National SAFE Act Targeting Your Guns In The Making: Penned By Andrew Cuomo

New York's "SAFE Act"
New York’s “SAFE Act”

New York – -( Gun Rights Remain On The Center Stage.

With the midterm Congressional and Gubernatorial elections just around the corner, those Americans who support a strong Second Amendment must not sit idle.

You must vote for Congressional candidates and State Governors who will not only support the right of the people to keep and bear arms but who will actively defend that right against those who seek to destroy it.

The gun rights issue is of paramount importance and will take center stage if Cuomo Democrats win control of the House and Senate and if they take control of the States.

Destruction Of The Second Amendment Remains At The Top Of The List For Cuomo Democrats.

The Arbalest Quarrel has pointed out in our article, posted on August 1, 2018, that, although the immigration issue has been hyped by the mainstream media and by leftist politicians, in recent weeks and months, it is the Second Amendment that remains first and foremost, firmly in the cross hairs of those who seek to undermine our sacred Bill of Rights. And, sure enough, the exercise of gun rights is once again in the anti-gun zealots’ cross hairs.

In recent days, as the Governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo, gears up for a third term bid [for NY Governor], he has taken direct aim at the oldest Civil Rights Organization in the Country, the NRA. NRA exists to defend the single, most important right of the American people, the right of the people to keep and bear armsa right critical to the safeguarding of a free Republic, and critical to guaranteeing the autonomy and sanctity of the individual citizen, as the true sovereign authority in and of the United States.

The New York Times has taken the lead in shepherding New York residents to elect Cuomo to a third term in Office, making the point of telling the public, in an August 5, 2018 article, titled, “A New Brawl With the N.R.A.? Cuomo Seizes an Opportunity as a Primary Looms”— that “Mr. Cuomo has had a longstanding ideological commitment to gun control. . . [and that] in 2013, Mr. Cuomo successfully fought for passage of the Safe Act, making New York the first state to enact more stringent gun regulations after the Sandy Hook massacre. He has proudly touted his ‘F’ rating from the N.R.A.” Lest there be any doubt where Cuomo’s ultimate ambition lies, the New York Times adds, in that same article, that “he [Cuomo] has also made no secret of his belief that his actions on gun control have made his state a model for the nation—a handy argument for a politician who has garnered some mention as a possible 2020 candidate. ‘Use New York as a test case,’ Mr. Cuomo said in an interview of his gun control measures, including the Safe Act. ‘The state is a laboratory of democracy where I can say: We passed the law five years ago. Come look at our state.’”

Come look at New York, indeed! Imagine, if you will, a Nation, where the model for gun control, the New York Safe Act, becomes federal law—thrust on every State in the Union.

De Facto, if not outright de jure, repeal of the Second Amendment has been the goal of the Democratic Party for decades. And, Andrew Cuomo will lead the charge on eviscerating the Second Amendment. Long before Democrats changed their position on illegal immigration—calling at an earlier time for curbs on such immigration, they now extol an open borders policy that would essentially open the floodgates, letting flow, like an angry river into this Country, tens, perhaps even hundreds, of millions of low-skilled migrants, along with a large contingent of criminal gangs and refugees from failed states of the Middle East—Democrats have never wavered but have consistently attacked the sacred, natural right codified in the Second Amendment. They have done so incessantly, unceasingly, vehemently. That single issue is what defines them. That single issue is what motivates them, like no other. For, they know that: once the right of the people to keep and bear arms is destroyed, they–these Cuomo Democrats and other leftists–will do away with other fundamental rights and liberties. In so doing, they contrive and machinate to contort our Nation into a thing unrecognizable, an entity completely alien to the aims and desires of the founders of a Free Republic. These Cuomo Democrats seek to create a quagmire, a geographical “Place,” no longer an Independent, Sovereign Nation–but merely a place–overrun by unassimilable alien people. These Cuomo Democrats and other leftists who seek to destroy our Nation–a Nation founded on natural rights and liberties–intend to destroy the very fabric of our Nation: its memory; its history, its values, its culture, its ethos. They intend to wipe the slate clean. And, to assist them in their detestable endeavor, they conspire to bring into our Country, such denizens of other Countries who have no understanding of, no appreciation for, and, in fact, no concept of, a Nation that exists under and by the will of the people alone–a Nation whose people are endowed by their Creator with fundamental, natural rights and liberties–rights and liberties intrinsic to their very being: incorruptible, immutable, beyond the power of Government to deny, to ignore, to erase.

Cuomo Democrats Do Not Perceive The Bill Of Rights As Codifying Natural Rights, But As A Creation Of Man That Can, Therefore, Be Amended Or Deleted At Will.

Not surprisingly, Cuomo Democrats and other leftists’ disdain for the Second Amendment is reflected in their rebuke of the very notion that the Bill of Rights embodies and codifies a set of basic, natural rights endowed to man by the Creator, intrinsic to man’s very being. As Cuomo Democrats and other leftists savagely, mindlessly, mercilessly attack the right of the people to keep and bear arms of the Second Amendment, they have also attacked the right of free speech, codified in the First Amendment, and they have attacked the very notion of private property rights codified in the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They consider these rights trivial, anachronistic to, and an anathema to the “new” Socialist Order they wish to create. In their scheme, these Cuomo Democrats, and these other leftists residing in our Nation, consider the Nation’s sacred rights to be merely man-made conventions, capable of excision or rescission, at the stroke of the pen.

Thus, these Cuomo Democrats and these other leftists belittle the Nation’s Bill of Rights, and belittle, too, and especially, the right of the people to keep and bear arms. At every turn these Cuomo Democrats and these other leftists contrive to undermine the sanctity of our sacred rights. In their insidious design first to trivialize the Nation’s fundamental rights–natural rights, codified in the Nation’s Bill of Rights by the framers of our Constitution–they seek, second, eventually, to strike these fundamental, natural rights from the Constitution, substituting for them, such man-made rights, they happen to construct for the moment; rights that happen, for the moment, to comprise their wish list, consistent with and commensurate with their plans for a new Socialist Order they intend to impose on Americans.

And what are some of these new rights? Investor Business Daily wrote, presciently, in 2016, that: “They [Democrats] talk about the ‘right to affordable health care,’ the ‘right to a college education,’ the ‘right to a livable wage.’ But at the same time, many of these same Democrats have been agitating to restrict or outright repeal existing rights enshrined in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.” 


Conservative commentators must speak out against the perils of a Congress controlled by the Democratic Party, and they must do so continuously. They must emphasize the threat that Cuomo Democrats and other leftists pose to the continued sanctity of and continuity of the Bill of Rights and, especially, the threat they pose to the Second Amendment.

Yet, conservative commentators remain, for the most part, reticent. Oddly, even the conservative commentator Sean Hannity fails to mention that Cuomo Democrats would strive to weaken the Second Amendment if they gained control of the House and the Senate. On his nightly Fox news broadcasts, Hannity rightly warns the American public about specific dangers posed by a Democratic Party takeover of Congress, including Democrats’ intention to impeach President Trump and their commitment to an open borders immigration policy, but he says nothing about Cuomo led Democrats’ devious, scurrilous plans to enact restrictive firearms measures, on the National stage, in the event they take over the House, and, possibly, the Senate as well.

Is The Writing On The Wall?

If Democrats do in fact take over Congress, after the November 2018 midterm elections, and if Andrew Cuomo is elected to a third term as Governor of New York, Cuomo will be taking his plans for a National New York Safe Act to a receptive Congress, where he will lead the pack to destroy the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Of that, there can be no doubt.


Arbalest Quarrel

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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You’re all full of shit, the Democrats are not trying to repeal the Second Amendment go fuck yourselves you’re just trying to make sure Cuomo doesn’t win the election good luck with that bitches


What an eloquent, well thought out comment. Proud to be a fellow citizen of yours.

Wild Bill

@BS, You are aware that the SCOTUS has already stated that the Right to own and carry firearms is not dependent upon the Second Amendment? The Second Amendment merely enumerates the Civil Right.
You are further aware that many Democrat National Socialist party members have said openly that they do want to eliminate the Right to own firearms?

James Stout

It will be a civil war, if the government tries to to remove all gun from the American people.
It’s a fact, that the United states was not in invaded, due to the gun ownership during WW2. Not only did they worry about being shot at by our military, but by the ordinary citizen, too. Our history needs to be remembered.


You need to get your head out of your ass… it’s not just the Democrats. The Repblicans have controlled the NYS Senate since 2011 (before NYSAFE was passed). They helped pass NYSAFE and have sice passed the annual budget which provides funding for the administration and enforcement of NYSAFE, The current GOP contender against Cuomo, Marc Molinaro is a fraud. His choice/acceptance of gun-control advocate Julie Killian as Lt Gov running mate is a huge Red Flag. Add to that that he is anti-Trump. Plus he has said regarding abortion and gay/lesbian marriage “I accept that this is settled law… Read more »


Not only that, but were it not for RINO Rockefeller, and RINO Pataki, there would be no anti-gun law for Cuomo to have built “progressively” his S.A.F.E. Instead, he relied on former Progressives Rockefeller, who said he wished he’d had the courage to run from the GOP, and into the DemocRATic(k) camp. And Pataki, who promised no gun control during his administration when he first ran passed the anti-gun “ASSault Weapons” ban, the same one that sunset in 2004 thanks to NRA, and which became permanent for NYers, as did similar legislation in Caw-lee-phon-ee-uh, as Ahnold Schwarzenegger calls it. NY… Read more »


If Republicans promised a boat load of free bees to all the indigents in the country there would be no contest to winning their vote. However, the repubs would lose the conservative voters and the end result might be that the GOP may be in worse shape than they are now. The only chance we have to survive without having to call someone comrade is to vote and make it count. Your safety depends on it.


This is what is specifically wrong with this country these better than you idiots think that they have the solution to all our problems, yet they are the problem, it goes back to the people who made the problem trying to fix it. They say anything to get elected and then so long sucker I’m in now so f you, these people have been crooks all their live some are still in prison apple doesn’t fall fat from the tree


Cuomos statement that the USA was never that great should be an insight as to how he feels about his country. No person with a distaste for the land that made he and his family wealthy should ever hold office.


If the voters of New York State again elect Cuomo, the following conclusion is unmistakeable. They deserve the screwing they will get. The voters also need to take a close look at those they send to the state legislature.

Thomas J.

Not all of us do. We stand and fight against these tyrants. We just need help overcoming the socialist enclave to the south. Most (counties) of NYS doesn’t like Pandrew. It’s hard to get the socialists to the south in a sane mindset.

Wild Bill

@Tom J. I agree that not all New Yorkers do. The patriots in New York have a huge dilemma and lots of work ahead, but Cuomo has shot himself in the foot. Time to open the wound further.


Cuomo, a dumb TWAT surrounded by a large contingent of ARMED guards who wants to END your right to self-defense and to destroy the Second Amendment.
Ever notice how ALL of these anti-gun, anti Second Amendment morons are ALWAYS surrounded by armed guards and live in fenced protected areas?
That even applies to the little would be Hitler HOGG, who is ALWAYS surrounded by armed protection when he spews at a public event. His little ignorant ass SHOULD be drafted into the Army and sent to Afghanistan for an education.


Plus the DemoRats keep embracing the Socialists only for their votes, once elected they will turn on them, however, it will be too late and the Socialists will turn on the Democrats. Mark my words.


Andrew Cuomo is a piece of shit like his father Mario,vote him out!


Andrew is a piece of shit and so was his father Mario,vote him out.

James Andrews

Screw the Democrats and the commie Cuomo! They will lose a lot of elections nationwide this year!


Hay people, we have to REMOVE CUOMO from NEW YORK . VOTE him out of OFFICE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>VOTE.


If NY wants him for governor for a third time good ! He will be isolated to 1 of 50 states and not RULER of all 50 states . Keep him busy f###ing up NY and he’ll hang himself .

.Jim Aldredge

First we need candidates that will defend the 2A. Here in SE Bucks County, PA we have only RINOS or DIMMs.
Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick(R) is proud to have the Endorsement of Gabby Giffords anti-gun group and our State Representative, Marguerite Quinn(R) has rallied with Mothers Demand Action, happily wearing their T Shirt. Both are running for re-election/election in Nov. Both have submitted antigun legislation. The DIMMs are worse, of course, but isn’t the “Lesser of 2 Evils” still Evil? WTF can be done with such cowardice when there is No-Vote is to vote for the Dimms. Screwed.

Wild Bill

@jh45gun A, The battle is won or lost in the primaries. If all you have are rinos and homosocialists dims, then you are in a tough position. Time to think about next time. There are lots of “not corrupted yet” candidates that could be selected from the ranks of our young veterans. Those young veterans could be a huge challenge to rinos … next time.

Jim Macklin

The People see the Bill of Rights as protection. Governments sees it as a challenge to be over come.


Unfortunately, most people have no clue what really is IN the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. Civics and the Constitution have not been taught in schools, either public or private, for a few decades, thus a few generations do not know anything about the principles the Founding Fathers fought for and spelled out, signed as a Declaration to King George and the world at large, that this country was free. Our government is neutral. It is the people elected into the government that are our ENEMY. Purportedly, Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” It is… Read more »


One can get their ass to a Republican meeting, get the signatures needed to become committeemen, have your friends who feel similarly do the same, take the party back from the RINO’s, but if I was a betting man I’d bet you haven’t been to a local meeting, haven’t ever taken the time to meet & greet politicians, and get to know them one on one, and for them to know you, and your issues. Without being vocal, without standing up for yourself, all you can do is complain. Be a problem solver by getting involved.


You are failing to see that the Bill of Rights merely enumerated rights you have. It did not give you those rights. Those rights are innate, natural, God given, or nature’s god. See, here is where most people fail to understand the Constitution, and the men who wrote it. They didn’t see your rights as being offered by government. They saw each individual as their own sovereign with rights, and responsibilities, to ourselves, and others. They, also, understood that rights, and being your own sovereign, meant you have a potential to be a king, or even a God in your… Read more »


Dear Mr. Cuomo. GFY you elitist hypocritical scum. It will never happen and if tried will result in a revolution that will make the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 look like a picnic. You forget which side has more guns, 300 million to be specific.


Both sides have guns. They aren’t all owned solely by Republicans, or Democrats. War benefits no one except those who would enslave us all, and our foreign enemies. Unfortunately, some in our own government have become domestic enemies.


“safety” grabbers should consider that…a lot of things can happen to dog s**t