“U.S. Gun Owners Support Stronger Gun Laws” that is Fake News Folks

Opinion by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

Fake News Alarm
U.S. Gun Owners Support Stronger Gun Laws” that is Fake News Folks

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- The same polls and researchers that said Donald Trump could not win, have been indicating that the American public wants the National Instant Check System (NICS) expanded. According to the FBI, it is, “all about saving lives and protecting people from harm – by not letting guns fall into the wrong hands…”

Sounds reasonable, right? It’s so reasonable, That we gun owners agree, right?

The Giffords Law Center claims that there is a “dangerous and deadly loophole,” in the NICS System because non-FFL sellers are not required to perform the NICS check because they fall into the private sale category. Reasonable, right? It’s so reasonable that we gun owners want universal background checks on all gun sales, right?

The Giffords Law Center, funded by rabid gun banners Gabrielle Giffords & husband Mark Kelly, further claims that “more than 90% of the American public supports background checks for all gun sales …” Does this sound reasonable? Really 90%? The Giffords Law Center does not state where this statistic comes from, and other than NRA shills, I know of no NRA member that wants these types of checks on private gun sales. So, is it suddenly reasonable, that almost all Americans want universal background checks on all gun sales?

Now, remember, that our Founding Fathers, firmly, believed in the Right to Bear Arms for self-protection, and protection from tyranny. They just finished fighting a war over tyranny.

So, do we really want ‘universal background checks’ on all gun sales? Or an extended enhanced NICS system?

We can, and will, show that original NICS hasn’t worked and that the new EXPANDED NICS won’t work either. We’ll also show you why the newer NICS is more dangerous to the Second Amendment than its predecessor.

Wherever you look, Bloomberg’s fingerprints are all over these attempts to pass “universal” background checks.
Wherever you look, Bloomberg’s fingerprints are all over these attempts to pass “universal” background checks.

Recent surveys from Bloomberg funded University’s supposedly show incredibly high support for stricter gun control. In a 2018 Gallup poll, it says 96% are in favor of universal background checks. And there have been Quinnipiac and Minnesota polls that claim 90+% in support of the checks, as well.

Is this REALLY us folks? Did we buy the lie that NICS works to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals? Are we so gullible to believe that criminals will submit to background checks? Another poll published by the New England Journal of Medicine reports 84% of gun owners and 74% of NRA members support the expanded NICS check. REALLY? 74% of NRA members? How did they find these ‘NRA’ members? Where did they find them? The NRA didn’t do the polling, and the NRA does not disclose who their members are.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that we all need to understand that the original NICS, though, maybe, well-intentioned, is a failure. Now, as a failed product, ‘they’ want stronger laws. And, now they are shouting, “We need the EXPANDED UNIVERSAL NICS LAW!” We’re told this because, even though, or despite, the nearly 288,000,000 million NICS checks, and 3,000,000 blocked sales (which is less than 1% of the sales), still, too many gun purchases went unchecked.

Gun-control advocates, like Dennis Henigan, think they have the solution. Their answer is for Congress to pass the Extend NICS, and cover all gun sales. They also want to expand specific categories of ‘prohibited persons.’ Their simple goal is to get as many disqualifying records into the NICS system, as possible to block as many gun purchases as possible.

But wait! They NEVER address the presence of the Black Market, that has in the past, and will in the future, spoil all attempts to keep guns out of criminal hands. Bear in mind, that an even more restrictive NICS system will also fail, as is does not address issues of the criminals. Just possessions of firearms by lawful citizens.

But NICS, extended or not, will continue to fail. The Black Market will become stronger. Gun problems will call for stronger restrictions. And the ignorant will just become more fearful. The cycle repeats.

All this, because only 3 million failed checks many of them “false positives”, out of 288,000,000 million checks, which is less than 1% of the sales.

As we explained previously, the Black Market is always there, just out of sight of the law. We used the example of New York City. Those five boroughs, after nearly a century of restrictive laws, is a place where 95% of the guns were purchased on the Black Market.

Recently, the National Rifle Association announced the failure of the 1996 Australian ‘Buy-Back’ confiscation and the presence of an estimated 600,000 ‘illegal’ guns on the big island.

The NRA charged, “In a tacit admission that criminals and scofflaws have had little trouble circumventing Australia’s National Firearms Agreement and the government’s confisaction effort, Australian officials have set a date for another amnesty program.” Jenny Mouzos explaines the problem of illicit flows of the Australian weapons.

Now, we really have to ask why our friends, as claimed by all the polls, are fooled by the Left-wing mainstream press?

Someone here is lying. If true, too many of our brethren are ignorant, and leading the way for our politicians to give us ineffective laws that are damaging to our nation, our society and our Second Amendment.

We don’t think that the issue of ignorance is with us. But we do know that the Left-wing socialists in our country, are lying to us. It follows their Alinsky Playbook (Rules for Radicals), though they added the disarming factor from other great dictators. What would be the effect on our rights of a stronger, expanded universal NICS check with new categories like ‘dangerous citizen?’

Katz and D’Andrilli describe the eventuality of “dumping ever more people” into the prohibited list, eventually encapsulating minutia of mental health details of every American, along with details of every infraction committed by every American…every spat between husband and wife… every bout of depression or anxiety. Katz and D’Andrilli explain that the main reason for an expanded NICS law is the creation of an all-consuming list of gun owners.

We cannot understand how Gallup finds 70% of respondents favor the registration of civilian guns with police. Again, is that us? Even if the poll is dramatically inaccurate, some of us do answer yes. BUT 70%! We all know that lists are the easy path to gun confiscation. It has happened before.

As far as government list of gun owners, David Kopel, describes the tenacity of the FBI to create and keep a record of gun owners who had used the NICS system to purchase a weapon. The FBI asks, “how ‘reasonable’ is it for citizens to trust a federal government that, time and again, has proven itself untrustworthy?

Registration – lists of gun owners – has led to confiscation many times in the past. The Nazis used records of gun owners to disarm Jews and others. In California lists kept by the government, of people who owned SKS Sporter rifles, led to the threat of prosecution, if owners did not turn the rifles over to police.

The Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) described how registration of long guns by Mayor John Lindsay of New York City, who promised that the policy would aid in solving crimes, led to the search of gun owners homes and the confiscation of those rifles deemed to be “assault weapons.” The Australian gun buy-back was aided by a previous registration scheme, as well.

As laws fail to fulfill the promise of safety, more and more ignorant will beg, out of fear, for greater and greater restrictions on guns, and those who own them.

NICS is not reasonable for a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, nor the American public. It is ONLY, very, reasonable for those who wish to disarm us and control the future of our country. We must, every one of us, continually teach family, friends, and neighbors. Like the idea of the Bible Study Group, we need Gun Study Groups.

100% of American’s would agree what we really need is bogus polling and liar control.

About the Authors:

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life. He is the Retired Managing Coach of the Freeport NY Junior (Marksmanship) Club, Division of the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY. He has escaped from New York State to South Carolina and is an SC FFL (www.Everything22andMore.com). – [email protected] | TWITTER: @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She has also escaped from New York State but to Virginia. – [email protected]

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when gun registration gets worse the black market for guns will get bigger. When you add that to the high number of guns in this country it means the liberals are getting ready to eat an elephant.

Steve Wollard

Here in Minnesota, our ultra-liberal newspaper Star-Tribune has ran stories covering people here demanding more gun control. They claimed a poll they took revealed that a majority of Minnesotans want stricter gun laws and to ban “military style assault rifles” (whatever those are). However, reading the fine print of the story, one finds that the poll conducted was a telephone poll of 645 people, with an error margin of +/- 4%. In case your not familiar with our state, Minnesota has around five and a half million people living here. 645 is hardly the majority.

Wild Bill

@Steve Wollard, Where are you from in the Land of Blond Hair and Blue Noses? Five and a half million people. When I joined the Army there were six million Minnasnowdens. Apparently some went with me.

Jim Hovater

I’m a teacher and former LEO. I DO NOT favor more laws that affect only law-abiding gun owners. What I DO FAVOR is aggressive prosecution of armed criminals. Why don’t the liberals want to do THAT?

Mike the Limey

What; prosecute their support base?


Completely fake, but they get the press while others than us on the RTKBA side get little press.

We have more than enough laws against the 2A, none of these idiotic laws would have prevented any of these shootings anyhow. Lets address people with mental health issues who also take some of those drugs. Lets investigate people who do get called into the justice system.


I took a poll. 99% of all the people I polled stated that the NICS system of the federal government is broken. It has shown that it does NOT FUNCTION as the gun-grabbers said it would. The NICS system should be disbanded, eliminated, removed as a FAKE GUN GRABBING ENTITY of the federal government and the gun-grabbers.

Mike the Limey

Universal & mandatory NICS checks for all firearms sales & transfers will be the catalyst for accelerated legislative action intended to further restrict & deny law abiding citizens their Right to keep & bear arms.
If universal NICS were to be introduced, mandatory registration of ALL firearms would follow close behind.

harry champagne



You can design a poll to get the results you want. First of all pick the area of the country you know is favorable to the result you want. Design the questions to be as broad or as narrow as you need to get the result you want. Oversample the block you need to get the result you want. There was a poll a few months ago. the differance between democrats and republicans was 11 point and the socalled undecided voter had a higher percentage of respondents than republicans. Just a few examples of how to skew a poll.