RISE Armament Expands Facilities to Meet Demands

RISE Armament Expands Facilities to Meet Demands
RISE Armament Expands Facilities to Meet Demands

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma– -(Ammoland.com)- RISE Armament, a premier manufacturer and supplier of AR firearms and components has recently expanded their facilities to meet the increased demands and growth that the company has experienced throughout the past year.

After increasing their automated machining center by 30% in February, RISE Armament once again expanded this facility by an additional 50% in May and June. As part of this, RISE added an automated mill/turn machine that produces muzzle devices such as compensators, flash hiders, barrel nuts, and many other similar parts. It enables a process that takes raw metal to a finished part in just one step. This expansion has increased efficiency significantly, which allows RISE to produce more products in a timely fashion, all while offering exceptional prices to their customers.

“It’s an exciting time at RISE Armament,” stated Matt Torres, President of RISE Armament. “We’ve experienced excellent growth, which has led to the need for expansion. This move will undoubtedly benefit the company and, most importantly, our customers.”

RISE has also expanded their capacity to make more handguards. The sheer volume of handguards that RISE is now producing will play a large part in satisfying their customers’ demands across the product lines.

Altogether, RISE Armament is now able to produce their products at an amplified rate. This will assist RISE in fulfilling their growth plans leading into 2019 and most certainly benefit their ability to meet customer demands in a rapidly growing industry.

RISE Armament specializes in the design and manufacturing of AR-15s, receivers, triggers, barrels, compensators, and more for civilian, military, and law enforcement uses. For more information about RISE Armament products, visit www.risearmament.com.

RISE Armament LogoAbout RISE Armament:

We’re machinists, engineers, executives, hog hunters, target shooters, and coyote killers. Some of us are veterans; all of us are patriots. We’re God-fearing, country-loving, down-to-earth folks who take pride in providing TIER 1 products to our fellow countrymen. We work hard. We play hard. Our values run deep. Our roots are in manufacturing — machining and fabricating for the oil and aerospace industries. In the past, we would shoot and build a few guns when we got the chance. Now, we still shoot, and we design and manufacture lots of guns. We also machine gun parts and accessories. Our objective is simple — to unleash every shooter’s potential and elevate the shooting experience.

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    1. If any of the other stuff they make is as good as their triggers, I’ll be a customer. I built a .300 Blackout for hog hunting with a Rise Armament RA-140 trigger and love it! Single-stage, 0 take-up, 0 creep, perfect 3 1/2 pound glass-rod break every time, and a huge bargain at just over $100. Keep “Rise-ing” guys!

    2. Never heard of them
      Never saw any of their products in a gun store or at a show or even online.
      So they have a long way to to get to where MI, BCM and Magpul or any of the other hand guard companies have been for years.
      Where do they stand on m lock or key mod?
      I wish them luck!

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