Texas Defense Force Security Leads the Way for Modern American Militia

Adoption of existing security credentials and volunteerism requirement proving valuable to the community.

Texas Defense Force
Texas Defense Force

Fort Worth, Texas – -(Ammoland.com)- Texas Defense Force Security is a licensed Guard Company in the State of Texas. Their license(s) allows for Security Guard functions, Body Guard assignments, and Private Investigations anywhere in the Lone Star State.

Texas Defense Force Security is the first and only (as of this writing) “not-for-profit” Security Company that is Licensed in Texas. Through their network of volunteer officers, they are able to raise the bar and standards, increase training and deployment capabilities, improve the standing that they have in communities and provide assistance to Law Enforcement, First Responders, and even in cases of Disaster Recovery.

“We wanted to embrace the heritage of the militia as codified in our U.S. Constitution and give it a makeover with accountability, uniformity, and utility,” says Robert Beverly, Founder, and Commander, “Our team has all of the credentials and training you would want in an effective body of protectors. The community benefits from a thoroughly trained and disciplined Texas-wide fully equipped and self-sustaining unit(s) that is capable of being dispatched within a few hours notice.”

Radio interview with Robert Beverly, Founder of Texas Defense Force Security:

To learn more about Texas Defense Force Security or to become a member visit: www.txdf.org/

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Robert Beverly
Robert Beverly

About Robert Beverly

As a young boy growing up in Texas, Beverly was your typical young man experiencing life in a traditional family environment. He quickly began to notice some of the unfortunate aspects of our government such as corruption, politics, and the rule of law not being properly followed, He watched as resources that should be targeted to veterans and our less fortunate were being mismanaged and thrown at issues that our government should not be involved in. Little did he know these life lessons would guide his journey later in adulthood when Beverly proudly served in and was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force. Later, he went on to attend college in electrical engineering. After completing his studies, Beverly formed a company in structural fabrication with a focus on custom-built, unique, design concepts which continues to this day.

Later, his level of concern for the future of America grew with the election of Barak Obama because with the lawlessness and contempt for the Constitution that the Obama Administration spread throughout the nation. Beverly began to realize he had allowed both his knowledge and training in self-protection to wane over the years. He began to explore various training avenues as well as programs to become more knowledgeable about the law. Through this journey, Beverly discovered that the typical militia concept was often misunderstood, and that quality training from reputable instructors was unavailable as a militia member. It was soon clear that he needed start his own security company to legally provide an umbrella under which the opportunity for law enforcement type training and legal protection could be established.

Texas Defense Force

“As a Licensed Security Company, Texas Defense Force gives us the opportunity to serve and protect our communities in an efficient manner, gives us the necessary credentials and standing in the community that allows for us to access emergency situations, and also to function as a way to help our fellow man when needed. No other program is available that provides a similar blanket of self-defense and high-level training as a civilian” says Beverly.

  • 26 thoughts on “Texas Defense Force Security Leads the Way for Modern American Militia

    1. Google {your state name] militia laws
      Pennsylvania has lots on the page, almost 2.48 million hits.
      State militias have lapsed in most states since the National Guard became law. The states are saving money.
      But unorganized militia is legal in every state. What the militia does can be illegal.
      IANAL, so look it up for yourself and or contact a lawyer.

        1. It used to be said, “Google is your friend” but even if the company management is our enemy, the service works for most things.
          The biggest problem is looking for self-defense law is that you have to search for “use of force.”

    2. I’m almost 80 years old, retired teacher, 4 years active duty Coast Guard, 6 years part time police with a Criminal Justice degree, and 4 years Army Reserve Military Police, including CID (accredited). I’m still fit enough to put in some doing-what-needs-to-be-done, but don’t have a clue as to how to get started in Pennsylvania. As I recall from my police days, a private investigator’s license in PA required an applicant to be RETIRED police. If I could find some younger, qualified people I’d be more than happy to put forth some effort to start something here. I’d love to see a genuine militia established in PA of the type they have in Texas. BTW, the squabbling that occcurred a few comments back is the kind of stuff that dooms any efforts like this, as Timothy Votaw explained in the first comment.

    3. We tried that type of organization during a period in AZ in 2011 while working to assist beleaugured and threatened tanchers and residents along the border. The unit was primarily former military and LEO’s, with a number of combat and spec ops veterans on board. We developed good working relationships with Border Patrol, and in my case as a former BLM investigator, other federal units. We did OK, but never got to the endorsement stage before the damned internal squabbling broke up the cohesion, the dependability of the unit. I vowed never to try that again unless I could unequivocally vett each prospect, verify their background, and see their skills in real time. For me, I’d want mostly verified combat veterans, at least a good place to start.

      Bottom line: The concept of a militia, one conforming to the Constitution, but minus the radicalization that consumed the modern day Minutemen, has become a key and critical element in resisting the lawless Second Amendment destroyers hard at work abolishing those rights. I once felt the Oath Keepers were going in the right direction, but moved on, because there still is no organization that fits the goal of this twice-sworn Oath taker. I am serious about those words, serious to risk, again, life and limb to preserve them.

      1. It is a serious business. Too often the “militia” becomes an excuse for a weekend in the woods away from wives and kids. Worse some have been gangs that used the word militia to try and justify crimes.
        Bad as Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama might have been they did not reach the point that King George’s Generals and Army occupied Boston.
        If and when it gets bad, when the elections are frauds everywhere and not just Arkansas and Chicago, when things get bad the patriots and managers will by word of mouth attract people who will be reliable, trustworthy and if they don’t have military service they will have brains and a knowledge of history.
        The Regular Army, Marne Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard are all trained to arms. All have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The question that is unknown is will they perceive the need to amend their oath to obey the officers and the President to their neighbor who is prepared to lead an unorganized militia to depose a tyrant and re-establish the Constitutional government.
        Patrick Henry was opposed to te Constitution before the Bill of Rights because he said, speaking of the State Militia, “you militia will desert you and fight against you. What will then become of you and your rights?”

        1. I think Jim you are overlooking the real damage BarryO did to this country. His behind the scenes and under the radar work in salting the legal system from top to bottom with ignorant puppets may go down as the most treasonous act this country has seen.

          1. I am well aware of the damage he has done and the continuing damage being done by judges, FBI and CIA agents, and the two SCOTUS Justices still sitting. He studied the constitution only to find weaknesses to attack and he did every day.
            But he underestimated the strength of the Constitution and the effect of hillary losing.
            He did enough to wake up the people. That the American citizen hasn’t been completely stupefied and domesticated.
            The USA is not out of the woods but the path is open and elections do still count.
            schumer and pelosi can tied up Congress and ABC, CBS, and NBC-MSNBC can lie but at least half the coutry no longer believes them.

    4. It is a nice idea BUT they are government chartered, licensed and approved and therefore are not the unorganized militia that the Second Amendment is intended to protect.
      Nice people no doubt. But will they have loyalty to the Constitution or a pay check and a tyrant who chartered them?

      The Minutemen wore “street/farm” clothes, no uniforms. The King and his General did not approve of the Minutemen.
      That is why they fought for freedom.
      That is why a year later the Declaration of Independence lays out the reason and need for a people’s militia. The people have a right and a duty to fight for freedom.

    5. It’s a simple end run around arguments that militias are illegal. Obtain licenses that justify whatever training, activities, etc. are in question, and that’s it. Make the govt play their own game.

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