@Milspec_Mojo Interview – Follow the Culture of Guns on Instagram

@Milspec_Mojo Interview - Follow the Culture of Guns on Instagram
@Milspec_Mojo Interview – Follow the Culture of Guns on Instagram

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- It’s amazing all of the opinions and theories about guns that you find when you go on Instagram, or any social media outlet. Honestly, the more I dig to find out who the average American who shoots guns for fun, in competition, or as a job is, the more intriguing I find it.

That is why I found Don Majillo, aka milspec_mojo, on Instagram to be someone I wanted to interview and find out more about why he does what he does. He has many videos on Instagram that are packed with energy and information. While teaching others to shoot is his passion, for the past year, Don also has worked as a DoD Police officer. His enthusiasm for shooting was passed down from his father at a young age.It was reinforced when he joined the Marine Corps, where he excelled in marksmanship and physical training.

Jessica: How did you get into shooting and training?

Don: I got into shooting thanks to my dad. He introduced me to guns at a young age, he taught me safety and how to use them properly and that set the hooks in. Of course, the Marine Corps had a big part to play in my love of firearms, but I also noticed that I did very well when it came to using the weapons. Because I was doing so well, I wanted to keep doing it and keep getting better.

Jessica: What is your favorite training drill and why?

Don: My favorite drill would probably be the one reload. This specific drill, if taken for face value, would make you question its importance. It’s a drill that works EVERYTHING if you want it to. Getting a good and efficient draw, getting a good sight picture and sight alignment, pulling the trigger straight to the rear when your sites aligned with what you’re intending to shoot at, firing that one shot and getting an understanding of how it feels for the slide locking to the rear, working good mechanics of a reload etc. And that’s just to name a few.

One of the things I always say is, ‘You get what you want out of it.’ What I mean by that is, do you want to work accuracy, do a one reload one on a really small target, if you want to work speed that can be focused on too. Plus it’s a low round count drill so you don’t have to go broke!

Jessica: What’s one training tip you give everyone?

Don: One tip I give to everyone is to make sure that whatever you’re doing makes sense to you. Make sure when you’re being instructed you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. If something doesn’t make sense, ask why? Find alternative methods and/or try your best to understand why it doesn’t make sense. We all can be robots and do what is told of us, but if we understand why, we can better apply ourselves and have a higher probability of success.

Jessica: What’s something you think all gun ranges should have?

Don: I wish all ranges had areas where you’re allowed to train legitimately. We see it now, most rangers are very static where you’re gun has to stay unloaded on the bench, you can’t draw from a holster, you cannot move and shoot or do anything that would help develop you as a good shooter. Most ranges that I’ve been to as a kid allow you to get very good at bulls-eye shooting but really limit your ability to train for other things.

All ranges should be able to accommodate your bulls-eye shooter, tactical shooter, and your competition shooter.

Jessica: What’s your belief in the Second Amendment?

Don: I definitely have the same beliefs as most, that the Second Amendment is there for a reason other than hunting and should NOT be infringed upon.

Jessica: How do you feel about current gun laws?

Don: Gun laws are getting worse, but nothing changes. Again, we can rebuttal everything with facts, such as the states with the strictest gun laws have a higher rate of violent crime. Criminals are criminals for a reason. They don’t obey the laws. If someone possesses the mental capacity to want to inflict harm on innocent people, stricter gun laws will not stop them from doing what they want to do. As we’ve seen in the past, people have used knives, vehicles, and explosives to inflict these crude acts on innocent people.

Jessica: How do you feel about people wanting to ban guns?

Don: Do I agree with it? No, I do not. But people have a right to feel that way if they choose to do so. I’m a big believer in education, so my goal is to try my best to educate them and give them facts and supporting evidence as to why they shouldn’t be banned. If they continue to feel that way after receiving all the facts then I’ve done all I can do. And I’m okay with that. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink type mentality.

I’m a firm believer in educating people on anything and everything that they might not have a full understanding of or even have a curiosity for. With firearms, education is really important because it’s a learned and perishable skill. I know that if I spend too much time away from shooting a handgun, I need to spend some time practicing to get back up to speed.

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