Amsterdam Stabbing, You Have Your Own Opinion, But Not Your Own Facts


Stabbing of 2 Americans in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Stabbing, You Have Your Own Opinion, But Not Your Own Facts

Ft Collins, CO –-( “That’s a fact, Jack!”

“John” (played by Bill Murray), in the 1981 feature film “Stripes”

Last Friday, two American tourists were singled-out, attacked, and stabbed by a 19-year-old Afghan Jihadi within a busy train station in Amsterdam. Central Station is, in fact, the entry and exit point for most visitors to Amsterdam.

The suspect, knife still in hand, was subsequently confronted by, and immediately shot by, Dutch police. The suspect and the two victims of his unprovoked attack are all expected to recover.

Based on statements by the perpetrator after his arrest, Dutch authorities said on Saturday that the suspect had “a terrorist motive.

On Sunday, they curiously revised their assessment (under pressure from the tourist industry), saying, “The victims were not chosen deliberately, nor with a clear reason”

Unclear motives? Oh, please! Don’t insult my intelligence!

Islamic terrorists, invited in by leftist politicians, are now out-of-control in Holland, and in most of Western Europe and the UK. They will continue to physically harm Western interests and citizens at every opportunity.

They have their holy orders.

Friday’s focused attack on Americans is thus typical of what we’re going to see for the foreseeable future.

Cowardly politicians and bureaucrats, here and there, will continue to stick their collective heads in the sand and insist that there is no problem and that all this bloodshed is just in our imaginations!

The sage neither believes, nor trust, anything they say, nor should we!

We don’t believe the leftist propaganda, nor depend on “luck,” to keep us healthy!

We depend upon our own well-practiced skills and good judgment.

“The familiar clause, ‘It’s better to be lucky than good’ is the most ridiculous homily ever uttered! In any competitive endeavor, you have to be damned good, before ‘luck’ can be of any use to you at all.” ~ Garry Kasparov


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Only a full blown idiot would think this arab was not a terrorist looking for an American to attack. When will these so called leaders admit the arab is the problem and only by elimination of the problem will peace make an appearance.

A.X. Perez

Lucky and Good- You need to be lucky enough to survive getting good and good enough to take advantage of your luck. Proper training ( for which I admit a need) speeds up getting good.


And the Orlando Nightclub shooting was simply a domestic disturbance. Or the San Bernardino shooters were workplace violence. All this to hide the fact that we have Islamic followers, not necessarily extremists, who are carrying out their version of jihad in our country and Amsterdam and all over the UK because we (the west) allowed them in knowing that their ideological beliefs were incompatible with western society. It’s the same as letting in known mexican murderers and giving them a path to citizenship. We don’t have to and we shouldn’t.


Europe’s MUSLIM PROBLEMS are largely self-created.


Mike has it right.


We might just be hung up on semantics.
He could have terrorism inspired motives but no direct ties to a terrorist organization.
I can see how that distinction with it’s somewhat minor differences might be a lot more concerning if you’re tasked with preserving the nation’s appeal to international tourists.
I suppose you would just call it a “hate crime” if the stabbing was the unplanned act of a disturbed individual with crazy religious views.
I’m not sure that’s gonna look much better in a “trip advisor” review though.


When politicians are so transparently lying through their teeth about an issues like violent crime and immigration, how can you believe they’re telling the truth about ANY OTHER issue at all? There used to be a joke which asked how to tell if a politician was lying – the answer, of course, was to look to see if his lips were moving.

It’s not funny any more.


Nowadays, to determine if most politicians are lying, simply check to see whether they are still breathing.


So why then do we (Americans) continue to visit and do business in the countries that are welcoming and harboring these cowardly thugs? Stay home, see the USA or use your vacation time to do some good or charitable thing.


YOU have it exactly right. Decades ago I traveled extensively through Central America and the islands, one of which had just outlawed voodoo. They all loved Americans and welcomed me. Now one of them is classified as the murder capital of the world! I then decided to see this country by motorcycle. From the winding, then beautiful streets of San Francisco, down the coast to Amarillo, to a propane generator powered gas station in the middle of the Mojave Desert to Amarillo, Texas to Donald’s Servateria in Pratt, Kansas to the third largest helium producing plant in the WORLD, located… Read more »


Vanns40 – Nailed it – flyover country is best seen by motorcycle, I’ve done about 30 states that way 😉

Clark Kent

Best seen by a motorcycle if you want to closely examine the pavement in each state. No thanks; I will stick with automobiles for travel.

Mark Zanghetti

Then at least consider renting a convertible for part or all of your trip or maybe take the train, either will give you a very different view of the country than you are used to seeing. If not interested in taking a motorcycle, I highly recommend the train for a radically different view than you a are used to seeing.