New York’s Governor Cuomo Edges Closer to Total Gun Confiscation


Cuomo & Gun Control, Whos Da Man
Cuomo & Gun Control, Whos Da Man?

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The ‘Few’ keep getting fewer!”

More misery for the few NY residents who still own guns:

NY’s Democrat governor, who (like most Democrats) wants to wholly eliminate the private ownership of guns, is now proposing a new measure designed to get him one step closer:

Governor Cuomo announced that he wants to add teachers, school administrators, and other school personnel to the growing list of individuals who may go to the head of the line in order to petition courts to issue “extreme risk protection orders” for individuals whom they believe “are likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to himself, herself or others.”

“Extreme risk protection order” is polite terminology for abrupt and permanent gun confiscation.

So any teacher, even one who has never even met you, can capriciously decide that you’re “crazy,” and thus should not own guns. On the basis of his unsworn, uncorroborated, unprofessional testimony alone, one’s Second Amendment Rights as a American can be instantly, arbitrarily, and probably permanently annulled, without a hearing, without warning, without ever having been even accused (much less convicted) of any crime, and without any opportunity to defend yourself.

“Due process” does not exist in the minds of these liberal Second-Amendment haters!

Of course, the governor’s heavily-armed security detail will not be affected by any of this!

“Many politicians are, by choice, far-removed from their own electorate and thus continue to make the mistake of ignoring voters’ concerns, because they (politicians) have manufactured their own secure, comfortable, and insulated world, and refuse to ever come out of it, nor even acknowledge other worlds exists!” ~ Kurz

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The Supreme Court already declared a total gun ban unconstitutional in DC v Heller.

Jim Macklin

That can be easily reversed. chuckie schumer and hillary have already planned doing that. If hillary had won in 2016 it would be over by now.

Mr. Pauly

True- because what if dad does not like the way the teachers push the UN as the greatest form of govt. and dad does not agree. the school may not like that he drinks beer too! Dad may come and shoot up the school with his bumpstock that he got before ny banned it! even if he destroyed the bumpstock he still has guns!


This article is erroneous, confusing and inflammatory. Firstly, the proposed law will evaluate STUDENTS, not PARENTS. The proposed law will allow the removal of firearms from my home if my SON is identified as a risk to himself or others. The details of how that is determined is not clear yet. But rest assured that I am not the one being evaluated. It will still take a JUDGE to determine if the guns need to be removed based on a PROFESSIONAL evaluation and LEGAL DEFINITION of danger from my son based on his mental state and actions. Frankly, if my… Read more »


But if your little johnny complains about your behavior and gun collection to school personnel, they will come knocking at your door with ESU

Mr. Pauly

True- because what if dad does not like the way the teachers push the UN as the greatest form of govt. and dad does not agree. the school may not like that he drinks beer too! Dad may come and shoot up the school with his bumpstock that he got before ny banned it! even if he destroyed the bumpstock he still has guns!


especially if dad drinks beer and owns guns and tells his kids that the UN is a threat to our freedoms including the right to own and bear arms. the school may feel they are on his mind and will feel better if he was disarmed and his free speech also aborted.


Yeah, and they would probably be required to report if their parents own guns, NY State already knows if you own a handgun, as you need a license, issued by the state, that can take 2 years to get, to simply own a handgun. In addition needing permission from your boss, spouse and 4 notarized documents from 4 friends you know more than a year.

Gregory Romeu

@georgi, my best example would be for you to assume that, @nicephotog whom responded below, is in fact a, “PROFESSIONAL” and the system relies on whatever he says… Obviously without understanding a damn thing that he says but because they call him a, “PROFESSIONAL” they rely on the outcome of his observations.


It is a shame that the good people of NY tolerate this POS globalist enemy of the constitution.


Cuomo seems to have had a problem about guns before with Smith and Wesson company in history, but overall its’ and old and standard view from where he amasses his supporters with his list of under privileged he champions for as a job. Interesting to find an Italian that does not understand tactics of firearms use and that some criminals require to be stopped by a firearm and NOBODY need wait for anyone else with the power to get there to handle them, just as he does not understand It is important to temporarily leave behind a lot of illicit… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

I doubt 99% of readers can grasp what you wrote here. Care to re-write this using complete sentences in English?


you are not kidding. It pained me to even try to follow what he was trying to say…

Perry Malliaras

Very simple , There coming for your guns. Can you understand that.


Reasonably simple, rather than go for a big chunk of law, such as “whether people can own particular types of firearms” a system of reforming some obscure “firearms control laws” is committed as what is known as “circumventing” , as the article near states, causing the ability to simply remove firearms ownership and rights from a niche / angle perspective of security using an obscure authority allowed to submit such a recommendation. Other points are, , when getting rid of “organised crime” you need to get rid of the “ORIGIN” of the supply, simply getting what is supplied the material… Read more »


Little Ole Nazi New York going to be the first to get the civil war started. Good cause once it’s starts it’s open game on all Libtards.


Sorry pro 2A fellow up-state New Yorkers, I have to bail. Can’t deal with this Libtard state anymore. Crappy weather, high taxes, and downstate Demtards ruining everything. I;m retiring next year from NY State civil service (24 years) and the Air National Guard (23 years). I’m moving to South Carolina. There is a state-run free gun range just a few miles away where i want to live. Best of luck, I’m out.


Good for you Andy, Good luck.

Wild Bill

@Andy, I am sure that SC will be proud to have you.


Keep in mind that one of the few states that DOES NOT honor other states concealed carry permits, and they are very picky as to issuing a permit. Just like N.Y.
Every state around S.C. reciprocates with other states permits. S.C. seems to be moving in the N.Y., N.J., Md. direction. Might want to do some research before your jump,

Douglas Kuykendall

South Carolina Reciprocity RECIPROCITY Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho (Enhanced Only), Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi(Enhanced Only), Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota(Enhanced Only), Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota (Enhanced Only), Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia (21 years of age and older) and Wyoming. Residents of reciprocal states who hold permits issued by their states of residence may carry concealed firearms in South Carolina, but must abide by the restrictions in the South Carolina CWP law. For that reason, out of state residents of reciprocal states should familiarize themselves with restricted carry locations and other provisions of South Carolina… Read more »


There are 29 shown as accepting the Pa CCW and all but Vermont are accepted by Pa. On the Pa, legal list right now. S.C. does NOT accept Pa. Thus the non reciprocity with S.C.
Va has just recently decided to not reciprocate and Pa. will do the same with those from Va.
I should have said ALL other states in my comment as I knew they DID accept some. That is my bad, but as far as being wrong, I have the information on computer and printed/hung on the wall right in front of me.

Gregory Romeu

You may want to research that statement a little further… I think you will find that SC accepts reciprocity with well over a dozen states.


me too i left after that crappy SAFE act became law that the RINOS allowed to happen.i took my great collection and moved to arizona, but the retiring liberal lawyers are also moving out of expensive N.Y. and are infiltrating the pro 2nd amendment states determined to make it a GUN FREE ZONE OR CRIME ENABLING ZONE where i now live. it is disgusting.


There are 29 shown as accepting the Pa CCW and all but Vermont are accepted by Pa. On the Pa, legal list right now. S.C. does NOT accept Pa. Thus the non reciprocity with S.C.
Va has just recently decided to not reciprocate and Pa. will do the same with those from Va.
I should have said ALL other states in my comment as I knew they DID accept some. That is my bad, but as far as being wrong, I have the information on computer and printed/hung on the wall right in front of me.


Safe act signed into law by Cuomo, DEMOCRAT.


I believe they honor only resident reciprocal licenses from many States. For example unfortunately I live in California, but I have Nevada non resident license, they will not honor that license if I travel to their state from what I understand.

D king

Andy I’m from oswego myself up by lake ontario.I just joined my wife in retirement. Within the year ,hope to be by a couple of our grandkids in maine. They are big gunowners themselves. We cannot wait to go

Barry Hirsh

To all those spelling-challenged folks out there: It’s LOSE, not LOOSE.

Jesus. To think that adults need to be corrected about something they learned or should have learned in grammar school.

Get hip, because you make us gun owners look like uneducated morons.



Depends on whether it is, lose and election or the string came loose… Both are words.

Green Mtn. Boy

Gov. Commieo has spoken,now he can go pound sand .

Robert Bean

Here is how it works in NY now. An ex parte (Only petitioner’s word) temporary order of protection is issued. Law enforcement is immediately notified and guns confiscated. The “due process” is the family court must hold a hearing in within two week. When it does and the petition found to be bull shit, the order is vacated. But the cops won’t return the guns. The legislature that gave the family court the power to order the guns taken failed to give it the power to order the guns returned. Also pistol license is suspended but not returned. We have… Read more »

Mike the Limey

I’m sure this was a mere oversight rather than a devious & deliberate means to disarm law abiding & non threatening citizens.

The tooth fairy told me this so it must be true.

Barry Hirsh

Due process must happen BEFORE any person’s life, liberty of property are suspended/confiscated.

Before, not after.

This effort is patently unconstitutional.


Zackley !


Why not turn in or petition that Como., his guards and the other politicians who are an extreme risk to the public. Then see how they like it. Seems like yaull are just starting another witch hunt, turn em in, that’s all they had to do back then.


como is a commie maggot. needs to go for ever. he can pound sand like all commie democrats.


I think Como should be awarded with the top gun salesman of the year award. People who never owned guns are buying them. Way to go Gov. Oh when I was growing up in NYC guns were up for purchase in downtown NY along with fireworks. NYC is on the news every night with a report of someone being shot there. Looks like your no gun ban isn’t doing much good. Are you learning something from that?


yes he wants to take them all so that criminals will resort to home made zip guns. Next is ammo bans!

Bob Shell

You keep putting him & other gun grabbing assholes in office. What do you expect.

Barry Hirsh


Larry Bauer

So, some poor student makes the mistake of telling friends that his family had a great time at the shooting range over the weekend, or worse yet he and his dad harvested a deer in hunting season.
So he’s overheard by some anti gun card carrying PETA teacher who swears out a complaint and suddenly both father and son have their Constitutional right to firearms revoked.
The sooner this gets challenged in the Supreme Court the better.


There are enough gun owners in New York State to remove HIM and his Party from office ,but ti seems that they are too lazy or have just given UP trying to stop this run on YOUR freedoms . GET OUT AND VOTE , GET OFF YOUR DEAD ASS AND VOTE THESE D-RATS out of OFFICE or lose EVERYTHING.

Gregory Romeu

That is one of the biggest problems of society you do not sit on your ass and wait to vote anybody out of office you nail them for Willful Neglect of their Statutory Duty(ies) as per their oath of office and you remove them from office right now by way of Grand Jury indictment!


Supreme Court, hello where are you? has anyone seen or heard from anyone in the SCOTUS? This is a constitutional issue and should be heard. Taking people’s property without due process is not legal.
This deranged looking commie, cuomo, should have all guns taken from his ability to get his hands on them. He looks to me like he should be the first to be hit with his lawlessness.


SCOTUS can only hear cases that come before them, that’s assuming they decide to hear it. A case has to make its way to them. A poster above said there are three cases involving this law in New York in federal court right now. Maybe eventually, depending on the rulings in the three cases, one of them will make it to SCOTUS. But it will take a while.




Como better watch his leg. There are retired Marine Corps scout snipers and rough men out there that could render Cuomos armed guards moot. I do not advocate violence against anyone, this is just an observation I have made. He is pissing off a lot of people with his gun grabbing advocacy.

harold lutynski

Just so everyone knows he is up for reelection this November, so if you want to stop him don’t vote him back in. Pass the word vote him out!

Tim Goldblatt

I believe it is time to impeach Cuomo and his outlandish, crazy family. Take the guns from legal, law abiding citizens while doing nothing to criminals? Obviously Cuomo is a blithering, idiot nut case! No wonder people are leaving NY in droves! Who wants to live next to a crooked nutcase?

Barry Hirsh

Furthermore, why do they keep electing Democrats to begin with?


The republicans had their share if idiot governors running NY in the past. Aside from that, ever notice how coumo is a pint of green face paint from looking like the green goblin from spiderman?


Who enforces these laws? Who carries out these orders?
Why do so many of us still “support law enforcement” and “back the blue”?
Who do we *think* is going to be kicking down our doors?

James Evans

Why do pro-2A people believe “Law Enforcers” are on our side and are not going to confiscate? “Law” Enforcers are a government agency. They must obey the government dictates. Get used to the idea of putting the 2A to work as intended….or shut up, submit and give up your guns.


@JamesEvans….Law enforcement has no duty to obey illegal, unconstitutional laws. It is only their personal choice if they do. If they go along with these criminal lawmakers, then they lie down in bed with them and become TRAITOROUS CRIMINALS themselves. That could turn out to be a very detrimental tag to have hanging around their neck, especially if someday they and their bunk mates find nooses being placed around their necks. I think if you were to watch the movie “Molon Labe” all the way thru, somewhere in there is an explanation of just what Oath Takers are expected and… Read more »

Larry B.

You said a mouthful, Brother!!!

Douglas Kuykendall

Seems to me that most of the people from NEW YORK vote with their ass,because it seems that assholes are the only thing that gets voted in office. I did say most An not all.

Gene Ralno

Public schools may become the next weaponized government entity. It should frighten firearms owners in every state. Cuomo just named teachers as the most fearsome threat to a hundred million owners. The first line of defense is to move your children to private schools or begin home schooling. And the second line of resistance is to demand that your state establish credits equal to the state’s per-pupil allotment, spendable by parents in any accredited school, including public schools. Many states already have established such credits with monikers such as Education Savings Accounts (ESA) or Vouchers. Competition is a good thing… Read more »


I wonder how the Governor would feel to loose his security, and have to protect himself


So does that mean he’s gonna take the guns away from the bad GUYS as well or is he going to leave them alone because they contribute to society wayyyy better than the a-law abiding citizens


These DemocRATic Communist/muslem party members want to pass laws that allow LEGAL LAW ABIDING American Citizens to loose their weapons, MUST add this or something like this to be added to their UNCONSTITUTIONAL law; Anyone can make a statement that anyone else is a danger to themselves or others. That person is held CULPABLE and RESPONSIBLE for any and all damages caused by a FALSE in INCORRECT application of the CONFISCATION LAW. The person making the charge CAN and WILL be held in CONTEMPT of Constitutional law and will be punished to the FULLEST EXTEND of the LAW, IF the… Read more »

Darrell M.

Another thing that should be done is a Constitutional Amendment, both federal and state should be established (or at least established in the confiscation law that is passed). Stating the following: That the accused WILL BE ALLOWED AND OR SUPPLIED not only with LEGAL REPRESENTATION for their DEFENSE. They SHALL RECEIVE EQUAL FUNDING their defense or the state SHALL BE LIMITED TO same level of funding that the defendant has available for their defense. Equal justice under the law can only be served when a level field is established both through legal representation and the resources to supply that representation.… Read more »



Larry B.

Here’s a new mantra that I’d like to see go viral: “Make those who make the laws be the ones to break down the doors.”

Kevin Cote

Fucking Nazis…thats what they have become . Its the fault of the complacent , scared little sheep and liberal snowflake propogandized and poisoned NYC assholes whose disease has infected the masses . 60 years I have watched the decline of this state . It seems I have fought almost alone . I am out of here before the firefights start because I want to live in a free state where the constant fear of the stormtroopers kicking my door down in the middle of the night is at least far less . Taxes , legislation passed off as ” Law… Read more »

Larry B.

Yeah, a mountaintop plywood “compound” (the MSM LOVES that word), in Idaho 40 miles from the Canadian border MUST be a MUCH safer place to practice living free with your family. RIGHT!!!! The name of the locale is called Ruby Ridge. Ring a bell??

Robert DeZinna



Placing that kind of authority in the hands of un-qualified individuals is absolutely irresponsible and circumvents all due process of the established rights.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson



Ford David M.

So, if there is any merit to this concept, we should do the same to any and all rights under the constitution. Let’s have the same rules for driving privileges, ownership of knives, baseball bats and anything that one may possess that may cause harm.

With the same concept we should also do the same for politicians, if they are out of control they should not be allowed to think. The conclusion of that is they don’t think anyway.


Better put an extra dose of miracle grow on that tree of liberty, as its in pretty bad shape at the moment.

Roger F. Garner