When Does the Shooting Begin?

Opinion by Erick Erickson

Resist 45 Kill the NRA Billboard
When Does the Shooting Begin?

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Each time Republicans do something Democrats do not like, Democrats escalate their rhetoric. The right is not immune from this, but the right is in power right now, so conservatives have less with which to drive fear.

After the Southern Poverty Law Center declared the Christian based Family Research Council a hate group intent on harming gay rights, Floyd Lee Corkins walked into the Council's offices with Chick-fil-A sandwiches and a gun intent on murdering the employees and stuffing their mouths with the sandwiches. Also a fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center and its anti-Christian and anti-Republican rhetoric, James Hodgkinson took seriously the Democratic and progressive left rhetoric that Republicans would kill people by repealing the Affordable Care Act. He drove to a baseball field and attempted a mass assassination of Republican members of Congress.

Both men had serious mental issues. But both were provoked by extreme rhetoric from the left.

Progressives once claimed Republicans were racist. Now they claim Republicans are racist killers who need to be stopped. According to Democrats, Republicans attempted to kill people through passing tax cuts, repealing Obama era net neutrality regulations, merely considering the repeal of Obamacare and now by the president nominating Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

We are already at a point where progressive protestors are showing up at the homes of Trump administration employees. White House staff, members of Congress, Fox News personalities and other notable conservatives are getting harassed and thrown out of restaurants. A random 16-year-old in San Antonio, Texas, was assaulted in a restaurant last week for wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Brett Kavanaugh Media Lies
Brett Kavanaugh Media Lies

Democrats have now convinced a good portion of their base that Russia stole the 2016 election and that Russia is trying to steal the 2018 election as well. In fact, some Democratic consultants are already warning that Democratic leaders may be suppressing their vote by saying Russia is going to steal the election.

Democrats are increasingly vocal about the idea that they think Republicans in Congress are doing Russia's bidding. They view Donald Trump as an authoritarian figure waiting for just the right moment to suspend elections and impose a dictatorship. Hollywood Director Josh Whedon declared merely considering Kavanaugh's nomination would create the first American dictatorship.

On Independence Day, “The First Purge” came out in theaters. The movie posits that the Nation Association backed a coup that put a dictatorship in power in the United States. Democrats consider the group a terrorist organization that Republicans show fealty to. They also believe Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a terrorist organization that should be abolished.

In the 24 hours after President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared Kavanaugh would be “a destructive tool on a generation of progress for workers, women, LGBTQ people, communities of color [and] families” and that he would “radically reverse the course of American justice [and] democracy.” Yale law students declared people would die because of Kavanaugh. NBC News journalists spread, as news, a false rumor that Anthony Kennedy negotiated his retirement contingent on Kavanaugh's appointment.

All of this is just hyperbole designed to motivate a political base and fund raise. But this is the world in which a man attempted the mass assassination of Republican members of Congress inspired by similar rhetoric. And things have gotten far worse since then.

To believe Democrats, voting no longer matters because Russia is stealing the elections; Republicans are doing the bidding of a terrorist group; another terrorist group runs part of the government forcibly separating children from their parents; Republicans are letting corporations kill Americans; Anthony Kennedy is ensuring Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court to protect the NRA, Christian fundamentalists, and a president who should otherwise be indicted; and the system is rigged.

The Democrats' call to action is “stop this.”

How long before more Hodgkinsons believe the dystopian picture painted by the Democrats? The Russians are in charge, voting no longer matters, the system is rigged, and the Supreme Court is now a tool of a would-be dictator.

It is only a matter of time before “stop this” leads to “shoot them.” [sure glad we have more guns, and know how to use them ~ AmmoLand]

Erick Erickson
Erick Erickson

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Erick Woods Erickson is a politically conservative American blogger and radio host. He hosts the radio show Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson, broadcast on 750 WSB, and runs the blog The Resurgent.

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    1. When the communist Democrats like Maxine , Nancy , Chuck , Diane and Barack start calling for their snowflake followers to get in people’s face and cause problems they better realize they should not start something they can’t finish and I can see the day not too far away that things in this county are going to get very crazy and very ugly

    2. It is refreshing to hear communication between enlightened and like minded patriots. I am deeply concerned about the direction and rhetoric regarding these mindwashed liberals but I took an oath to defend my country from ANY threats be they foreign or domestic and there are teeth in my resolve.

    3. we have all the guns and know how to use em. The left does not know the muzzle from the buttstock, you know the shoulder thing that goes up. They know not what they do.

    4. Maybe the Trump administration will realize that they need to carry their own firearms. Then the members of the Trump administration will attain a more through understanding of our Second Amendment enumerated Civil Rights. Then it might occur to the members of the Trump administration that we, their supporters, might need firearms, too.
      Go ahead socialist, anarchist democrat thugs do your damnedest.

    5. Hillary, bill, holder and most of the DEMOCRATS are followers of Saul Alinsky and please check hs list of methods, It is all there line by line. These criminals need to be prosecuted NOW.

    6. Thomas Jefferson, 1787: “…the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

      A written comment regarding rebellion in the freshly-minted United States. Apparently Mr. Jefferson’s insight has relevance now as much as then. We cannot abide the type of anarchism, the raw and deeply misinformed mania as we see from the fools such as ‘Antifa’, the media, and the bought-and-sold members of Congress – Schumer, Pelosi and their ilk.

      In practical terms, we peaceful and lawful citizens who abide by our nation’s founding principles and laws, who pay our ever-increasing taxes, often for the benefit of those who deride us and this nation, we are under siege by a movement of short-sighted, instant-gratification-seeking mobs; mobs with no other motivation than to destroy what we have built with sacrifice and hard work. Mobs who are the products of anarchists and far-left aspirants to socialism, mobs who collectively possess little or no grasp of history, of governing principles, and certainly, no grasp of why we have laws.

      Make no mistake – these manic and rabid mobs are our enemies, who wish harm to us. What do we do with such a situation? Patience and tolerance serve nothing, for this foe has none of each, only inflamed hatred. We are facing a crisis in our nation, one that is driving segments of society into deep conflict. There seems to be no cure or even alternatives, for our declared enemies listen to no logic, no reason. They seem bent, hell-bent as it were, on the absolute destruction of those who sustain this nation. If that is not self-destruction, then what is it? And, what will we do to survive it, and when? If we apply our customary rules-of-engagement, we act only when acted upon, fire only when fired upon, always the defensive reaction to a threat. With that, we necessarily wait until a threat becomes a reality, and then, play catch-up. Catch-up includes licking our wounds, burying our dead, and always reacting, always a step behind. That is the American way, to wait until we are attacked before we act. Very considerate of us.

      But in this case, what does that get us? Likely, we are going to suffer before we respond. WHO will respond? The elected Congress is unlikely to be a dependable ally for the citizens, as they are seemingly part of the problem we face. The administration? They would be hamstrung by that same Congress, using the inertia now so characteristic of that group. In fact, we would be, and are, on our own as citizens. The anti’s are far better organized than we are; when they act, it will be as a mob, but that doesn’t change the fact they are organized in some manner. And we? “Organized” in this instance is not the same as an organization, e.g. the NRA, etc. I doubt the NRA will mount a response, one intended to counter a mob outbreak, certainly not a physical response.

      We are vulnerable as hell right now, with a few tiny exceptions in parts of this country. How will you and I respond to a mob attack, or even a singular one, such as that group of congressmen playing softball (there’s a pun) and made victims by one individual who fell for the lies, and was unstable. That set of circumstances seems to be commonplace, which should alarm the hell out of those of us paying attention.

      That’s how I see it.

      1. Very eloquently put, Sir. My grandad was a WWII combat veteran seeing action in North Africa, Italy and France. When I was a teenager he used to talk about America’s ‘next civil war’. He wouldn’t recognize what we’ve become. Or maybe he would…

      2. Our present situation could not have been assessed any better. May I have your permission to re-post so others might wake up to how bad it really is? Some I speak with seem to be of the opinion this will go away with time. I agree with you…this has to be addressed and rest assured it will be by whatever means necessary before this country can move forward.

    7. I imagine that a billboard advocating KILLING OF ANTI GUNNERS would generate all manner of problems, so,how come this billboard seemingly generates no interest from the Law Enforcement Community, or has it?

    8. All of this lunacy, of course, continues to reverberate through mainstream America like a plague of locusts. The average American doesn’t understand it, doesn’t like it and may well show their distaste at the voting booth in the midterms.

    9. I sure hope the left hasn’t been slipping in military advisors from Syria, Afghanistan, and etc. The deep stste hasn’t been smuggling in shipping containers of weapons. Pre-positioning them both all over the country. They are such liars.

        1. I have my eyes open been watching two of them. Two blocks from my house. Unsuccessful business with two out behind, nobody pays attention. Bills always paid never going out of business hardly a single customer.

      1. Cartels have been working with ISIS. They have smuggled lots of ISIS guys and weapons in. Don’t think that if we start fighting with each other, that outsiders will just munch popcorn and watch.

    10. This whole thing starts the day you send your kids to kindergarten. They start to indoctrinate the kids right there and as parents we should be attending school board meetings and getting involved to stop this from happening. They teach things like this group or that group is protected buy law. When in all reality we the people are supposed to be protected equally under the law! Not special treatment because of your skin color or sexual orientation. If kids grow up being taught crap , they don’t realize the truth and can’t tell when they are being used as pawns to do the work of traders. That is what I believe is happening.

    11. Resist 45 is an example of these people trespassing on private property to covey there message with graffiti, once again breaking the law with No consequences.

    12. If the democrats are so afraid of the Russians why did Obama and Clinton plus Kerry sell one fourth of the countries Uranium to the Russians, that’s what you use in a Nuclear Bombs.
      I haven’t heard anyone answer that question, we need to know why.

      1. I have my eyes open been watching two of them. Two blocks from my house. Unsuccessful business with two out behind, nobody pays attention. Bills always paid never going out of business hardly a single customer.

      2. Haven’t you figured out yet? The democrats are colluding with the Russians they are trying to keep attention away from their deals by accusing the republicans.

    13. The Southern Poverty Law Center (hereinafter SPLC) gets paid to label other groups and individuals as hate groups and racists. The SPLC has no other product to sell.

    14. To all you loony /brain rotted liberals: Some people have guns and backhoes. Be advised, you will attack the wrong person at some point. That person will then make America great. USA!

    15. I wouldn’t say that Hodgkinson knew “exactly” what he was doing. He was a terrible marksman, and evidently unfamiliar with his rifle, and that’s a good thing. However, Don McDougall’s comment on his strategic intention is very interesting. Also, I agree with Erickson’s idea that the extreme rhetoric will only make similar tragedies more likely.

    16. In addition to our EDCs, our yearly vacation to the beach this year saw me packing an AR and (7) loaded Pmags in with our luggage, cooler, and beach umbrella. THAT, folks, is where ‘we are’ as a country, courtesy of liberal Democrats.

    17. Notice that democrats actually commit many of the crimes of which they accuse Republicans. Clinton Russian collusion? Obama Russian collusion; obamacare ruins best medial system in the world. Clinton and obama pathological liars and traitors allowing foreign governments access to American classified information? Perish the thought – wink, wink.

    18. You’re wrong. The “ball park shooter” was not insane. His work Brent was to kill enough GOP house members to make Pelosi speaker and to let he begin articles of impeachment. He knew exactly what he was doing.

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