AmmoLand & Brownells Convoy Hits Novak Jeep Conversions in Logan, UT

By John Crump

AmmoLand & Brownells Convoy Hits Novak Jeep Conversions in Logan, UT
AmmoLand & Brownells Convoy Hits Novak Jeep Conversions in Logan, UT

Logan, Utah-( What is more badass than doing a burnout in a jeep? The answer is simple! Doing a burnout in a jeep with a bunch of freedom-loving Americans on the Brownells ‘Cross America Convoy at Novak Jeep Conversions in Logan Utah.

Novak Jeep Conversions is a full-service design and manufacturing outfit that specializes in powertrain conversions for the All-American vehicle, the Jeep. Novak Conversions has been around since 1967. They employ technicians, machinist, and designers who all share the same passion for Jeeps.

The founder of the company, Lloyd Novak, fell in love with Jeeps when his dad brought one home in 1946. He started driving a Jeep in the California desert at the tender age of 10. His life was changed forever. He found his passion in life and that passion was the Jeep.

Lloyd Novak founded Novak Jeep Conversions in 1967. The company became known for incredible conversion parts, but that wasn’t all that they were known for. They were also known for their vast array of technical documents for everything from engine swap to changing the brakes on Jeeps. Lloyd Novak ran the company until his death in 1998.

In 1999 former Novak customer, Eric Forsberg purchased the company. On January 1st, 2000 the company was re-launched. Since then the company has only grown, and the amount of customers that they can serve has increased by 600%. They are now considered one of the best Jeep conversion company in the country.

AmmoLand’s editor Duncan Johnson and Patrick Roberts from The Firearms Rack pulled into Novak Jeep Conversions in a 2016 Toyota Tacoma after a long drive from Colorado Springs. They were ready for a good time in the crew from Novak Jeep Conversions was prepared to show them one.

The food trucks were grilling, and DJ Thundercat with spinning some tunes on the turntables as everyone enjoyed their evening. The RTI ramp was out for people to try to earn bragging rights about their Jeeps, but that wasn’t all. The smoke was bellowing as the Jeeps traded burnouts, and the free swag was flowing as Brownells Bureau of Propaganda member Ryan and Josh handed it out.

Once again YouTube sensation Hank Strange was on site checking out the badass Jeeps. He also got to meet some fans, and boy did the fans turn out. The fans really seemed to enjoy rubbing elbows with Hank.

Hank Strange wasn’t the only Internet celebrity at Novak Jeep Conversions. The crew from the We Like Shooting podcast was also in attendance. They enjoyed checking out an old school Jeepster Commando. The Commando is a classic Jeep at all Jeep guys love. The Gun Funny Podcast was also at the site for fellowship with fellow firearms lovers.

The fun wasn’t just at Novak Jeep Conversions though. The crew from Novak took Patrick and Duncan up a Canyon in the Toyota. The Tacoma performed exceptionally well and impressed Patrick. It was an excellent day for Jeeps, and it was an excellent day for Brownells ‘Cross America Convoy.

The next stop for Duncan and Patrick will be at Speed Vegas in Sin City where Duncan and Patrick will be able to trade in the Reliable Toyota Tacoma for a supercar it should be a great time and open to the public starting at 3 p.m.

Novak Jeep Conversions is located on the web at

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