Ignorance Kills When it Comes to Guns & Gun Policy. Here is the rest of the story.


There is a reason white women voted in a majority for Trump.
Ignorance Kills When it Comes to Guns & Gun Policy

U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- This was a tragedy. Last year, a young woman was shot and killed in a road rage incident. That breaks my heart.

Now, a Pennsylvania legislator proposes to outlaw all loaded firearms in cars. That sounds good. Gun control offers us the myth of perfection. In contrast, reality is messy, but reality includes a lot of lives that are saved when honest people protect themselves with a gun. Fantasy gun prohibition laws may feel good, but they cost lives.

We’ve seen this pattern before. Someone is murdered and then we want to outlaw that particular situation. We can’t drive red cars, or imported pickup trucks, or carry a certain type of gun in a certain place. That is a false solution and the real cure is to dig deeper. If we fail to understand the full context of what happens then we will cost lives rather than save them. Here is the rest of the story.

I look for and analyse examples of armed self-defense. These news stories seldom make the national media so you probably didn’t know they happen thousands of times a day. I see the examples where an armed citizen saved their life and the lives of other innocent victims. I see it a lot, so let me share a few of them with you.

In one recent case, a man came out of his home to save his neighbor and her nine year old daughteras they were being beaten on the sidewalk in front of his home. The defender stopped the attack because he had a firearm. The woman and her child were both hospitalized because of the injuries they received in the beating.

Gun control says these victims would be safer if their neighbor was disarmed.

In another recent case, a woman stopped her ex-boyfriend who tried to force his way into her apartment. She had been beaten before so she had a restraining order that forbade contact. That piece of legal paper may have kept her out of jail, but her gun may have kept her out of the hospital or the morgue.

I also reported on an odd case of a serial stalker. This sick man had over 20 victims in the northern Ohio area. A judge sentenced the stalker to jail. This creative judge also provided free concealed carry classes for all of the victims. Stalking and domestic abuse is a disease of creeping doubt where each victim thinks they are alone and powerless. These classes in armed defense let the victims see that they are not alone and they are not powerless. Women are a fast growing segment of those applying for their concealed carry permits.

The fantasy of gun-prohibition says these women would be safer if they were disarmed.

Defensive Handgun Class
Victoria Hickey gets instruction from Cornered Cat instructor kathy Jackson during a GunStart women only defensive handgun class Saturday afternoon. The three day course taught students gun safety and handgun defense techniques. To see more on the class see page A10 and visit frontiersman.com for an audio slide show.

In theory, we’d be safer if “all guns were outlawed”. In practice, we would disarm the honest citizens who save lives every day.

I started this story with the tragic murder of a young woman in a road rage incident. That incident shocks us, but it isn’t the whole story. Data from the US government says we defend ourselves with a firearm over 8 thousand times on an average day. Hundreds of sexual assaults are stopped because the intended victim is armed.

Unfortunately, these honest gun owners are disarmed as we pass more knee-jerk legislation. We want simple solutions, but not so simple that they make things worse rather than better.

Ignorance of the facts about self-defense is dangerous. Gun-control will get more of us killed.


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  • 12 thoughts on “Ignorance Kills When it Comes to Guns & Gun Policy. Here is the rest of the story.

    1. Safer disarmed? Yeah like Rwanda, eh? You will also need to collect up all the machetes, hammers, baseball bats, kitchen knives, razor blades, sharp sticks, rocks larger than a pebble, socks (dangerous when filled with pebbles or sand), fists, feet, rope, piano wire . . . . . . . . . . .yeah. Pick ’em all up. Then we’ll be safe. Like Cain and Abel were safe, eh? Morons.

    2. why do cops carry guns? To protect themselves from the law-abiding vast majority of gun owners or from the really bad guys who carry illegal, unregistered firearms and are willing to use them. I’m of a mind to turn iin my firearms when the police, FBI, ETC. DO!!?

    3. The Pennsylvania elected official who proposed this ridiculous legislation, along with her supporters, should be soundly rejected in the soon to be held elections. The question is, will they be rejected by the voters. Time will answer that question.

    4. I said this awhile ago, the disease is spreading, state by state, ME, RI, CONN, NY, NJ MD, DEL, DC, CAL, and it keeps spreading, people have to get out and vote and stop this assault on our constitution and our rights that are being destroyed, I never thought I would see this country dissolve into a herd of sheep!!!!!!!!! Who is the idiot legislator in PA that wants to get this on the books? Tell us so we can vote this scum out to the unemployment line!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. The disease is spreading from state to state. If this law passes then doesn’t the state need to refund the cost of the CCW/ or at least in part due to the limitation of the CCW rights ? This would really change the total purpose of the CCW for personal & family protection at any given time. Or maybe they intend to put a police officer on each corner & every 1/2 mile! That sounds about as stupid as the law !!!!

    6. When will people realize that gun control, etc.are propaganda being presented by foreign operatives trying to disrupt the American way.let’s call it terrorism from within.

    7. I will surrender my weapons on the same day that all Law Enforcement agencies, including Secret Service, FBI, etc., surrender theirs. Until then, I will carry, always.

      1. I won’t surrender my weapons. I’m going to be buried with mine. You can never be sure of who you’re going to meet.

    8. The rest of the story is that there are bills in the house HB2669 and senate SB1264 in PA to make it illegal to carry a loaded pistol, revolver, shotgun or rifle in any vehicle. That takes away the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens with carry permits to protect themselves and loved ones while traveling. It also goes against Pa Castle Doctrine

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