NJ Democrats are Moving Forward to BAN all Standard Capacity Gun Magazines

Email Every Legislator Every Day Until June 7 2018. Demand That Mag Ban Be Defeated or That Real Grand-fathering Be Added. Act Now or Lose Your Rights Forever.

Standard Capacity Magazines Ban
NJ Democrats are Moving Forward to BAN all Standard Capacity Gun Magazines

New Jersey – -(Ammoland.com)- June 2 & 3, 2018. This weekend represents Days 2 and 3 of ANJRPC’s one-million-gun-owner grassroots blitzkrieg against pending magazine ban legislation which will likely be voted on in both the full Senate and the full Assembly in final amended versions on Thursday, June 7th, which would then move to the Governor’s desk on Friday, June 8 2018.

As a reminder, ANJRPC is calling on all of NJ’s one million gun owners to email every member of the legislature at least once every single day between today and June 7, demanding that pending magazine ban legislation be defeated or that real grandfathering be added. Click here for the list of every email address of every legislator in New Jersey. Copy and paste that list into your email program. ANJRPC will be suggesting different messages for you to send daily. Act now or lose your rights forever. Copy and paste that list into your email program.


Dear Lawmakers:

If you truly believe that S102 and A2761 (firearms magazine ban) is good public policy, then you need to set an example for the public by mandating that State House police and security themselves be limited to ten-round magazines.

Every moment you spend in the State House, you are protected by firearms magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. As a servant of the people, you should be prepared to live under the same rules you set for the people, and not reserve for yourself greater rights than those of the people.

If magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are truly evil, as the sponsors of S102 and A2761 claim, then how can they be magically transformed into positive instruments of safety simply because they are being used to protect you?

It would be the height of elitism and hypocrisy to exempt yourself from the same perils that this legislation creates for average law-abiding citizens, who don’t have taxpayer funded armed security details and have to rely on themselves for personal protection. Vote NO on S102 or A2761, or amend to add meaningful grandfathering of existing magazines.

Please watch for ANJRPC’s series of follow-up alerts between now and June 7.

Please also continue to take action on the other anti-gun bills moving through the legislature. Click here to access the NRA-ILA “take action” link, where you can easily contact legislators with a few mouse clicks.

Please forward this alert to every gun owner you know, and if you don’t already receive alerts from ANJRPC, please subscribe to our free email alerts for the latest Second Amendment breaking news and action alerts.

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs

About Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs:The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. is the official NRA State Association in New Jersey. Our mission is to implement all of the programs and activities at the state level that the NRA does at the national level. This mission includes the following: To support and defend the constitutional rights of the people to keep and bear arms. To take immediate action against any legislation at the local, state and federal level that would infringe upon these rights. Visit: www.anjrpc.org

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willy d

@Mac; The biggest point being is that there is no history taught in schools today !!!!! They only teach what they think is their own ideas, my youngest son did a good job, he put himself through community college, which the first 2 years he was learning history that I was taught In sophomore through senior years in high school, I kind of was in shock when he was telling me this, Then it continued through his college years, I am very proud of him for doing this all on his own, but as far as standing for something at… Read more »


@Albbac2 Somehow the phrase ‘Stupid is as stupid does’ comes to mind!


That sure helps in calif. the LA bank shoot out, than San Bernardino, the latest night club shooting just a few where the bad guys failed to follow the law and had over 10 round magazines, which is the max allowed in Calif. Seems only law biding citizens are restricted since the outlaws don’t follow the laws in the first place.


How is it that all these anti civil/ anti constitutional rights legislators in California, New Jersey and elsewhere obtain elective office in the first place. Excuse me for posing what might well be the proverbial dumb question, it just sort of came to mind.


Will local, state and federal law enforcement living in New Jersey be able to keep 15 round magazines for their privately owned non work AR’s, pistols, etc. ?


I suspect that a way will be found to make it so.




willy d

I think the best suggestion for all of these Politicians is to take away all of their security and body guards and let themselves be treated as all of us are supposed to be protected by the boys in blue because of their idiot laws also this might give them time to think of the school security problem that they have kicked down the road since 1999 Columbine they got airport security together in 30 days after 9/11/2001 what price is put on a child’s life???????????


Nobody is forced to live anywhere.

If you don’t Jersey and it’s laws, that’s fine.

I don’t live in Utah becuase there is no legal gambling there.

You can try the laws and change there via courts or ballots.

Or you can continue playing the victim card.



No one has to obey or enforce illegal, unconstitutional laws that politicians write. The Supremecy Clause of the Constitution makes it very clear that if a law does not comply with the Constitution (2A in this case), then it is null and void from inception. Those laws can be ignored, both by the law abiding citizen, and the law enforcers. However, tyrannical beauricats and their paid armies, may “force the issue” and cause you a whole world of hurt in the meantime. They can make a criminal out of you, like they are doing up in Connecticut where about 250,000… Read more »


You know what they call people who have to move because they’re rights are being violated?



You know what they call people who have to move because their rights are being violated?



The people of New Jersey are “Industrial Strength Stupid’; they are 80% minority and vote DEMOCRAT without question and to get their ‘free’ KFC dinner. leave the state to them and move to the Carolinas.


This liberal legislation must be stopped. the comments are great, but be sure to email the members of the legislature to vote against this ban or we all will become victims.

Thomas F. Valent

Just another reason to not travel in New Jersey. I stopped going to the Jersey shore years ago and no longer buy anything there either. I guess that New Jersey and California are competing with one another to see who is the biggest asshole, liberal, anti-American state in the nation. Gun manufacturers and ammunition suppliers should stop doing business with both states. If the citizens of New Jersey are dumb enough to vote for this legislation then the hell with them too.

fuck you

its the leftist, hand me out taker crowd voting these scum bags in… ill never get the bad attitude towards nj gun owners… do you think we want this or vote for this, you fucking moron? its always some politician pushing gun control


It’s time to bring back TAR & FEATHERS. Read about Athens Georgia “rebellion”. Stop these crooks anyway you can. Most likely the votes will be tampered with, like in Georgia if the democrap left loses, or they think they might lose.


I do not live in N.J., nor will I. That said, it seems that the people who do reside there are willing to put up with this foolishness, their choice. As to others, pay close attention to the doings of your elected things, lest New Jerseyitis afflict you.

Timothy Toroian

The hell with what security guards carry, these legislators and good NRA lawyers need to READ Article 1, section 9, clause 3, of the Constitution and if necessary the definition of no ex post facto. I could argue that you cannot ban anything already in existence nor can the sale or transfer of said items be prohibited. You can ban future manufacture and sale of New ones. People who think repealing the 2nd amendment would get rid of firearms may be startled to discover the meaning of ex post facto in that clause.

Richard McClure

Can’t wait to see haw this stupidity plays out for the next Election cycle where they have 90% Illegal vote and they start doing a house to house and start full Confiscation will they remember to Exempt the National Guard and the Police from this new Law will it force The Casino owners to disarm their Security Personal . Their next move will be to Ban Knives and Baseball Bats praise be to England for showing us the Error of our ways. (ASSHAT DEMOCRATS EQUALS DUMBASS VOTERS THAT PUT THEM IN OFFICE.) Ranks right up there with New York’s Cumhole… Read more »


There sure are a lot of Democrat jackasses in New Jersey and New York! I guess pretty soon all knives will be dull and shortened without a tip too! Buffoons! Read the FBI reports. It isn’t the gun it’s the idiot that holds it that it the problem.


This is akin to taking away the keys to the car. I see it a a prelude to martial law in order to leave us defenseless. To hell with any grandfather clause and their next step is to outlaw ammunition…U.S. Supreme Court needs to take action on this as it eviscerates the 2nd amendment and our rights overall.

John R. Pyles III

Can’t infringe on ones rights any better then that can they? It’s past time, the hard working honest American Citizen (all races creeds genders all of us ) who exercise our 2nd Amendment right continue to destroy the American way of life,must take our states and our country back, demand politicians who have lied under oath( or the taking of) and continue to act as if We the People don’t exist they resign or face criminal and or civil penalties. The Government works for us!


UN-CONSTITUTIONAL….DO NOT COMPLY or in this case..OBEY…..AS we see in a ‘DEMOCRACY’…..many see fit to rule…..and are NOT beholden to the citizens who are the true ‘rulers’ in a REPUBLIC….for a democracy is MOB rule NOT the guardian of the ‘INDIVIDUAL’…AS WAS INTENDED BY THE FOUNDERS….IMO


States continue to do this because they have no FEAR of Lawsuits from N.R.A. , since NRA abandoned them , and publicly admitted so.

Big Lou

They can pass ANY anti-gun Bill within weeks, but H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 “something that will keep us safe”can’t even get a hearing. What’s wrong with this country.


I’m sure the criminals will just fall in line and turn in every last one of them. Liberals really are that STUPID!


It’s not about criminals turning them in, the end game is for us to turn them in. Liberals couldn’t care less about the real criminals.


Boz – You are correct as far as the liberal politicians go, but the sheeple that vote them in really are that stupid!


Boz, you’re right and the government is just putting both feet in the door to put a total halt and control the lives of the American citizen while at the same time allowing total unknowns to enter OUR country without a background check. They are allowing the illegals, whoopsie, excuse me, undocumented aliens to come in simply for gaining another vote for power.


Given their law making power, DANGEROUS might be more appropriate a description than simply STUPID. Oh, by the way, what does that sad about those who voted for them, or who didn’t bother to vote at all.


Just the latest in a long string of stupid, inane and totally useless gun laws foisted upon us by a legislature that’s too busy annoying the law-abiding to address the real issues of taxes, pensions; etc. that are drowning our state.


@ Parnell. The real gun control hypocrisy is:

We should demand that any legislation limiting the size of magazines or the gun access to private citizens, should include a measure removing firearms from the guards and/or police who protect the politicians voting on the gun control legislation.


“Hoes” is an actual surname. The Hoes were in the family line of President van Buren. Please try to find another nickname for disparaging the oldest profession on Earth so as not to sully our history. Thank you !


If all law abiding gun owners of these liberal gun and mag grabbing states would move to a more conservative state when these stupid laws are passed it would send a loud and clear message. Then they can put a big high fence around that state, make it a federal penitentiary because crime will soar, and solve our prison problems! Lol




Don’t worry, Maryland will surely follow suit, the bunch of little panseys they are.


Yeah! Go New Jersey! BAnning standard capacity magazines will really get the attention of all the Bros, Hoes and MS-13 dudes! Like WOW, New Jersey can really enjoy a crime spree now that they have “made us all safe” by banning standard capacity magazines!


Remain where you are, NJ thought police are in route to escort you to rehabilitation center 604 for sensitivity training towards Bros, Hoes and MS-13 dudes, this is not a drill, please, turn on your TV for immediate conditioning.

VT Patriot

But, they said it would eliminate crime in the streets and schools.
Won’t it be great to know that the guy that breaks into a school with only 10 round mags can only kill or wound 10 people before he has to change mags?
Wouldn’t that give the cops like those in Parkland that 2 or 3 seconds needed to get out from behind their cars, run into the school, up to the 3rd floor, locate the killer, and convince him to stop shooting?
I’m so confused…