Conceal & Carry Network’s NRA 2018 Convention Video Bomb

Comments by the host, Chris Dixon

Dallas Texas -( If I asked you “What do you think of the NRA?” Would your response be positive or negative? We live in a world where mainstream media seems to blame the NRA and guns for every school shooting.

My home is just 10 minutes from Santa Fe, TX and our area was torn up by Hurricane Harvey, and now we are again in the national news with this tragic school shooting.

Well I personally blame the evil kid that pulled the trigger and I support the NRA.

My main reason for attending the NRA convention was to share with those that could not make it to the meeting. Our Video Blog shares a taste or rather a glimpse of what the experience is like. If you asked a woman, “How many pieces of diamond jewelry do you need?” her answer is likely to be “Just one more!”. For those of us that have been married several years the answer is always “Just one more!”. That explains the logic of most men that love guns. I will also say that Ladies are not immune when it comes to wanting more guns.

Don’t think this is a men’s event it’s more of a sportsperson or pro-2nd Amendment event. There were a lot of families that attended.

I needed help with this project, and I enlisted my wife Liz to film the interviews. While I was beyond excited to attend this event and capture the videos for our blog, I must admit that was not her feeling. What was interesting was how fast that changed once she was inside the NRA convention hall with all the exhibits. The excitement of this event is addictive. Lesson learned, always take a friend that is not part of the NRA and see if you can get them involved.

Attached to this article is our YouTube playlist. I want to share some highlights that we found exciting and interesting. Let’s start with 1st American Reserve and our friend Robert Patton. How would you feel standing inches away from MILLIONs of dollars in actual gold bars? Who needs caffeine when exhibits like this will get your adrenaline pumping. I must apologize in advance for the sound as these videos were all done live inside a noisy convention hall. What Robert is telling us is during the 1848-1855 California rush most of the gold collected was melted into gold bars. Two/thirds of this gold found its way onto the SS Central America which sunk in 1857. In the 1980’s the ship was located and in the 1990’s these bars of gold and a lot of gold dust was recovered. Robert and 1st American Reserve are offering us the opportunity to own a piece of history. YES, you can buy some of the original gold dust or even these gold bars. I wanted to bring home the treasure, but Robert was not giving out Gold samples.

One of the events that gave us our biggest smile was watching a young lady shoot like a PRO. We visited Jacqueline Carrizosa with Milo Ranges and their Smart Simulator. As we approached this exhibit, there was a crowd watching this young lady shoot. The video that we are sharing is just one of her sequences that she shot through. My mouth was stuck wide open as I stood there and watched. Interestingly, we had a chance to visit with her parents, and her dad is the one that has taught her to shoot. Mom and Dad, if any of us wish to adequately prepare our young daughters for this harsh world, it is all on us to teach them shooting skills. Watch out young men this girl can defend herself! I also suggest you do a Google search on Jacqueline Carrizosa as she is impressive. She is an ex-Navy Gunners-mate, into motocross, a firearms specialist/trainer, and much more.

These are just 2 of the exhibits we interviewed, and I hope you will take the time to watch all of them. The convention was full of American Veterans, and many of the products here are made by vets. What better way can we support our heroes than to purchase products they are producing.

ConcealnCarry NetworkPlease share this article with your friends as it is time we actively work to change the public understanding of the NRA. In closing, I ask you take just a minute to pray for the victims in Santa Fe, TX and Texas governor Greg Abbott as he actively works to find solutions that protect our kids.

For exhibitor contact information, please visit our original blog article at as we posted their business cards below each video.

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