Home Town Gun Store, The Marksman, the Latest Victim of Shopify Discrimination

Shopify Bans Firearms Gun Industry Items
Home Town Gun Store, The Marksman, the Latest Victim of Shopify Discrimination

Puyallup, WA, USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Shopify, a commonly used eCommerce platform, notified ‘The Marksman’ a Washington State indoor gun range and retail shop, that they will no longer support their eCommerce website ‘themarksman.net’. The new acceptable use policy (AUP), adopted by Shopify, no longer allows the sale of legal products sold by the Marksman.

The Marksman has been in business for over 38 years and has always enjoyed great community support by the public and Law Enforcement. We provide a safe place for our community to shoot and learn about safe firearms handling. Over the years we have educated, literally, thousands of people on how to safely handle and use firearms. With a database of over 60,000 members we consider ourselves the quintessential home town gun store.

The Marksman Gun Range Screengrab
The Marksman Gun Range Screengrab

When we entered into our relationship with Shopify they expressed no concern about the products we sell. We have spent thousands of dollars building and maintaining our ecommerce presence, as well as contributing to Shopify’s income. It is unacceptable to us that they now decided that they don’t like guns and therefore will proceed to terminate their relationship with The Marksman and many other firearms related companies.

As we are exploring our legal options, we are also reaching out to establish a new ecommerce partnership. We hope to minimize the inconvenience to our law abiding loyal customers.

Mike Grabowski for The Marksman

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Dick’s to close Stony Point store

Good news on the Dicks Sporting Goods front, hopefully more closures coming.

Edward Weber

What if Shopify decided not to do business with African-American businesses?


We create apps for small businesses, and would be happy to help The Marksman create their own app!

ryan at createappsquick dot com

Blake Templeton

If anyone is a firearm retailer and needs a payment processing platform please email me thomast atsign epbfi dot com

Stripe paypal square are also anti 2a, I have a solution that can convert your shopify store to another platform and its cheaper

VT Patriot

I’m old enough to remember another era when only news that was acceptable to ‘them’, and all other news was to be banned. Worked out great for one guy named Adolph for awhile.

R Swinney

Great drive firearm and ammunition sales underground, that will help. Drugs are and have been illegal for a very long time yet still readily available with zero control. This will only make guns more accessible to the criminal elements.

Sneaky White 13

Anyone know how to identify a company that uses the Shopify e-commerce platform? If you do… Please let the POTG know, so we can let other merchants know that are using Shopify that they (Shopify) are racist/discriminating against POTG of all races and creeds by denying us interstate commerce and the freedom to buy legal products. If I know how to identify Shopify, I can then DICK’S them….and then tell that company why I DICK’S’d them..because they use Shopify. In the meantime, any POTG merchants better be finding another ecommerce platform and ask for grarrantees they won’t suddenly get “Shopify… Read more »

Blake Templeton

You can scroll to the bottom of a web page and it will say something like this ecommerce platform is powered by shopify.


Go to BuiltWith.com and enter the website URL. The results will show the platform used as well as the various plug-ins deployed on the site.


When I lived in the Seattle area I and friends shot at the The Marksman many times they are great folks to work with. This picking and choosing when it comes to financial transactions of TOTALLY LEGAL COMMERCE NEEDS TO STOP. I know the NRA has a suit filed against New York State as Gov Andrew Cuomo is trying illegally to coerce financial companies into halting business relations with Second Amendment supporting groups and firearm sellers. This needs to get stopped the sooner the better, as there are several major bank HQ’d in New York City Lets Keep them from… Read more »


A well-trained (militia) public is most likely to be a safer society. So, that being said, it’s scurrilous of Shopify to deny the public of those classes which teach proper safety, handling and etiquette of some of the safest tools, sporting equipment and personal defense weapons – firearms! Oh yes, why the strong word of scurrilous? When an “ignorant ” people use or even simply handle firearms, such people are more likely to injure/ kill themselves or others and thereby strengthen their (libs) position against those beastly guns.

Andy Knaster

I would never dream of telling a business what to do, even if I disagree with it. However, if Shopify would have been committed to doing the right thing, it would give the range owner time to set up a new Web presence and then bounce customers over to the new site for a period of time. That would let them act within their convictions while not negatively impacting a current customer.

Dannie Gillispie

It’s funny the private sector is now deeming what is or isn’t palatable for us “Citezens”, only second to the government! We as citezens have endured worst and will get past this anti-gun phase. We are brave, we are strong and WE ARE AMERICANS!!! A MAN’S RIGHTS REST IN THREE BOXES, THE BALLOT BOX, THE JURY BOX AND THE CARTRIDGE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry Brickey

They are a Canadian company, I believe.


If a baker does not want to bake a “gay cake” then a service provider does not have to provide a platform for gun sales and the gun dealer and customer don’t have to support the service provider. Freedom goes all ways or it is just selective freedom.


It’s not quite like that.
The baker offered to sell them a standard cake
He refused to create a work of baking art celebrating a gay wedding.
That’s forced speech in favor of gays.
Shopify is more like a utility.
Refusing to do any business at all with a company selling a legal product.
Shopify can’t refuse to do business with black people or gays or Christians.
Why can they refuse guns?

Andy Knaster

It can refuse to sell a type of product without discriminating. It could refuse to sell alcohol, tobacco, porn, etc. in exactly the same way. My problem with Shopify is a rash decision adversely affected a customer. It should have provided a transition plan for current customers.