Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Perfected by Boyds Gunstocks, Which One to Pick? ~ VIDEO

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Perfected by Boyds Gunstocks
Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Perfected by Boyds Gunstocks

USA – -( Having sponsors is great, so having a great sponsor…….well you know where this is going.

Boyds Gunstocks, a company that has looked at you and at the fit of a rifle and figured out how to merge those 2 concepts into a product….they are a great sponsor.

So I decided to build, what for me would be the Ultimate Scout Rifle!

I started with the excellent Ruger Gunsite Scout, outstanding in every way, except for the polymer stock. From there, I got with Boyds GM, Dustin Knutson, to get an idea of what could match to it.

So I tried 2 different stocks, 1st being the ThumbHole Featherweight. this stock is absolutely beautiful, showcasing the Boyds method of shaping wood both ergonomically and aesthetically.

And then there is the At One Stock. This is an ingenious execution of wood and metal, creating a stock that morphs to fit your needs.

Next, I connected with Andy Langlois of Andys Leather. Andy runs an At One on one of his Scouts, and has been invaluable getting my head wrapped around the whole Scout Concept.

He also developed and made the Rhodesian Slings for a Scout belonging to a guy named Jeff Cooper.

Rounding out the set up is an excellent optic from a somewhat unsung come, Styrka Optics.

Both stocks get tried on and discussed.

Can you figure out which one I went with?

Filmed on a Sony a6500 and a Panasonic GH5

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I would be more than happy to put that extra stock to use…I have a wood stock stock now but nowhere near that pretty…It would blend in perfectly here in Montana where its brown 9 months a year…