Time to Battle The Insane Anti-Gun Mob With Knowledge & Truth

by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

Ban Guns Black Rifle Protest Protestors
Let’s start with the term “assault rifles.” The LEFT has been messing with gun truths for decades. They twisted the truth to confuse, and frighten, the masses about “rifles.”

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- President Trump fights for us every day, and we, at the grassroots level, must back him up 100%. We, as gun owners, are outraged, and we need to use our anger to get moving. We call on all of you, to start/continue to fight. We must KEEP THE US SENATE and HOUSE in the 2018 midterms.

The legalized invasion of the President’s attorney should leave no doubt, in your minds, that the LEFT will do anything it can to retain power, damn the consequences, of our nation and our families.

The LEFT is dragging us closer and closer to another civil war. And, we don’t know what’s on the other side of that civil war, and we would instead not find out. We may be armed and ready with all the iron we need, but we do not like, nor want, that violent path. Violence, though, maybe the last refuge of the incompetent LEFT, and there are hopefully, still, other paths we have not yet explored.

We all need to know, with certainty, that our philosophy is fully grounded in truth. We can face down the crazies that are marching in lockstep ready to burn our Constitution, with nothing more than our resolve of the certainty of our love of the US Constitution.

But, right now, we are divided by ignorance. A report by Steven Shepard finds firm evidence that Republicans do favor stronger gun control laws. Of the responders to a Politico poll, 68% are in favor of another ban on “assault rifles.”

Here is a recent Quinnipiac Poll, Table Number 57 gives the stats on an “assault weapons ban,” by age, sex, party, and education, and also gives trending data. A total of 67% support such a useless ban on assault weapons. PLEASE REALIZE, THESE NUMBERS REPRESENT US! WE ARE THOSE STATS! Why?

One gun owner, “inspired” by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, went so far as to destroy his AR 10 and AR 15 in a very public way. Folks, this is our people, a gun owner!

Do we blame this situation on our ignorance? We do not all know all the details, and so we let the devil do his work. To cure this, we must all learn to teach our brethren. We all have to correct these weak and insecure gun owners. We must join together to strengthen our group.

It’s time to get to work. NOW!

  • Find a friend who reads well.
  • Find a friend who speaks well.
  • Find a friend who can organize.
  • Find a friend whom can motivate.
  • Stay engaged, get things moving and welcome all comers.

If everyone around you knew the truth about so-called “assault rifles” all the polls, faked or not, would reflect greater sanity.

If you, and your friends, think you know everything you need to know, then you must ask why does your county or state still have any gun laws that are based on bias and racism? If you didn’t know, that is the origin of weapons laws. Why does your locality have such laws, especially if you all know the truth? Find your comfortable place, and spread the truth that frees us from the LEFT.

Gun laws that affect the law abiding do not work. In fact, gun laws may even be counterproductive, like the Gun-Free School Zones Act. So, we have to admit some ignorance on the subject.

Dirty Tricks Of The Left

Let’s start with the term “assault rifles.” That term didn’t just start when Trump was nominated. The LEFT has been messing with gun truths for decades. They twisted the truth to confuse, and frighten, the masses about “rifles.” And even some gun owners bought the lies. To the LEFT, almost anything beyond a single-shot, bolt action rifle, is an “assault rifle.”

Joe Tartaro, a long time Second Amendment proponent, and author explained what happened in his article, ‘The Great Assault Weapon Hoax.’ He wrote;

“The push to ban scary looking guns is a conjuring trick devised by devout anti-gunners in and out of government who will settle for banning some guns on their way to banning them all.”

Tartaro discusses tactics of deceit such as suppressing evidence and the attempt to show on TV that ammo from the targeted weapons was more potent by shooting an exploding melon.

What Assault Rifle Means
What Assault Rifle Means?

Here’s what happened. Josh Sugarman, of the Violence Policy Center, deliberately created a fabricated fraud, as great as the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax, which our President is now battling. Sugarman and his ilk think that it’s OK to lie to people to make them act against their own best interests.

According to David Kopel, Sugarman suggested, and normalized, into the public discussion, words, and phrases such as, but not limited to: assault weapons, armor_piercing bullets, machine guns, plastic guns, etc. He made them as daily usage. The rifles became menacing looking, and Sugarman coupled that with the public’s confusion over fully automatic firearms versus ordinary semi-automatic rifles, cause they looked similar. All this increased the chance of public support for restrictions on these rifles. And the lying LEFT media pushes these normalized words and phrases.

David Kopel explains that this misinformation still remains as part of American culture. But we gun owners should all know that there is a difference between full auto and semi-auto firearms. Aaron Blake explains the bait-and-switch language deception.

So, our nation happily accepted a ten-year “assault weapons ban” in 1994. The ban was not renewed because even anti-gun researchers could not find any statistical benefit. The government report is here, and some additional information is here.

Now, despite any proof of benefit, the liars of the LEFT are attempting to spring right into another “assault weapons ban,” including adding some handguns.

While this may not become law soon, there will be media hype designed to confuse and mislead the public, and it will boost their fear of guns. They think they can get a better start on banning semi-autos this time around because of the school massacres.

We are not attempting to deal adequately with the topic of “assault weapons” lies, but to give you a place to jump-start a local discussion group for all who are interested. You can start with the articles linked to in this piece, and we suggest that you make a library of gun truths for future reference.

There is no safety in disarmament. Gun laws only affect the law-abiding. The black market trumps all restrictive laws and only outlaws keep their guns.
The law-abiding gun owners should not accept the stupidity of the masses and the contempt of the power mongers. Let’s get teaching, and educating our family and friends.

Next time, we hope to discuss the lies surrounding the NICS checks system.

About the Authors:

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life and is the Retired Managing Coach of the Freeport NY Junior (Marksmanship) Club, Division of the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY. He has escaped from New York State to South Carolina and is an SC FFL. – [email protected] | TWITTER: @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She has also escaped from New York State to Virginia. – [email protected]

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joe martin

The anti-gun people couldn’t care less about knowledge and truth. Neither one will have any effect upon them as logic doesn’t abide in their little fantasy world. For them, it’s all about sound bites and “feelings”. You can’t win an argument using common sense with someone who has none.

Terence Colligan

The “Right” is a privilege in all but a dozen or so states. Whisky Tango Foxtrot?


A few quotes from the Framers and other individuals of note, read and head: “A Government that does not trust its law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, is itself, unworthy of trust.” –James Madison, chief wordsmith of the Constitution “Any government that would attempt to disarm its people is despotic; and any people that would submit to it deserve to be slaves.”- Stephen F. Austin, 1835 “The historical reality of the Second Amendments protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right to shoot deer. It protects the right to shoot… Read more »

Gregory A Foreman

You have presented us all with viable arguments to confront those that desire to restrict our Constitutional rights, especially the 2nd Amendment. We here in Oregon are facing a ballot measure to outlaw ALL semi-auto firearms, from pistols to even .22 rifles in the mistaken delusion that will stop mass murders, and the sad thing is the measure was the produck of a religious conglomerate. thankfully, we have until the November to educate tour fellow Oregonians about how misleading this ill-conceived effort by these anti-gun zealots. They ignore that God gave us all the power to defend ourselves and our… Read more »


Sometimes violence is the answer!!!!

Missouri Born

I have an old Webster Dictionary from 1994 with a definition for Assault Rifle, it states: a military automatic rifle with a large capacity magazine.
The anti gunners don’t know what their talking about and need to be corrected everytime.

Marc DV.

Put these ANTI’s back 200 yrs. and they’d
claim a Musket was an ASS-AULT WEAPON !
A Winchester repeater was a Machine gun !
And 22’s were Designed for MASS – MURDER.
Hell ! a Blunder buss was a SHORT BARRELED
SHOT GUN ! that was an assault weapon back then !

Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger

Frankly, you’re almost as bad as the victim disarmers. 1. ‘President Trump fights for us every day, and we, at the grassroots level, must back him up 100%.” Proposed bump-fire stock ban, ERPOs, no due process, age limits, Fix NICS with its expanded prohibited persons not based on adjudications. 2. “We must KEEP THE US SENATE and HOUSE in the 2018 midterms.” “We?” Here’s the real problem. Democrats are anti-RKBA for obvious reasons. But so are the Republicans. For the Republicans, the excuse is always “law and order,” and public safety. Officer safety. Looking like they “care.” Again, NICS, ERPOs,… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

In case anyone hasn’t noticed the Commiecrats are real impressed with truth or facts,of course to be a true believer in the orthodoxy of the party it helps to be able to shove ones head deeper in the sand or swill yet another glass of the Kool Aid.

Roy D.

It doesn’t help when you start your article with a lie. “President Trump fights for us every day, and we, at the grass roots level, must back him up 100%.” Was he “fighting for us” when he said that bump stocks needed to go away and that he was going to make they did? I didn’t bother reading anything else.


Having escaped from an ANTI gun state, I find the apathy and lack of awareness by gun owners in some Pro Gun states disturbing. — New laws are being pushed Nationwide in almost every state. When exercising a RIGHT gets you labeled ” Mentally ILL ” , there’s a big problem