NFA Freedom Alliance Giving Away DDM4-ISR With LMT 40mm Launcher

DDM4-ISR With LMT 40mm Launcher
DDM4-ISR With LMT 40mm Launcher

TUCSON, ARIZONA –-( The NFA Freedom Alliance celebrated July 4thwith their most dramatic membership and donation promotion ever!.

NFAFA is giving away to one lucky ticket buyer a Daniel Defense DDM4ISR [V2] integrally suppressed .300 Blackout caliber AR rifle along with an LMT L2B 40MM, rail mounted launcher, valued at over $6,000!!

“This is the most exciting giveaway we have ever done to support the efforts of the NFAFA”, said NFAFA Executive Director, Todd Rathner. “We wanted to make a real “BANG” to celebrate our nation’s independence and couldn’t think of a better way to do it.”

This DDM4ISR was donated by Silencer Shop and the LMT L2B 40MM Launcher was donated by Texas Machine Gun and Ordnance. Included in the package is an LMT Leaf sight,  5 chalk rounds, and one .22 Caliber “Behive” round that fires 10 .22 LR cartridges simultaneously.

Purchase tickets to win here:

Read the NFAFA filed comments on the BATFEs absurd proposal to regulate “Bump Stocks” as machine guns, which of course they are not. NFAFA BUMP STOCK COMMENTS.

DDM4-ISR With LMT 40mm Launcher and Accessories
DDM4-ISR With LMT 40mm Launcher and Accessories

NFA Freedom AllianceAbout NFA Freedom Alliance

The NFA Freedom Alliance is the strongest direct action/lobbying organization working to ease restrictions on the ownership, manufacture, sale, and use of items regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

  • 18 thoughts on “NFA Freedom Alliance Giving Away DDM4-ISR With LMT 40mm Launcher

    1. Interesting I thought the Flechette rounds only came in 12 Ga. I know the M-79 40 mm rounds come in Bee Hive.
      Right about buying tickets!! Nothing is Free GAS, GRASS and /or ASS, NO body rides free!

      Semper Fi
      Machete Eddie

    2. If that’s real it requires a $200.00 one time TAX stamp because it’s a Cl;ass III item and it will take about 6-9 months before you receive approval!

    3. It is a launcher but they are not giving you Grenades : Definition of grenade. : a small missile that contains an explosive or a chemical agent (such as tear gas, a flame producer, or a smoke producer) and that is thrown by hand or projected (as by a rifle or special launcher). So more fire power to you! Have a great day shoot something!

      1. Charlie, You need a 40mm grenade launcher to show off at your pro-Second Amendment candidate’s fund raiser barbecue! And to launch the flechette rounds.

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