NJ Governor Murphy Signs Gun Control Package with Big Consequences

NJ Governor Murphy Signs Gun Control Package with Big Consequences
NJ Governor Murphy Signs Gun Control Package with Big Consequences

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- We’ve heard your comments and concerns. Rest assured, our lawsuits are coming. The same way NJ2AS has prevailed against 23 towns and the State of New Jersey (3 times), we shall prevail again.

Nevertheless, lawsuits are merely one piece of a larger puzzle. We’re fighting corrupt public officials with our money while they play with Monopoly money (technically our money, too, but they do not care about burning taxpayer funds). That’s why it’s important we unite as one NJ2AS, relaunching old methods that have been proven to work while adopting new strategies to take on our enemies.

If you’re not aware, Governor Phil Murphy signed a package of bills yesterday that significantly reduced our ability to protect ourselves – including firearms confiscation without any due process and reducing magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

We’ve been standing up and speaking out against these proposed laws long before Murphy was elected. Despite our good faith efforts with legislators, NJ2AS and New Jersey gun owners have once again been stabbed in the back. The meetings, the relationships we have developed, and the promises we were told are all done. The one benefit is we now know who our friends are, but most importantly we now know who our real enemies are.

We’ve been told several times to “ease off” specific legislators with our bold and upfront tactics. The “amicable” and “reasonable” legislators we were meeting with seem to have no interest in protecting law-abiding citizens, probably because they aren’t law-abiding citizens themselves (and we will eventually prove this).

We tried playing nice, but that’s over now. It is time we ramp up our activism and fight fire with fire. Talk to them in a language they understand. Make them lose elections, hit them in the pocketbook, expose their corruption, send mailers, hand out flyers, air radio/television/social media campaigns against them to expose these politicians by any means necessary.

In 2015, our undercover investigations documented and exposed the corruption and crooked politics that occurs daily in NJ. We documented how they claim nobody should carry a gun for self-defense, yet every politician and judge, plus their friends, can get a conceal carry permit after two phone calls. We have documented how women were turned down the right to own a firearm simply because they were “too small.” The corruption we’ve exposed needs federal investigation, and we need your help to make that happen. Click here to watch our undercover videos exposing the corruption in New Jersey.

E-mails and phone calls might help, but won’t stop these tyrants. We need you to become more civic and active. Lawsuits merely test the constitutionality of these bills, but they do not stop the constant influx of bad laws being passed.

We need to start focusing on all of the criminal behavior of these anti-2A politicians. If they act like and protect criminals by disarming the innocent, they are most probably criminals themselves. We must prove, expose and force prosecutors to lock them up.

It is a new day for NJ2AS and there will be consequences for our enemies. Will you help us fight back?

About New Jersey Second Amendment Society:

New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – The NJ2AS uses innovative and bold direct-action tactics to expose, document, and take results-oriented action to confront anti-Second Amendment policies and legislators.

By Defending, Protecting, and Preserving the Second Amendment within New Jersey, the NJ2AS works to ensure that our civil rights are restored, no longer degraded, and to prevent NJ from being used as a laboratory to destroy the Second Amendment nationwide. Visit: www.nj2as.org

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Only a matter of time before one of their own are victims of crime, what will they do about that?


@James…None of their own are defenseless. They got bodyguards packing heat, and many no doubt get concealed carry permits because they are so “special”. They all just don’t want YOU to have protection, because it makes it hard for them to order you to bend down over the barrel, with your skivvies down around your knees.


You know what’s really funny about these pusillanimous finks that infest our legal system and our gov ? The ones who follow the illegal orders because they don’t want to jeapordize their cushy jobs and their promised retirement packages ? What’s really funny is that no one told them that the public retirement plans across the whole USA that they are counting on are UNDERFUNDED BY $4.4 TRILLION In phoney fiat Monopoly money. The Ponzi scheme went belly up when the crooks who were handling the money for the retirement accounts made some very bad investments that lost 50% or… Read more »


Did I hear correctly, there was gun violence in NJ? How can that be with all their anti-gun laws and magazine round count limits. They must have MORE laws, that would have prevented the shooting. They need to outlaw triggers on guns, then there won’t be any violence!! The local police should sit down and talk nicely with the gangs, once the gangs feel loved, they’ll turn in all the triggers, and become outstanding citizens. What’s everyone in NJ smoking?


We of Texas are with you. Teach the wisdom of the Founders to everyone you know. Teach the young for the brainwashing goes on in schools.

Progressives don’t care about truth, only about power. Draw the links between progressives and Marxism, showing the mass extermination of millions of people in the past.


Thank The Lord that our Founders foresaw that TRAITORS would one day gain control of the apparatus of our local, state, and Fed governments, and would revert to tyranny by passing such laws. In their wisdom they put the Supremacy Clause into the Constitution. All states have to craft laws that comply with the Constitution, and in this case, the 2A must be adhered to. No one has a duty to obey or enforce such legislation written by these blatant pissants, these pussilanemous finks. The people of Connecticut showed us what to do in the face of such a farce.… Read more »

Frank Segal

Yes there will be a fight and we the gun owners of New Jersey might win back certain rights but the fact of the matter is this part of the country NJ,NY, Mass,MAryland ,Conn,RI are cess pools of libtards and corrupt politicians that fours yrs have made this part of America a progressive sht. Hole ,it’s time that all pro 2nd amendment people from these states march on Washington DC in a united front and force the Supreme Court to come to terms no magazine restrictions right to carry all 50 states own what you want ,but the government doesn’t… Read more »

Richard Hilton

And so it begins. The Downfall of freedom in the United States, The Communists / Socialist / Fascist whichever you prefer to call them are winning, Look at all the stupid smiling faces that don’t even know they are smiling about turning this country into another Cuba or U.S.S.R cold war era. Take away the basic freedoms that kept this country great start by disarming the people then just stand there smiling while they chip away at the rest. I’m glad I am 70 years old I won’t live to see what happens or how bad it will become. It’s… Read more »


Until the Supreme Court makes the Constitution their responsibility rather than bow to the agendas of those politicians that installed them on the court, gun ownership is in very dire trouble. In spite of “Shall not be Infringed”, Red states have and are trashing the rights of law abiding gun owners every day with impunity. The SCOTUS must step up and do their job, or the people take back their government in the voting booth. However I fear, neither will happen based on current experience.


Is he getting rid of his platoon of armed guards and moving outside a walled community?


Given the past performances of their elected representatives, seemingly at best rather poor respecting the civil rights of the people they represent, possession of arms being a basic civil right, how did the gun owners of N.J. vote? It would appear that they gave what one would think were their own interests little to no thought. As has been noted in the past, people usually get the kind of government they did not vote against.

Heed the Call-up

Those videos were appalling. I can’t believe no one has filed a discrimination suit against New Jersey and their police departments. They openly admit that they will only give carry permits to LE and armed security. One officer readily admits to discriminating against all citizens (“disabled” – his opinion, “elderly” – again, his opinion, young, women, and “urban”) and willingly denies all applicants. Even more outrageous is the fact that that officer is black. Does he not see the hypocrisy of what he is doing by denying citizens their rights? He also openly admits he always carries, at least one… Read more »


Your comment on not playing nice anymore is correct cause they don’t, when it’s time for re-election ads on TV and most certainly radio must expose their true nature no holds barred them maybe the voters can make a true decision on which they cast their votes for, I surely wouldn’t vote for someone who wants to restrict my rights but not theirs , most are liars and power hungry fools who think your to stupid to think for yourself

Andy g

We need a all out assault to remove the
Old clam from Bergan county, that ,would
Be a good start .her main thing is to take
Firearms from every one but the criminals
Cut the head off the snake , and the rest
Of the minions will take notice.


Good god, Gerty, I do believe that plump huckleberry would snap any rope in two. (after a fair trial, of course) !


Hay, you people of New Jersey, Find out if your new Gov. has a Carry Permit . The Gov of New York has and look at the safe (unsafe) act .It sure looks like it’s I CAN AND YOU CAN”T SO SHUT-UP AND OBEY MY NEW LAW…….


Welcome to the DemocRATic COMMUNIST/muslem STATE of New jersey. I hope you all love to be SUBJECTS of the ESTABLISHMENT ELITE!

Larry Brickey

It’s Communist or Muslim. Can’t be both. Choose.


Not true! EXAMPLE:
soetoro of kenya,
sobarkah of Kenya,
davis of Hawaii,
parks of Opeka Ks.,
ubayd of British Columbia,
obama of Africa.


What is the difference?


All these names are referring to the same man known as OBOZO, the DemocRAT “nwo” muslem who tried to “fundamentally transform” America into ameriKa.

Herb T

Kinda makes you wonder why the Jersey population continues to elect dishonest politicians. Which begs the question, are there any honest politicians? Obviously democrats are the biggest liars, cheats and thieves supported by socialist and communistic BS media.


@Herb….it’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes. It takes less than 5 minutes to rig an electronic voting machine, and that is a fact. Only those who sign “The Pledge” will stay in office. Ask ex-Sen Cynthia McKinney what happens to those who refuse to sign “The Pledge”.

Vincent Brady

34 States have recall procedures for their elected officials. Use them “liberally”! Pun intended!

Wild Bill

@VB, That is an outstanding play on words, and and outstanding recommendation!


Anyone take bets on whether the governor has armed body guards?


NJ State Troopers.

Ansel Hazen

“We need you to become more civic and active.”

Yes indeed, but it’s high time to start realizing this issue won’t be fixed at the ballot box.
Join your local militia.

Gene Ralno

The FBI reports violent crime rates continue to decline. Crimes include murder and rape as well as robbery and aggravated assaults. Property crime rates also significantly declined. Looking inside the data reveal New Jersey crime is higher than Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, New Hampshire and Vermont. It’s also lower than Alaska, New Mexico, Nevada, Tennessee and Louisiana. Point is, the data suggests gun control laws don’t have a damn thing to do with crime rates or what motivates criminals.


Gene – national rates continue to drop – BUT if one looks at what is happening in a few select cities the opposite is occurring – never mind that those cities just happen to have democRAT mayors, hmmm – must be a coincidence.


Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves. New Jersey, one of the thirteen original colonies that stood for liberty, has now become an Orwellian state. It is now ruled by feckless and venal politicians who must have a tacit Socialist agenda, as they seek to disarm the citizenry. I’m glad NJ2AS has seen that you cannot not treat dishonorable people in an honorable way. Good luck in your fight my fellow Americans!

Jim Macklin

So true. Also true the stupid voters elected this tyrant despite there being no secret to what he planned to do.
The government schools are not teaching freedom, responsibility or history. They are however succeeding in their mission to undermine the USA.
The voters got what they asked for, tyranny.