IL Gov. Rauner Removes “Assault Weapon” Language with Amendatory Veto

Gov. Bruce Rauner
Gov. Bruce Rauner

Illinois –-( Illinois Gov. Rauner issued an amendatory veto yesterday of HB1468. The bill sent to the Governor’s desk 60 days ago with a veto proof majority would have codified into law, for the first time in IL history, a broad brush definition of ‘assault weapons‘.

As we had hoped, he stripped the ‘assault’ language out of the bill and instead opted for a 72 hr. waiting period on all gun sales rather than risk law abiding gun owners getting caught up in a felony trick bag set up by anti-Second Amendment democrats.

In a surprising move, the amendatory veto also included instituting the death penalty for mass killers, freed up local revenue to fund resource officers and mental health workers in our schools, a ban on bump stocks, and set the framework for limiting people who are a danger to themselves or others from having access to firearms.

With the veto, the Governor protects Illinois gun owners from a gun grabbing scheme which would have made firearm restraining orders easy to obtain, virtually no-penalty for false testimony, and taking firearms away from nearly anyone by almost anybody for any reason. With the amendatory veto, it becomes a roadblock with a felony penalty for false testimony, prevents vindictive grudges being used to take firearms from lawful gun owners while providing a process to curb mentally ill respondents – like the Parkland High School and Waffle House killers – who are a danger to themselves or others from legally possessing firearms . It also provides a clear and timely process for restoration of rights when a person is no longer a danger.

The full text of the veto can be viewed here. Discussion of the veto can be found on IllinoisCarry’s discussion forum.

The General Assembly now has three options:

  • 1. The General Assembly can do nothing, and the bill is considered dead;
  • 2. The General Assembly can override the veto with a vote by a three-fifths majority of the members in each chamber. The bill then becomes law in the form in which the bill was originally sent to the governor;
  • 3. The General Assembly can agree with the recommendations made by the governor by a simple majority vote in each of the chambers. The bill then becomes law, as amended by the governor.

Stay tuned to IllinoisCarry to follow this most unusual amendatory veto, at least the most unusual in our memory.

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this is not a good pro-gun move; its a political move. He should have vetoed the bill. I see this as treason and not being pro-gun.
We should be repealing law, you stupid people not making new ones.
You people lack an understanding of liberty.


Rauner did good on this… Maybe the commie politicians running the black hole known as Illinois are taking the blinders off and seeing that their laws covering the law abiding citizens are actually killing them… Criminals LOVE the all of laws againts the law abiding people, gives the perps a HUGE boost.

Hank Pope

We need to vote Republican or they are coming for our guns.


And thats the Gods truth