If The Shoe Fits, You’re a Dumb Ass Gun Banner ~ VIDEO

WARNING: If political incorrectness offends you, turn the page now.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- So just how stupid are some Americans?

Could it be that half of our fellow citizens are flat out morons, some so blinded by ideology that they can’t see past their own emotions to make a rational decision but rather fall prey to the whims of hysterical (liberal) dumb asses? Here’s the definition of stupid from Merriam Webster’s Dictionary:

Definition of stupid:

  1. slow of mind: given to unintelligent decisions or acts. B: acting in an unintelligent or careless manner. C: lacking intelligence or reason
  2. dulled in feeling or sensation: still stupid from the sedative
  3. marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting
    a stupid decision
  4. lacking interest or point
    a stupid event
    the stupid car won't start

Sadly, the answer to the above questions is: YES, some people are flat out stupid.

Since that’s the case, let’s explore some recent evidence of stupidity as it pertains to those who hate our guns and our freedoms in general. Before I get to those who hate gun rights, let’s start with, oh, say, Leonardo DiCaprio as an example. See, Mr. DiCaprio is a fabulously wealthy celebrity who got famous and rich playing characters on TV and in movies, and some people think that makes him some kind of world expert on everything. That, in and of itself, is proof of someone’s stupidity but let’s dig a little deeper.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Mr. DiCaprio has taken it upon himself, like Al Gore, to tackle “Global Warming.” Some people find that to be a worthy cause and DiCaprio feels he “does something” about the “problem” flying around the world on his private jets dumping tons of carbon into the atmosphere he has sworn to protect, lecturing the world on our wastefulness. Well, some people think he feels that way. He lives in giant mansions that consume tons of energy amassing monthly electric bills that would dwarf the average citizens monthly salary. He hangs around on mega yachts that drink tons and tons of fuel to run those massive twin turbo diesel engines used to power such huge vessels. Merely filling the fuel tanks of those floating palace’s is out of the reach of millions of Americans making respectful six-figure salaries. He is an obvious liar and a hypocrite, but there is no shortage of folks out there who believe this clown gives a sh*t. To me, that is evidence of a certain level of stupidity that must be worked on to achieve.

ow that I’ve given you an example of this level of stupidity, let’s move it to guns, shall we? I can think of no one better to use as a reference than two of America’s most prominent hypocrites in this category, Shannon Watts, and Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano

Let’s start with Alyssa. Recently, Ms. Milano showed up in Dallas a couple of weeks ago with her newly formed group, NoRA with a handful of like-minded protestors to “take on” the National Rifle Association. Ms.Milano was caught on video surrounded by a team of armed security personnel whose job it was to keep her safe from any “crazies” who might want to do her harm. Apparently, Alyssa feels that the best way to do that is to use people carrying guns to do the job. I would agree.

But wait a minute. Hold the boat. Doesn’t the threat of bodily harm or death give Ms.Milano the right to protect herself with guns? Sure it does, I mean, that’s why I carry a gun.

Shannon Watts

Shannon Watts
Shannon Watts

On to Shannon Watts, the phony soccer mom turned “gun-safety” advocate after the atrocity in Newtown, CT who now travels in armed caravans surrounded by billionaire-funded, heavily armed security details. Ms. Watts, in a recent tweet, claimed she had no choice but to be surrounded by guns because crazy gun nuts were continually threatening her life. Fair enough.

But wait a minute. Hold the boat. Like Ms. Milano, even Ms. Watts has the right to defend her life with a gun, right? Heck, that’s the same reason I carry a gun, the difference between the three of us is that I don’t have a billionaire funding a cool gang of armed staff to protect me and I don’t have bags of movie studio money sitting under my bed. (Yet)

So just to be sure, Milano and Watts show up everywhere they go with armed security details with guns to protect them and keep them safe. Like every American, they have a right to be armed to defend themselves. OK, I get that. Apparently, they also get it. But wait a minute. Hold the boat. I forgot to mention that everywhere they go with their armed security details, they are preaching their hatred of guns and gun rights for Americans and actively fighting against the very freedom they seem to be OK with for themselves.

The kicker? Like DiCaprio, Milano and Watts are obvious hypocrites but millions of Americans fall for their shtick. So blinded by their hatred to guns and so partisan in their hatred of the NRA that they have allowed themselves to become stupid.

Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll give those folks the benefit of the doubt and guess that they were born stupid, meaning we should feel sorry for them. I mean, to do otherwise would suggest that these folks were once intelligent beings who are working awful hard to be as stupid as they are.

Aw shucks, forget it. I’m giving them way to much credit.

Mark Walters
Mark Walters

About Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio's Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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    1. @OneStillPatriotic – So another aluminum hat heard from. Or does Lord-Pi-314 have two handles on here? Amazing how conspiracy theories get started isn’t it!!!

      1. @JackOffMac…I’m done with you. Obviously you are a shill for god knows who, probably the perps and their cover-up crew. Go peddle your donkey dust elsewhere. If you haven’t figured this out after almost…how many years ?…then there is no sense trying to enlighten you. Go watch the movies I told you about and the multitude of vids on the net. Maybe the lights will go on someday. And listen, there are people who helped out with peripheral jobs in setting the stage, like the guys who were used to help move in some “WTC Exploding Vending Machines”, who are cutting deals for immunity for testimony. That window will be closing soon, very very soon. The petition for a grand jury investigation has recently been submitted and once it convenes, all deals are off. If someone else rats on you, you will swing.

      2. Watch out for this JackOff persona. It is we’ll known now that it was a group of dirtbags in the CIA who developed the “Conspiracy Theory” tag used to denigrate any researchers who got too close to the truth when they were investigating the Kennedy assassination. Scum like him use it all the time to mislead the people by labeling ideas as “conspiracy theories” or the people as “conspiracy theorists”, then they laugh up their sleeve and expect you to do the same thing. They can’t refute the facts so they call you names. This JackOff is probably a spy and reporting all you people back to the Zio-Nazis. We run into sh*theads like him all the time. And we know that rogue CIA with their buddy Mossad agents are the ones who set 911 up, murdering (cooking alive) 2700 people in NYC. BTW, that’s the definition of “holocaust” (cooking alive). This JackOff has a lot to hide. Now go soak your head in a toilet, JackOff.

        1. Lug-Piss-3 brain cells 1 ball 4 eyes – You might be funny if you were not so insane! Really sucks to be you!
          And by the way Pi, 3.14 right? Must be your IQ!

      3. @MacOfJack….Just wanted to let you know that the organization known as “Architects & Engineers For 911 Truth” has just announced today in an email that they have surpassed the 3000 member mark of lisenced Architects & Engineers petition signers stating publicly that the official story is a load of donkey dust, horse manure, and fake science. Furthermore, they challenge the 911 Liars to attempt such a feat as to get 3000 brainwashed morons to publicly attest to the fact that they still believe the official conspiracy theory. Richard Gaga AIA and his group are going to publish a book containing the names and biographies of those 3000+ lisenced Architects & Engineers, and should have it ready by this coming Sept. 11, 2018.

          1. @Maco….I couldn’t help myself. I just can’t stand to see folks like you so brainwashed and deluded by the evil ones. Just trying to point you to the light. It is very well known that 99.9% of those who examine the scientific evidence eventually see the truth and the lights go on. The TRUTH will set you free! John, Chapter 8.

            1. Time for you to either give it a rest of mean what you say, and say what you mean!

              Hope you enjoy your day, which was brought to you by people that decided the good of the many was worth their live!

            2. @macOff Jack….ill debate you on this issue until the cows come home, if you think you have an argument that is convincing. But being you are the inside man, you didn’t even give me a REPLY button. And my day was brought to me by the Creator, who breathes universes in and out for the duration of eternity. As for your debate, I haven’t heard anything coming from you that is scientifically true, or intelligent. Tell me, my good man, who was the leaseholder on the 2 towers, beginning 7 weeks prior to the event, commonly referred to as 911 ??? Or do you find that inconsequential and not worthy of discussion ?

            3. Not my fault you don’t have a reply button. Maybe Ammoland knows you lie, so they just cut you out!
              You 99% BS reminds me of the election! Trump is going to loose it’s 99% for sure!!! Or to put it another way figures don’t lie, but liars figure!!! You fall in the latter group.

            4. @Jack’O’Really….even Trump knows bombs were used. He is on videotape saying so. False flags are the oldest trick in the book, amongst murderous Traitors who just want to make money from war, and could give a hoot about their fellows. They are the “domestic enemies” we all need to hang for treason, just out for themselves as they stab their fellow countrymen in the back so they can get rich. They stink to high heaven, wouldn’t you agree ? Thank god there is no statute of limitations on mass murder, we can chase them down forever, and even claw back their ill gotten goods from their progeny. Don’t you think that’s just wonderful ?

            5. Oh, you don’t want to answer about the new leaseholder ? It was Lucky Larry, who usually ate breakfast at the Windows on the World Restaurant, talking to all his new tenants (his words). He had a “compelling urge” to buy the 2 towers even though he had to pay the Port Authority $125 Million a year in rent. And they each needed a $1BILLION in asbestos remediation immediately or the City of NY was going to shut them down. And the elevator renovation by ACE ELEVATOR was still in progress and those guys don’t work cheap. And because of the asbestos and the previous 1993 bombing, the 2 towers were only half rented. They were White Elephants, but Eisenberg made sure his buddy Lucky Larry got the lease. And then the Gelitin Art Students moved in. Ever hear of GELITIN before ? They make BOMBS, big bombs, and little BOMBS, and medium size BOMBS from the stuff, and they called themselves the GELITIN ART STUDENTS, who had free roaming of the Towers while Lucky Larry owned them.

            6. @Lord-Pi-314 I am not looking to get into your conspiracy discussion and have no intention to do so but it seems you could be more polite to a vet than you have been.
              Anyway, Larry Silverstein leased the twin towers. He is a real estate developer and ,probably, saw an opportunity to make some money. He insured the property and when it went down he stood to collect twice what he had paid to lease the site. The insurance company sued him but he won and collected the windfall. If you have ever been in a fight with an insurance company you would know they do not stop until all stones have been overturned. They are ruthless in defending their stake especially at double cost and the short time frame. They lost big time.

            7. “Like Cold Grinding Grizzly Bear Jaws Hot On Their Heels”, the Lawyers Committee has them soiling their skivvies. At the very least it will cost those perps some more bribe money paid to…., and, you never know, a proper investigation should put a lot of nooses around their scrawny necks.

              This Saturday, June 2,2018 there will be a live discussion on the net pertaining to the 52+ page petition for a Grand Jury Investigation of the crimes of 9-11-01 at the WTC in NYC. Last month the petition was submitted to the powers that be in the Southern District of NY. To view the petition and to get further info on this, go to “LawyersCommitteeFor9-11Inquiry.Org”, and check it out for yourself.

            8. @TomCat May 29, 12:29pm.
              According to Lucky Larrys own words, on video, if you can believe a word he says, he says he had to sue about 25 different insurance companies. He said that despite the fact that he won in court against all of them (great odds, but he is just Lucky Larry) they still refused to pay him until he spoke to Elliott Spitzer about it, and then they paid him his $5.8BILLION. He was very lucky because he only put down a few paltry millions to become lease holder on the WTC Complex, minus Bldg. 7 which he already owned since 1984. And Larry even got Lucky with Bldg. 7, according to his own words. You see, he was not happy with that Bldg.7, which he owned and built, and wanted a new one. He says he scoured the world looking for some architects who could design him a new Bldg. 7 that he would like, and he finally found the right firm in Israel. Then he says, on video, that “The first design plans were on his desk in April of 2000, AND THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW, it was being built in 2002”. He again got very lucky because THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW, 911 happened and he didn’t have to pay to have the old Bldg. 7 demolished and carted away. He saved a bundle on that, wouldn’t you think ? He was just so lucky again !!!!!!! And you don’t have to worry about me and Jack O’ Mac, it’s just a little bit of theatre like with Larry and the insurance companies. You can bet that Uncle Rothschild could just direct his underlings at the various Fed Printing Presses to stay late some Saturday afternoon and print up a few pallets of $100’s to make them whole. After all, there are a bunch of them spread around the country who are adept at creating money out of thin air. They make TRILLIONS every year (and charge us taxpayers 6% on every dollar they print up).

    2. Sadly, they suffer from the disease of liberalism, for which the only cure for is being victimized by the criminals that they are now trying to protect. The only caveat to that cure is that they must survive the attack, and a lot do not.

      1. @MacofJack….Oh, ho ho ho and conspiracy theorists galore with their tin foil hats !!! Jack, perhaps you should put your “Cognitive Dissonance” up on the shelf for awhile as you bone up on nanothermite and the peer reviewed scientific paper written about the WTC dust in 2008 or so. It hasn’t been refuted yet, and still stands as the cutting edge science on the matter. No theories, just pure scientific FACTS, as factual as the fact that molten steel was pouring out of the tower for several minutes before the collapse. It’s on video, refute it if you can. It’s a fact, not a theory. And while you are at it, take a gander at the large craters UNDER THE BASEMENT, being filled with concrete. Just google the “WTC NUCLEAR CRATERS”. The pics are on the net. Just don’t expect Bill O’Really or the blond faggot to tell you about them. They are paid NOT to tell you. And if you go up to the WTC 911 Museum in NYC, you can see specimens of once melted concrete that wrapped itself around some handguns. It takes 3000 F to melt concrete. What produced those temps. Certainly not jet fuel (kerosene) and office furniture. No sir, if you still believe the official government conspiracy theory then you are 1) either not paying attention, 2)Not doing your research, 3) a traitorous shill, 4) dumber than a box full of dog turds, 5) totally brainwashed by your boyfriends on TV, 6) suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance for which you can go see a shrink for, or (7 blind as a bat and after almost 17 years have not seen the close ups of the towers in slow motion blowing themselves apart.

        1. @Lord-Pi-314 – So let’s look at your aluminum hat thory.
          1. Jet fuel burns at 800 to 1500 degrees F
          2. Aluminum melts at 1221 degrees F. Wow, look about the middle of the jet fuel burn.
          3. Steel melts at around 2500 degrees F, but it weakens are 1100 degrees F. Wow, again about the middle of the jet fuel burn.
          4. Concrete burning?? Don’t remember anyone saying the concrete burned, but thermal cracking can start at 120 degrees F! Let give that a time 10 for quality construction concrete. Again the jet fuel is hot enough to do the job.
          Now your cutting edge facts are about as sound as your aluminum hat! You can loose you mind on this, but I’ll stay in the real world and let you and your aluminum hat buddies keep up the BS!

          Oh and just as a side not the burning temp of jet fuel doesn’t take into account compression and wind vortex that would take effect in a tower drawing air in like a chimney! Keep smoking those facts and get out of mom’s basement, get a job and get a LIFE!

          1. @Jack… 1) 99% of the jet fuel burned up outside the building in a giant fireball. What was left inside burned off in 10 minutes and ignited some office furnishings which had to be fire resistant/retardant in order to be allowed in the building. Quite quickly, the smoke was dark gray/black, indicating oxygen starvation. The first fireman up there was heard on radio saying “there are 2 isolated pockets of fire, we need 2 lines to knock it down.2)Aluminun is silvery when melted. It does not turn orange. What was pouring out of the tower was orange. Preceding the flow of liquid metal, there were puffs of white smoke, an indication of termite which releases aluminum oxide smoke, which is white. Basic thermite is rust and aluminum powder mixed together. The aluminum grabs the oxygen from the iron oxide (rust), releasing a white smoke (aluminum oxide), and leaves behind the molten iron at 4500 degrees F, which drops down due to gravity. The very hot iron is orange to orange/white in color. There is a color scale for temperatures you can refer to. 3)after the initial 10 minutes the temp was <700 F, and you can hold a 700 F flame under a steel beam forever, and it will not weaken. The only steel that had any intragranular melting were ones that had sulfur from the nanothermite embedded in it.4)the concrete didn't burn, it melted. It takes 3000f to melt concrete. Go and get yourself a copy of the DVD "911:The New Pearl Harbor". It has 4.5 hours of FACTS ABOUT 911, including the science involved. The basic laws of physics were not repealed that day, and the scientific FACTS are what exposes the official conspiracy theory as a LIE. There is no disputing SCIENCE ! And speaking of Moms basement, umm almost 70 years old, have 2 kids, paid off my house before I was 45, never had a credit card in my life, have money in the bank, and $4000 face value of 90% coin and 150 ounces of gold buried on 35 acres of pristine wilderness in another State (my bug out place), a day trading account with about 30 different stocks, and various other mutual funds and stock certificates that I keep in a private safe, and live in a house not far from the Atlantic Ocean. And my mother didn't raise no fools, and I know a false flag psyop when I see it. When the hell are you going to quit lying to yourself. And speaking about weakened steel, what weakened all the perfectly good steel, about 400,000 tons of it, that collapsed at the speed of gravity below where the planes hit ? There was absolutely nothing wrong with 80% of the buildings, but they acted like they didn't exist. They just turned into dust despite the fact that everything above them was ejected up to 600 feet in all directions. There was nothing falling down on them because they were blown all over yonder. Ponder that for a few hours.

            1. @Lord-Pi-314 – I’m so glad you were in the building and can give all these fact. Maybe you should go tell somebody that will believe your BS!

            2. @macofjack….more and more around the world become believers every day. All it takes is a willingness to examine the physical evidence. The organization known as AE911Truth.org, headed by Richard Gage, has just shy of 3000 licensed Architects & Engineers belonging to his organization. And he has tens of thousands of ordinary citizens signed up. They have put out several movies delineating the facts including “Experts Speak Out” and “9/11:Blueprint for truth”. And of course the scientist Steven Jones, Ph.D has put out a movie called “Nanothermite” which explains all about that high tech Explosive Incendiary Material that was found in the dust samples. And then there are the hundreds of firefighters who have their own truth organization, and there is even a Pilots Truth organization who expose the falsehoods of the official story. So, perhaps it is YOU that has to get with it because there are 3 things that cannot be hidden for long…the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth. And when the truth gets out, payback will be such a bitch that I don’t think you would want to be on the wrong side of history. BTW, did you google “The WTC Nuclear Craters” yet ? Did you ever hear of the Davey Crocket Nuclear Weapon ? Well, they took the W54 nuclear Pitt out of one and fashioned a “Special Atomic Demolition Device” (SADM for short) and lowered it down the 50 meter deep shaft under the basements, just for demolition day. They learned a lot about how to do it with Project Gnome, and Project Plowshare, etc.

    3. SPOT ON, Mark. And kudos to you bloggers weighing in on this. I canot recall how many times in my written commentary the past decade I’ve used the descriptors “Moron, imbecile, idiot, stupid, vacuous, fool, and others to characterize these ignorant and uninformed sheep in their panic-stricken movements. All the way from “Black lives matter”, an Obama cheering section, to these peanuts caught up in the ANTIFA mania. Make no mistake, by numbers, they must be reckoned with, because they will gather similarly- ignorant and panic-prone types as they roll along, spreading misinformation and outright lies. That level of stupidity is actually dangerous for us, because they do not act from or recognize common sense, or are capable of discerning truth from lies and propaganda. In effect, the “enemy… domestic” our Constitutional oath spoke of.

    4. @Mart3
      It Started WAAAAY Before Those Demorats
      from Hollywierd became famous .
      Hollywierd has had many many Dumb @$$es
      protest in some form since the Film industry started .
      We as consumers made them famous ,Unfortunatly
      we can’t un-famous them. But I and others can choose
      not to spend our money on their movies and promo’s
      Hitting their income & notoriety is the only thing that
      seems to hurt them . Anything less rolls of their body
      guards backs .

      1. I would, however, point out that a large number of Hollywood’s elite actually served in the armed forces of our great nation, while a great many actresses stood in line to serve coffee and donuts to service members at USOs around the world. Many talented people traveled to far off lands and put on shows for war weary GIs. They were PATRIOTS.

        Henry Fonda stood opposed to Hanoi Jane’s political actions and publicly said so. Of course, being his daughter, he still loved her unconditionally as any parent should. He did not support her activities.

        Today, Hollywood has some dang fine conservatives. Unfortunately, those who are open about their views are blackballed and often never make another film. (It was a total shock to see Rosanne Barr make a comeback.)

        My point is, like Californians in general, not all Hollywood people are stupid, anti-American, liberal, commie, Marxist, progressive, Democrats.

    5. commie demonrats support g-control because they don’t want their fellow d-rats shot up as they go about car-jacking, home-invading, etc. as with the pro-abortion crew, they like their victims defenseless.

      1. Lord-Pi-314, you know you can’t debate with a box of rocks like jackoffmack. He’s secure in the knowledge that the self-serving nitwits in government service will cover his ass so he can live out his long ignorant life. Saw the molten metal coming out of corner windows, not from 2500 or below jet fuel. Saw the fall of the twin towers, on their own footprint, controlled demolition does that. Anyone who watches that and then denies it is what it is, may be permanently stupid, or terrified to admit that governments and central bankers regularly sacrifice their citizens to accomplish their goals.
        Before 9-11, 7 countries did not have a central bank. In order of conquest they are: Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, and China. China is and has been persuaded to permit central banking, the rest have and will be by force. Gotta love the Rothschild and Rockefeller regimes. They spare nothing to satisfy their greed. Any surprises here??

        1. @OneStill…911 was a traumatizing event, and those who study the mind know that when the mind is in a traumatic state, the person is very susceptible to brainwashing. That is why the complicit media, following the pre arranged script, kept showing over and over and over and over again the video of the planes hitting the towers. And why they kept repeating the same story for days, weeks, months, years. They know that most people have little time to do independent research which would refute the “official story”. And then comes into play the “cognitive dissonance” where the people have been led to believe that what they see on TV is Bible truth, and a belief that their gov is only interested in their welfare. They never consider that the gov is like a car that get sold over and over, and eventually it can get an owner who wants to drive it into the ground, or use it to commit bank robberies. And they can load the back seat up with their friends who are also members of the mob. More and more people are waking up to the fact that they have been lied to by a very sophisticated group oif international criminals, and brainwashed by the media that those criminals have bought up and now control. The man behind the curtain is slowly being exposed for what and who he is. The only question is, is it too late ? America has already wasted over $7TRILLION, lost thousands of the flower of our youth from fighting someone else’s wars for them, have another tens to hundreds of thousands irreparably maimed, and murdered millions of innocent civilians overseas. And what do we have to show for it ? Nothing but death and destruction and 22 servicemen per day on average who kill them selves because…because why ? And our descendants will be slaves until they pay off the national debt which went from a mere $3Trillion when Shrub took office, to $21Trillion today. All owed to the International Bankster Gangsters who never send their kids to war. Kennedy warned us about them, so they killed him.

    6. The Credentials of Hollywood and New York Liberals:
      “LEONARDO DeCAPRIO’s self-declared climate expertise enables him to speak on the world’s environmental issues with a GED high-school education. He never took a college biology, chemistry, physics or climatology course, yet he “knows” more than most scientists.
      SEAN PENN He visited Iraq once and became an expert on that country. The same for Iran. Buddies with deceased Venezuelan communist Hugo Chavez. Penn deserves credit for becoming a world-affairs expert based on two years of auto mechanics classes at Santa Monica College.
      KATY PERRY’s passion about politics and economics freed her to quit high school at 15 without compromising her expert status. Asked the name given the Constitution’s first 10 amendments, her answer was: “Republicans are for the rich.” She recently demonstrated her intellect by making an anti-Trump video that suggested Trump would commit acts similar to forced World War II lockups of loyal Japanese-Americans. Perry did not know the internment plan was developed and executed by Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
      ROBERT DeNIRO acquired his scientific knowledge before dropping out of high school. He knows so much about geology that he joined Artists Against Fracking. He’s also an expert on pediatric medicine, enabling him to speak often against vaccinating infants and children.
      HARRY BELAFONTE is another multiple-subject prodigy, who needed little formal education. He remains an expert on most things. When black people say something moderate or conservative, he hurls the N word at them. Decades ago, he loudly denounced Reagan’s elimination of CETA, the Comprehensive Employment Training Act. It was one of the most wasteful federal programs ever — many vanished dollars, few jobs. Belafonte tore into Reagan during an interview Finally, the interviewer asked Belafonte what CETA stood for. Belafonte had no clue. He knew almost nothing about the act.
      ROSIE O’DONNELL made the hateful remark that Trump’s 10-year-old son looked autistic. The MSM did not ask her to apologize. Most educated on the list as she attended high-school and short stints at Dickinson and Boston Universities . O’Donnell offered “proof” that 9/11 was an inside job, noting that planes could not have brought down the Twin Towers because “steel doesn’t burn.” Does not know that high temperatures reduce steel’s strength.
      AL SHARPTON Sharpton accumulated vast theological knowledge by age 9, when he was “ordained” as a preacher, additional two years at New York ’s Brooklyn College. Most successful class: Using Others’ Money. 2004 presidential campaign stands out for the Federal Election Commission forcing him to return $100,000 in taxpayer money provided by FEC. One of many abuses was his $145,146 charge for “Campaign letter preparation — Kinko’s.
      JULIA ROBERTS had a fling at Georgia State University before pursuing acting lessons and joining a modeling group. Her acting and modeling skills guided her to such thoughtful observations as “Republican” comes between “reptile” and “repugnant” in the dictionary.
      BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN squabbled with nuns when in Catholic school. Transferring to a public school, he thought so little of the educational experience that he skipped graduation. Did not attend any college; claims Trump is a “moron” who advocates “white nationalism; laments America ‘s industrial decline but does not connect his Democrat party’s business-crunching regulations and recently remedied world-leading corporate tax rate compelled many U.S. manufacturers to go elsewhere.”

      1. Thinking that this wonderfully conceited line of Hollyweird champions started with Jane Fonda, if you are old enough to remember THAT Commie anti-American traitor…..

      2. @ Wild Bill that is a lot of information. I did not know all that about the slippery celebs but it is interesting to know. Leonardo has a common birth name but I can’t remember what it was. Making lots of money by pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

      3. @Wild Bill I am going to say it again, that is a lot of information on a lot of people. Incredible that they did not finish college and are making the money they take home. DiCaprio has a birth name that is very common but he needed a special name. I don’t remember what his name really is.

      4. @WildBill…Now I’m no fan of Rosie ODonnell, but she did make the astute observation that burning office furnushings and jet fuel will not melt steel. And melted steel is what was pouring out of the tower for several minutes just before the initiation of collapse. Contrary to what some “debunkers” would want you to believe, it was not melted aluminum from the plane. Melted aluminum is silvery, not glowing orange. Anyone who has ever worked in an aluminum foundry will tell you that, and there are many vids on the net that show you that. It takes 2650 F to melt steel. The fires in the towers were around 700 F, as evidenced by examination of the steel, and by Thermo cameras during the event. That is not hot enough to weaken or soften the steel. The steel was rated to hold up for 2 hours at 2000 F, as all steel in high rises is, to make sure people have enough time to get out. Just like the insulated stove pipe I have for my wood stove. In case I have a chimney fire, it can burn at 2000 F for 2 hours before it fails. And if you don’t believe that, folks, then perhaps you better fireproof your grate so it doesn’t collapse. BTW, the little chips of unreacted nanothermite found in the WTC dust combust at about 820 F. That stuff produces temps of 4500 F in a fraction of a second.

        1. @LP314, Even if everything that you have written about steel, aluminum, and temperatures were true, it would not prove what Rosie ODonnell knew. Therefore you can not conclude that her statement was an astute one. If we are not fans of RO, lets, please, not make her out to be the intelligent person that she isn’t.

          1. @WB….I see your point. She may have been just parroting what she heard someone else say. However, we have to give her some benefit of a doubt. After all, she is rich. We used to have a saying when I was a kid that went like this. “If you are so smart, how come you are not rich”. She must be smart enough to at least gotten herself rich.

    7. I do a lot of work in the non-profit sector, some with marketing/PR, more with counseling. One of the things that I have had to continually remind myself is that IQ get tabulated as a bell curve, with half the population below 100. I have done quite a bit of help with those who would score significantly below that 100 mark. But the test doesn’t measure common sense. The point is, someone who scores 80 can be using most of that potential, and out-perform those who score 120. The thing that is different about the lefties from the righties is that the lefties fully expect that others are going to protect them. They demand to have laws that shelter them from abuse, and they have no problem with the “unintended” consequences. So, intelligence has nothing to do with it! As weird as it seems, people like DiCaprio and Milano are extremely wealthy and influential VICTIMS!!! It’s a frame of mind and a sign of sickness. “Look what other people can do to me” can either be a sensible approach to preparing yourself, or a whining moan, clambering for others to save you from the world at large. It’s the biggest hurdle for many of the people I help, and that is to climb back into the “I make my life what it is” side, away from the “I can’t make my life” attitude.

    8. I would have asked the man when he graduated from Law school, and then I would have informed him that I did graduated Law school and informed him I will have him arrested if he did not move out of my way, and if he didn’t I would have had him arrested. That would have been justice to have Milano body guard perp walked right in front of 20 supporters…LOL..!!!

      1. ‘I did graduated Law school’? Buddy, that in itself shows you are a clueless dolt. By the way, YOU don’t have ANYONE arrested; that is the job of the police. Where do bozos like you come from?

    9. @ Heed the Call Up
      You make the Perfect Point !
      They Can Use Their Guns to Protect ,
      Their Client . But They Can’t Use Them ,
      During That Same Time Period to Protect
      Themselves . Kinda Like The Wolves are,
      There to Protect the Sheep , If the Bears Go ,
      After the Wolves, The Wolves Must Allow Themselves
      to Get Eaten or Killed as Long as the Sheep is Not Part
      of the Fiasco taking place !

    10. I for one don’t need no body guards,for I am my own body guard.Don’t need nobody wiping my ass,can do it myself.That is the difference between in low places as myself,we take care of our own.

      1. ‘Don’t need no’ is a double negative; something educated people avoid like the plague. I doubt you have the ability to wipe your fat azz you ignorant bozo.

        1. Cluck Kunt, phuqoffyouazzwhole…..pperrpusslee rittin soe eevin a dumbazzedmuthaphuqqa like yerselph kin unnerstannit, Phuqqing Grammar Nazi. Shov yo Inglesh lessuns upp yer liberrull azz, sweetie.

            1. Just drained your punk and shook you twice so’s not to get any of you puny piss on my clothes. You’re quite the badass behind your keyboard bitch. When and where did you serve, sweetheart, or are you too commie for that?? Your kunt-like remarks to people having a general conversation that your bitch self was not invited to,gets interupted by your pussyassed remarks. You couldn’t be Clark Kent, honey, cuz he was a man. Quick, go to the door. Your ANTIFA(G) komrades are calling you out to play. Waiting on your response, Gertrude. LMFAO!!

    11. According to these anti-rights people, we aren’t allowed to defend ourselves with firearms. So I guess like health care, we need to have a law that requires the government to provide armed guards 24/7 to those that are unable to afford it. But who will provide security to the armed guards, since they also would not be allowed to defend themselves? What would happen if the armed guards were attacked while guarding, would they not be allowed to defend themselves with their firearms? I suspect these anti-rights people would hypocritically agree that the guards would have the right to self-defense and use of firearms in their defense.

    12. Many of these Hollywood hypocrites at one time if not more, have made a movie involving gun violence, where a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. They must not consider we law-abiding gun owners good guys.
      Hell they don’t know me. They don’t know I served in Vietnam like so many others I know. They don’t I’m a retired Police Officer like so many others I know. They are so flawed in their thinking that the only thing they can do is lash out against you and I (gun owners) for their own inability to solve problems. They don’t know they are acting as the mouth piece (stupid) for those who want to control every bit of our lives, by taking away our ability to fight back against anyone who tries to oppress us. No truer words were ever spoken than ” when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

    13. What would be really interesting is if the majority of the onlookers to this demonstration were open carrying. Just how pushy would her armed security be in that situation?

    14. Ms. Watts claims she needs armed body guards because of threats against her life. Yet in the video in this clip with Ms. Milano we neither see nor hear any push back by gun supporters. The reason being is that unlike the left, those that support the NRA and the second amendment also support the first amendment and the right to protest.

          1. @R.L. please do not apologize to the cape boy. He insults everyone he comes in contact with. In fact, he knows more than the spell checker most commonly used by most computers. I guess he is not old enough to read a newspaper, they are filled with typos. We don ‘t reply to him because we suspect he is a paid troll or just an out of control mental case. Either way he is a pure pest without any value.


          On this page, we review the following topics related to air travel:
          • Greenhouse gases
          • Increased usage trends
          • Hydrogen
          • Maglev trains
          • Airships
          • Slow down
          In the effort to minimize the coming changes to our climate, air travel is going to be our toughest challenge.
          Air travel is harmful to the atmosphere and it is becoming a bigger percentage of our greenhouse gas contribution. It will be tough to address this issue because we really like to fly, and we don’t have a viable substitute.
          There is no other way than the airplane to move
          • large numbers of people
          • long distances
          • really fast (especially over water)
          There are other forms of transportation that can satisfy two of these requirements (such as trains and boats) but only air travel satisfies all three.
          The promise behind this threat is that maybe it will cause us to look at why we need to go so fast and to ask why not slow down?

          Top of page
          Aircraft use an incredible amount of fuel and they burn it high up in the sky where the air is thin, and the chemistry is complex and fragile. Some of the chemicals emitted by aircraft heats the planet and some cools it. (1) The overall impact of aircraft emissions is a warming effect that is 1.9 times that of carbon dioxide alone. (2)
          The key greenhouse gases and materials emitted by aircraft are
          • Carbon dioxide (CO2) – Air travel produces almost as much carbon dioxide per passenger per kilometer as having a single occupant in a small car. (3) However, instead of going to work or to the store for groceries, plane trips are hundreds or thousands of kilometers. A small car creates about 5 tons of CO2 a year. A plane trip to London and back generates about 1.4 tons of CO2, (4) or more than 3 months driving – and that’s just the carbon dioxide.
          • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ozone – Nitrogen oxides are greenhouse gases and the NOx that planes produce also increase ozone concentrations. Increases in ozone in the upper troposphere are more effective at warming the planet than increases at lower altitudes.
          • Water vapor – Water vapor is a greenhouse gas. Most aircraft water vapor is released at lower altitudes where it’s removed by precipitation within 1 to 2 weeks but whatever is released in the stratosphere (above 10,000 meters) builds up.
          • Contrails and cirrus clouds – Those thin trails behind high flying aircraft tend to warm the Earth’s surface, especially at night.
          • Sulfate and soot aerosols – Soot tends to warm while sulfate tends to cool the Earth’s surface. Because aerosols influence the formation of clouds, their accumulation from aircraft plays a role in enhanced cloud formation and changes the properties of clouds.
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          Air travel accounts for a rapidly growing piece of our greenhouse gas emissions. In 1992, it accounted for just 2% of total human-created (anthropogenic) carbon dioxide emissions or about 13% of CO2 from all transportation sources. The world’s air passenger traffic more than doubled from 1985 to 2000 and air cargo traffic grew even more quickly.
          There was a decrease after 9/11 but it’s growing again and making up for lost time. In 2004, Boeing and Airbus forecast that passenger air travel and air cargo would double the 2004 level before 2020. In 2006 they increased that forecast by 30%, mostly due to demand from new markets like China. This means 22,700 new passenger and freighter aircraft will be required over the next 20 years, 5,400 more than they predicted in 2004. (5)
          During the coming years, we hope to be very successful in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from every other source: coal-fired electrical generation, fossil fuel car travel, and home heating. If air travel keeps increasing and other greenhouse gas sources decrease, air travel will become a bigger and bigger part of the problem.
          Top of page
          How else can we move lots of people quickly over long distances?
          What if we change the fuel for flight? With hydrogen, it is possible to have virtually zero-carbon emissions air transport.
          Hydrogen produces no carbon dioxide when burned but it has 1/4 the energy density of kerosene. So, the volume of the fuel is much greater, increasing the size of the vessel, and therefore the drag. Also, a plane burning hydrogen would produce 2.6 times as much water vapor as a plane flying on kerosene. Water vapor is a problem when planes fly in the stratosphere.
          However, in an airship, hydrogen can be used for both fuel and lift. Currently, Transport Canada does not allow hydrogen as a lifting gas for airships. This is a carry-over from US aviation regulations that were created in the 1920s. Unfortunately, the Hindenburg disaster sits as a dark cloud on the industry. Some people currently working on airship development want this prohibition lifted and would like to see serious research done on using hydrogen for fuel and lift.
          High-speed magnetic-levitation (maglev) trains
          The least expensive high-speed train routes in France cost about $12 million per km to build. At this rate, a line from New York to LA would cost $48 billion and take many years to build.
          Since they travel near the ground, wind resistance is relatively high and increases dramatically at high speed. A train moving at 350 kph uses almost twice the fuel per kilometer as one travelling 225 kph (6). At 350 kph, the train would use more fuel than an Airbus.
          High speed trains would only cut carbon if they ran on electricity from renewable sources – and they won’t get you over the ocean.

          Lockheed Martin LMH1 Hybrid Aircraft
          Airships are free-flying buoyant aircraft that can be propelled and steered. They get all or most of their lift from bags filled with gases that are lighter than air – helium or hydrogen.
          There is much interest in airships as a way to freight material to remote parts of northern Canada and reduce our reliance on winter roads.
          Please see our separate page on Airships.
          Slow down
          The airship means we need to open our thinking beyond the vehicles themselves to look at the requirements. Why do we need to travel so fast? People used to travel by regular trains and they had time to meet people and have romances.
          Even within the realm of airplanes, in general, the faster the plane, the more fuel it uses. Turboprop airplanes use about 60% of the fuel of current jets. (7) Supersonic aircraft use about 30% more fuel at cruising altitude than passenger jets (8) and a lot more to get up there.
          Sometimes we may not really need to travel at all. Some people take more than one air flight vacation a year. Why not one trip for a longer time – really experience the place. A lot of business travel is done more for the status and prestige of frequent flier miles than for real need. Video conferencing technology is getting better and cheaper all the time. It can be nearly as effective as meeting in person, much more efficient in time, and a lot cheaper.
          Maybe the real threat of air travel is how it raises our expectation for speed and the promise is that, if we take this climate change problem seriously, we may start to ask – why not slow down and start enjoying the journey?

    15. Shannon Watts is another anti gun phony chicken little. She said, she woke up after the Sandy Hook massacre (she lives hundreds of miles away). She felt compelled to “do something.”
      She now travels around the United States with heavily armed bodyguards. Has anyone arrested her thugs for intimidation and CC “scary looking guns” in “gun-free” zones. Who is taking care of her 5 kids while she is waltzing around the country? Does she have a wuss Mister Mom? Who is paying her bills? She is just like all the other Lefties. Because she doesn’t like the NRA, no one else should be a member

      1. Many on this forum, unfortunately. Especially those lazy dolts who can’t spell correctly and thus make the entire gun owning community look like baboons.

    16. Unlike Those Rich Hollyweirdo’s
      I don’t Have Armed Body guards 24/7
      But I do Have Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson ,
      at My Bed Side . Mr Ruger goes with me
      every where I go. He don’t say Much or Do ,
      anything, He’s Mostly in my Pockets though !
      Funny thing about My Friends ! They Hit What
      I Want them to. No Muss No Fuss ! Just Good Friends !

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