California Chamber Of Commerce Tries to Leave Out GOP Politicians


Antonio Sabato right
Antonio Sabato right

Califonia – -( As they say all politics is local. A local Califonia chamber of commerce was setting up a “meet the candidates” event, there was only one problem they were not inviting any of the conservative GOP candidates to the presentation. Antonio Sabato running for CA26 and Rhonda Kennedy for State Assembly 44 were somehow excluded from the agenda.

So, when I pointed this out, gave out the name a phone number of the coordinator of the event and ran a small email campaign calling them out all hell broke loose. Yes, in the email campaign I used the very words you see above.

Initially, the left assumed I was a bot. A Russian computer avatar designed for no other reason than to frighten children and destroy democracy in America.

Then I was a shill for the GOP, part of a vast rightwing conspiracy to stalk and intimidate anyone who will not back and support Trump and his racist and homophobic, anti-freedom agenda. Somewhere in the conversation the existence of right-wing death squads even came up.

For the record, I laughingly deny any and all knowledge of right-wing death squads. It seems to me all the violence is on the left.

Lastly, I got a call for the head of the GOP for the county asking if I could pull the offensive verbiage from the message; seems the liberals hated it when their racism is pointed out to them in public, and he was getting blamed.

In talking to two members of the Chambers of Commerce, they were blunt. No way a GOP candidate could win, and unless we show allegiance to the Democrats there would be a price for them to pay. (I’m a small business owner in the City, and so I know some of the members.)

Running for the local city council are three women, while they WERE anti-gun activists who organized “Death to the NRA” protest rallies and threatened NRA members they now plan to (if elected) change the zoning laws and eliminate all gun stores in the City and ask the Sherriff to stop issuing CCWs within City limits. More than that they have promised revenge against the restaurants who hosted Friends of NRA events.

EVERYONE must pay for not staying on the plantation.

This is what America has become. If you’re the Left, your goal is not to advance the country it is to destroy your opposition and anyone who disagrees with you.

The left has isolated itself. They de-friend anyone they disagree with and only talk to those who share their opinions and beliefs. To them anyone they disagree with MUST be wrong, and a minority voice that is unenlightened and uneducated. They ARE the elite in their minds, and they act like it.

Grudgingly the Chamber has decided to let the conservative candidates attend.

It is the end of American democracy when:

  • When you have a President, who promotes FBI agents and DOJ official based on their loyalty to the Democrat Party.
  • When you have political parties offer almost $1 million for the wife of an FBI agent to run for Congress, while that agent is investigating your candidate.
  • When promoting your party takes precedence over doing right by people.

It is the same as we see here in a local setting as in Washington. Ultimately this is what got Donald Trump elected, and the drive to destroy him is to keep power in the hands of the liberal elite.

There are 120,000,000 gun owners in the US. WE ARE THE LARGEST VOTING BLOCK IN THE COUNTRY. Yet we are treated like crap by the left. They use threats and intimidation to cow good people; to silence anyone who disagrees. Like the local chamber, support the democrat or pay a price. With 15,000 illegal aliens voting in CA26 every year nothing is ever supposed to change, the left see themselves as having a monolithic hold on power.

Rally to our cause. It is more than just the defense of the 2nd; it is the defense of our Republic.

Let me be blunt. All politics is local. With the elections so close find a local candidate YOU can support. I don’t care who they are but who you can vote for. Then donate some time.

Make a difference; we are not just the militia, we are the grassroots that make a republic survive. God bless you all, and yes you make a difference but most of all VOTE Tuesday, November 6, 2018

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • 14 thoughts on “California Chamber Of Commerce Tries to Leave Out GOP Politicians

    1. “When promoting your party takes —prescience— over doing right by people.”

      I think that your spell checker has arisen up and bitten you. The word “prescience” means “knowing something before it happens.” I think you typed “precedence,” meaning “priority of importance.

      Otherwise, I agree with everything you have written.

    2. THE enemy (axes powers ) of WW2 never invaded the U.S. , BECAUSE of the second army(hunters and sportsmen) they were armed and new the area. Keep that in mind when the LEFT goes after your FIRST AMEND (because of the second amend .) and tries to take ALL YOUR RIGHTS away THEY ARE POWER HUNGARY.

    3. It appears some of the California’s Democrats have morphed from socialism to facism. As socialist they want the government to take care of everyone. As facist they want the government to control your life. Anyone who remembers Hitler and Stalin would not consider that a good thing.

      1. Michael, your comment is exactly what the author of the piece was pointing out, that if you don’t agree with the left you must be demonized or destroyed, regardless if they could improve the lives of the public. Thanks for making your position so much clearer for us all.

      2. @michael, Your comment is typical of a certain group of elitists, who are willing to do anything to get and keep power. Hilliary Clinton called for a change in our form of government, yesterday. So their goal is no longer a secret. If the elitists get power we can look forward to a government that ignores the Constitution, and most particularly so the Bill of Rights.
        It is no longer conservative versus liberal. It is no longer Repub. against Democrat. Now, it is elitist opposed to everyone else. Their tool is the false promise of something for nothing and the useful idiots bite on it every time.
        Do you honestly believe that the elitists will have a place for you in the new order, michael? Do you think that when the wealth is redistributed they will share it with you, michael? Do you think that there will be more opportunity for you when wealth and power is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. Are you a member of one of America’s would be ruling families, michael?

        1. @WB Spot on my friend. The uneducated swine that control the “left” know what they are doing, but their following have no idea what the plan is.
          Free schooling, free food, free housing, and no-one will ever have to work again. What could ever go wrong?

      3. @Michael,

        There are two things that you may have failed to consider.

        The one that will affect you most directly, assuming that the Left gains total control of the government, is that historically, the New Left always kills off the Old Left as their first move in consolidating power.

        The second one is the assumption that the Right will go gently into that good night. That ignores the nature of people who have made up the majority of the Armed Services, and constitute the majority of the Right. Unlike the people who Antifa and BLM attack, they are used to fighting back.

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