ins

GLOCK 21 Police Handgun Trade-In Pistols Used Law Enforcement Pistols
GLOCK 21 Police Handgun Trade-In Pistols Used Law Enforcement Pistols : IMAg

U.S.A.-( When police departments get new service firearms, they usually do one of three things. The first option is to sell the used guns to the officers themselves. The second option is to trade them in under a manufacture trade-in program such as the one Glock offers police departments. The final option is to sell or trade the firearms to a company that will resell the guns to the general public.

The third option is what the Austin Police Department has been doing along with a local gun shop named Bailey’s House of Guns. The Austin PD agreed to sell Bailey’s House of Guns 1,156 .40-caliber Smith & Wesson handguns for discounts on 1,788 9mm duty guns.

This arrangement between Austin PD and Bailey’s House of Guns saves taxpayers thousands of dollars. In 2016 a similar trade-in deal saved the city $368,328, but this time certain anti-gun members of the Austin City Council want to block the deal.

Democrat Alison Alter, who was not on the City Council when the original deal went into effect, hopes to block the guns from reaching the general public. She plans to put forth a plan on Thursday to ban the resale of Austin Police Department trade-in firearms.

“It is important that we make a statement that this is not part of our values and we want to change our community,” the former community connector and environmental advocate told the Austin American-Statesman.

Law enforcement agencies from across the country sell off their old guns to recoup money to buy new firearms. Out of the 50 of the largest departments in Texas, 21 of them sell their old guns through similar deals.

The practice is not something new. In fact, all the way back in 1993 the LA Sheriff’s Department controversy sold over 4000 of their old guns back to the public. In 1995 the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in DC also sparked outrage among anti-gun groups when they traded in over 5000 handguns to Glock which resold the guns to the public. The MPD/Glock deal ended up saving the city $3 million.

Alter does have plenty of support on the Austin City Council even though some City Council members, such as Council Member Jimmy Flannigan, wants to alter the resolution to allow the Austin Police Department to sell their old guns to other law enforcement agencies. Alter rejects this compromise because she worries that other agencies would eventually sell the guns to the public.

“We have no follow-up mechanism to make sure they don’t take our guns and turn them right over to the gun dealers, and they’re out on the street with APD stamped on them,” Alter said in response to Austin City Council members who suggested allowing the sale of Austin PD guns to other law enforcement agencies.

Alter would like to see the old gun melted down when they leave service. She does not offer any solutions to recoup the lost money from blocking the sale besides insisting that the police shouldn’t get new guns. She also doesn’t provide any insight on how the blocking of the deal will cut down on gun violence in the city.

Alter has an extensive anti-gun history. She is a member of Texas Gun Sense which is an anti-gun group. They worki closely with other anti-gun groups.

“I’m interested in us having proper gun control in our city, in our state and in our country,” Alter told KXAN News

The resolution has a good chance of passing.

Costing the citizens of Austin thousands of dollars or putting police lives at risk by forcing them to use outdated and worn down guns.

Calls to Alter from Ammoland went unreturned.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Todd Williams

I would like more info. How old are the pistols that they want to replace. How many rounds a year are fired from these guns in training. I don’t believe in trading in 1,156 pistols just cause you don’t like the holster ware on them or because the department is bored of the 40 S&W cartridge. Those two are not feesible reasons. I have seen plenty of police trade-ins that were still in good condition internally. FYI even the US Navy SEALS and SWCC get refurbished guns. That is why the gunshop at Naval facility Crane Naval Center exsits. If… Read more »


These “no trade in ” morons do not complain when their used vehicles are sold to dope dealers, people who commit hit and runs or commit some other crimes. So what is the difference? Nothing but liberal politics by brain dead democrats.

Wild Bill

@circle, Yeah, it’s scary. We gotta get out the vote in November. We can’t leave our future to the libtards, progtards, and commtards.

Tec's Dad

The state of connecticut has this rule as well. A few years ago they wanted to replace their aging Sig P229 in .40 SW. Several manufacturers bid and many firearms were tested for the CSP to try out. Needless to say everyone was impressed with the Glock G21 Gen 4… Then the state told Glock that if they get the contract that none of the used P229 pistols can be sold to civilians… Glock walked away… as their business is no business of the state of connecticut. The winning bid went to the Sig P220 a single stack pistol that… Read more »


Correction in my statement: I meant to say “OUR” God-given rights not my God-given rights.


austin d-sucker guber-mint to the rescue


Any one that reads this is probably pro
Second amendment, The fact that only
Law abiding are effected by there gun
Laws ,disarmament is there bottom
Line .We all know this open borders ,
Undocumented (illegal) dreamers
Same sex marriage,legal pot , offended
By anything all crap ,if we still have a
Hair on our buts ,vote these sick people
Out take the time to call your elected
Nuts go to town meeting s speak up
We are loosing our way of life and country

Roy D.

Well, Alter is a liberal Jew so it is understandable.

Michael Baley

How did this woman get elected, and on what platform IN TEXAS??!!


We need a way to come up with some “Class Action Civil lawsuits” against these socialists. There has to be a way to file civil rights lawsuits against these people. Even though it’s not written into any civil rights laws, I believe blocking my God-given rights, under the Bill of rights, should do. We need a way to slam them every time they propose this stuff.

Wild Bill

, I like your enthusiasm, but which of your rights is being blocked and who is doing the blocking?


Evidently failing basic economics is a pre-requisite to being a liberal – especially one with an ‘agenda’ (“gun control” in this case) Or else she simply does NOT care about saving the city a good chunk of change, it’s tax dollars after all so who care – she certainly doesn’t. They are so blinded by their ideological hatred they simply will not see how badly this sort of ‘stance’ hurts the bottom line.


This is TEXAS? This is what happens when the Lefties move to the South and bring their taxes and worped devient ideology with them. They crapped in their previous nests and try to force their shithole standards on everyone else. The Dems love to shit where they eat. They all need to be voted out of office. Don’t believe any of the shit they fling. Alabama learned the hard way. WV and Florida are learning. It looks like Texas is next to flip to the Libs and illegals.


I totally agree. I lived in Tallahassee, Florida and as these snow birds moved into town they brought all their taxes, nieghbourhood codes, and stupid rules about traffic flow, growth, and gun control. What used to be a nice town is now unlivable. We gun owners need to stick together and vote these creeps out of office.


Witless fails to comprehend that anyone in the State of Texas who WANTS to get a handgun, and is not prohibited from doing so by their own past stuidity, CAN and WILL get that handgun, and do it lawfully. So the cop guns get melted down in her perverse world. Glock and Smith and Sig and ______ will simply get NEW steel and make NEW guns, that WILL be sold to the people of Austin who want them. I think it would be great to make certain the melted guns get recycled back to Glockk and such so that the… Read more »


Like that will stop Law abiding citizens from buying guns. Liberals are stupid.

Green Mtn. Boy

Financially it would make sense to ban the members of the Austin City Council .

Matt in Oklahoma



Just like the scum from Jew York state & Taxachusetts that move to NH & Vermont & proceed to screw it up.

Heed the Call-up

She also doesn’t want the police to have new firearms? Does she believe disarming the police will prevent criminal use of firearms? How insane, stupid or morally bankrupt is she? These types should be required to live in the crime-ridden parts of their districts and not get any bodyguards or police protection like their constituents, maybe they would finally understand reality.


She clearly believes that if LEO’s do not have firearms the bad guys will stop using theirs in the name of fairness.

Wild Bill

yes, … most humorous!


Leave it to a Lefty. The nutjob city council member doesn’t want to give her police officerd new firearms. When a thug outguns one of her cops she will be the first to screem that the cop didn’t “protect and serve.” Send the “dereliction of duty” cop to the civilian review board. If she is lucky it isn’t one of her kids. Melting down the old Guns is the BEST option. Taxes go to cover the value of the destroyed Guns. Gun manufacturers MAKE more NEW guns. Gun dealers sell more NEW guns. Gun buyers get the latest new guns.… Read more »

Roy D.

Well, she is a liberal so this shouldn’t be a big surprise.

Roy D.

I would not have written my second post above if this one had been posted at the time. That was over six hours after this one was written, My, my, my.


If these cities/towns are so anti-gun, let them own it. Gun manufacturers/dealers should refuse to buy or sell from these fine cities, including their officers. Let the police there carry a stick to stop crime, until those too are prohibited. Everytime I hear the word Austin, I throw up in my mouth a bit. The capitol of Texas needs to be moved to somewhere within Texas that still has Texas values and morals. The Marxists are destroying all that is decent everywhere. I have heard and seen the original places these BLECH, URP are from. Most if not all are… Read more »

willy d

I have the perfect way to make up the shortage to the police department, take it out of her pocket as she is so dead set against guns, and also take any security or bodyguards away from her and apply that money to the police shortage also!

Wild Bill

, I like your idea, but having to pay for what she wants is not a socialist concept. Dictating her will, at public expense, is more in keeping with socialist theory.

James Allen

I can’t move to any liberal city in TX. I can’t have my gun rights infringed on.


Gee, I must have missed the part about how many of these trade-ins were used in crimes.

Wild Bill

@stimpy17, You did not miss a thing, there were none.


Marxists don’t care about logic. They care about powe-power to control your life and to create it in their image. There’s no arguing. We have to become assertive instead of defensive-the same kind of tactics they use. Else the will continue to chip away until there’s nothing left but the clones they want to create.

Missouri Born

Another college town liberal who thinks they are smarter than everyone else, this part of Texas is as bad as California.

Wild Bill

At Missouri B, If I had a mess that attracted bugs, I would clean that mess up, so that the bugs would go away. Maybe the Texas college system should clean up their mess or maybe the Texas legislature should budget that college zero dollars.
Liberal colleges just create more Lisa Pages, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabes, Jim Comeys, and Rod Rosensteins.

Richard Kennedy

Austin is a cesspool of liberal insanity… this is really no surprise.

joe martin

Richard, that is absolutely a cold hard fact. Austin is to Texas what San Francisco is, or was, (now it’s the whole state) to California and what Santa Fe is to New Mexico; a colony of liberals and brain dead amoral degenerates.


Leave it up to the left leaning idiotic clowns to come up with a solution to a non problem.
Trade them in. The Criminals won’t be able to buy them anyway.


Zackley…. A criminal cannot buy or own a gun, the gun laws prohibit them. The ONLY person a gun law effects is the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, who should be completely free to buy these pistols. Gun laws and protection from abuse laws are only words on paper, to criminals they mean nothing, simply do not exist. Libs and dems can’t understand this, they write idiotic laws that punish only those who abide. The laws on paper are nothing more than comic books to criminals.


Dumbocrats have a special knack for ignoring FACTS and it must be something missing in their brain that blocks the truth. If the facts were presented to Alter about how violent crime is DOWN where freedom is allowed maybe, just maybe she could alter her mind. If that does not happen she could very well alter the crime rate for the worse for the great state of TEXAS.


“The ONLY person a gun law effects is the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN”

And that is exactly what this type of move is for. To restrict the rights of those law-abiding citizens. It has ZERO to do with public safety, criminals, etc (“The Narrative”). Its only purpose to to get rid of ‘icky’ guns and keep those guns out of the hands of their enemies (law abiding citizens).

Wild Bill

, non-problems are the only kind of problems that the left can solve.