Depressing Glimpse Into U.S. Gun Owner’s Future If We Don’t Get Moving ~ VIDEO

No Guns No Freedom
Depressing Glimpse Into U.S. Gun Owner’s Future If We Don’t Get Moving

Virginia – -( I watched two videos from a gun owner in Britain this week.

As I watched, all I could think was that this could well be our future if gun owners sit back and hope that others will carry their water for them. It seems to be just way too much trouble for many of us to drop by a polling place to vote. Way, way, too hard and demanding. After all, we’re busy people.

But so are the people who are working to strip us of all of our rights. To make us part of a tyrannical world order.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole of what life will be like once we have lost the Second Amendment.

In England, firearms ownership is a tightly controlled privilege. In fact, the police can deny firearm ownership at will.

The videos, below, are by a British gun owner, Calum Long-Collins, who is clearly a pleasant, law-abiding person who loves to shoot firearms – just like you and me.

But the police pulled his firearms privileges and he lost his ability to be a gun owner.

What was the horrible crime he committed for such a punishment? Did he rob a bank, commit murder, or rape someone?

Nope. His crime was as bad or worse in the eyes of the British police: Calum had a Youtube channel with videos he created on the shooting sports! His hope was to get more people in Britain to become gun owners. And he had tons of subscribers, who loved his channel.

The police, however, classified his Youtube channel as being a “forum of extremism” and not something that represented the standards that a British gun owner should espouse. In other words, the police now feel in their infinite wisdom that Calum is no longer gun-owner material.

(Oh, did I mention that your right to free speech in a police state, such as Britain, is not protected and you can be arrested for what the police consider “offensive speech” ?)

To attempt to get his gun privileges back, Calum will no longer make his videos, is changing how he thinks about guns, and in is own words “going to keep his head down.”

In the first video in the link below, he is basically apologizing for having the temerity to have a channel on guns. He is forced to grovel to the British police if he ever wants to possess a firearm again. Any firearm. He says the blame for losing his gun privileges is all his and he is going to “make it right.” (He dare not blame the police in any way for the unfair situation he finds himself in if he wants to get back in their good graces.)

Calum has no choice but to grovel unless he is prepared to give up the shooting sports forever.

By the way forget carrying for self-defense in Britain. Unlike a citizen, whose life is considered important, a subject is not allowed to defend his measly life with deadly, or any other type of force.

In the second video, Calum tries to show some resistance, but very subtly, based on the words to the song playing in the background as he shows some of the best of his previous videos.

Watching all of this is sad, distressing, and horrific.

In Britain, thinking that their guns wouldn’t actually be taken away, gun owners didn’t initially react when legislation was proposed. They reacted AFTER the ban passed into law in the late 1990s. Then suddenly they marched in huge numbers, but it was too late.

LET THIS NOT BE OUR FUTURE. GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW INVOLVED IN THIS FIGHT AND DO IT NOW – while there is still some time left. Or we had best start practicing our groveling.

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa ! Please don’t beat me anymore ! I promise I will kiss your arse from now on ! Long live the queen and the lizard king !


I think that he (and other like minded British subjects) is(are) oppressed human being(s) and need to seek asylum in the US.


Definitely a subject that is oppressed by the queen. I say allow him refugee status.

scotty Gunn

Not the first time that has happened.


Politicians say “I support the Second Amendment, but…”

That “but” is usually where it goes off the rails into lies, the loss of rights, and totalitarianism.


The word “but” is defined as “forget everything I just said!”