Jerrold Nadler a Nightmare for Second Amendment Supporters

Nightmare Jerrold Nadler (Wikimedia Commons photo by Rhododendrites)
Nightmare Jerrold Nadler (Wikimedia Commons photo by Rhododendrites)

New York/DC – -( In the 2018 mid-term elections, there is a chance that the Democrats could take control of the House of Representatives. While the fact that Nancy Pelosi would be speaker is well-known, there is something else to keep in mind: Every committee and subcommittee chairmanship would also change hands. One committee chairmanship in the House would be crucial for Second Amendment supporters.

The committee in question: The House Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over firearms legislation.

Currently, with Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, the chairman is Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, who has an excellent record of supporting the Second Amendment according to Project Vote Smart. Goodlatte, who is term-limited out as a committee chairman, is stepping down. With Lamar Smith and Jim Sensenbrenner having both served, the next Republican to take the lead on this committee is up in the air.

If the Democrats take control of the house though, the likely choice is Jerrold Nadler, who represents the 10th Congressional District of New York according to

To say it bluntly, the man would be a nightmare for Second Amendment supporters.

Nadler has been in Congress since 1993, and in the quarter-century since, he has been someone you could rely on to vote against our Second Amendment rights. According to Project Vote Smart, in 1993, he not only voted for the Brady Act, he wanted to make it a permanent five-day waiting period to get a handgun. He voted against the National Instant Check System. The next year, Nadler voted for the ban on certain semi-automatic firearms that expired in 2004.

In 1996, he voted against the repeal. In 1998, he opposed mandatory minimum sentences for the misuse of a firearm in a crime. He voted to kill gun shows in 1999, against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act in 2003 and 2005, and he opposed efforts to scale back DC’s draconian gun laws in 2008 and 2014. In recent years, he has opposed concealed carry reciprocity and voted against the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act.

In terms of his voting record, Nadler is just as bad as Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein. There is one major difference – he has just been much more low-key, and as a result, he is under the radar. Feinstein made that famous “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them in,” declaration on 60 Minutes. Schumer has so much love for media attention that there are jokes that the most dangerous place in the country is to be between him and a TV camera.

Nadler’s district is a very liberal one in New York City. As such, his Republican challenger, Naomi Levin, is not likely to win, even though she is campaigning actively. According to Project Vote Smart, her positions on issues of concern to Second Amendment supporters is unknown – but given Nadler’s track record of hostility, it may be a gamble worth taking. Her campaign site is here.

If we are to keep this enemy of our Second Amendment rights from being the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, the real key will be to support pro-Second Amendment candidates elsewhere in the country.

You voting in the November 6 2018 election will be crucial to ensure that Jerrold Nadler is kept away from the levers of power.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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so to sum it all up the man is a total asshole.


Oh, the situation is worse than that, because he is in cahoots with a bunch of other arseholes. These people plan many years in advance. After they get America disarmed, then you will see killing on a grand scale. Look what they did to the Czar and the Russian people 100 years ago, for an example. Read John 8:44 for an introduction, and bone up on the Kalergi Plan. They got big plans for their new world order, and the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and your individual rights are seen as the big impediment that they must do away… Read more »

J Eric Fuller

It might be fun to own some real, actual weapon that is used in a war zone. Why bother either to regulate who has access to such awesome fire power.?? 100 round clips, ‘bump’ stocks, concealed weapons – kind of makes everywhere into our own war zone in all public spaces throughout this great land. The people in, say, Australia and Japan are deprived of the freedom of having a hundred gun deaths and twice that wounded every day, some to go into the hospital for the rest of their lives. Stimulates the health care and insurance industries with billions… Read more »

W. Letendre

Just like they call our guns “assault weapons”, we should simply call them “Assault Democrats”.

Norman Dvorak

The 2nd Amendment clearly states “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. These 4 words clearly state that the 2nd Amendment cannot be changed or altered or eliminated. There can be no law enacted that goes against the 2nd Amendment. Any law that does go against the 2nd Amendment is an unjust law and it is not only the people’s right to not obey such ls but it is also their obligation. If our Constitution was followed in this Republic of the United States then the Constitution is the law and every law written should abide by the Constitution. If it doesn’t then… Read more »


I agree that Jerrold is a nightmare for Second Amendment supporters. His beliefs about guns are flawed and dangerous.


And the Supremacy Clause, found in Article 6 of the US Constiturion, spells it out quite succinctly that any law that does not comply with the US Constitution, which is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, is null and void from inception and no one has a duty to obey it OR enforce it. Which means that there are thousands and thousands of illegal laws on the books, put there by pusillanimous fink legislators and politicians and bankster gangsters, to make it easy for them to carry out their agenda of enslaving every one of us, just as President Kennedy… Read more »

Mark Koernke



hell no on anti-2a d-suckers


ANYONE that will actually “THINK” about casting a vote for a DEMOCOMMUNIST are mentally ILL, and do not care about this country. You WILL, when you are disarmed. Check your history and READ what “happens” to people when the guns (OUR ONLY DEFENSE AGAINST A TYRANNICAL “government”)are taken away from ALL law-abiding citizens.
(that is IF you can find an “unrevised” history book.). Are you ready to be ENSLAVED or “ELIMINATED” as the DEMOCOMMUNISTS see fit?? This has happened throughout history. Think about it before you VOTE.

Mark Koernke

So once again it comes down to…”are you going to surrender them, or use them for what they were intended?” Organize, arm,and train as Militia for mutual defense Set up a 5/10 program in your AO. Logistics. The key to victory. I have decided that chains don’t fit me but bullets will fit into my enemy just fine. Slave of free, which will you be? Mark Koernke Liberty1775

Timothy Votaw

Who in the hell votes these fools into office? Rhetorical question, but food for thought about where this nation is heading, that someone like Nadler gets re-elected so often. Congress is full of bad choices by voters. Wow.

Mark Koernke



No doubt this fifth columnist is a dual citizen neo-Conman, and has signed “The Pledge” that ex-Senator Cynthia McKinney refused to sign. No doubt he is looking forward to the fruition of the “Kalergi Plan” so that he can be one of our esteemed elite “spiritual leaders”, leading us down the path to total slavery and hell.

Charles Moore

The Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over firearms legislation??? No, . . . . the Constitution has jurisdiction over firearms legislation, of which there is not to be ANY. National Carry Reciprocity? Get a copy of our Constitution and take a look at Article 4, Sections 1 and 2. We seriously need our people AND our conservative representatives in Congress to WAKE UP!

L.L. Smith

Gun owners are Jerrold Nadler’s worst nightmare.


Does anyone else notice an uncanny resemblance between this guy and Richard Nixon? (I’m not saying Nixon was as bad as Nadler, just speaking of facial similarity.)


He is in bad company with the likes of New York’s Blooming Idiot (Bloomberg), and New Jersey’s WhiningBerg (Loretta Wineberg), all of them bucking for the Kalergi Award. Someone should school them on the Supremacy Clause (Article Six) of the US Constitution. Our Esteemed Founders foresaw that they would one day gain power over us.

Missouri Born

He has been in congress for 25 years….just another reason for term limits.


Career politicians are in need of removal. They become so distanced from the real world they are unable to connect with the voters they are supposed to represent. Get out and vote these guys out of office this fall!

Clark Kent

Term limits are already enshrined in our Constitution. They are called elections and are held on a regular basis. The REAL problem is most citizens can’t get off of their collective fat azzes to bother to REGISTER to vote; much less cast a ballot. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.


It is a common misconception that having the vote means term limits. That is exactly the narrative and exactly what career politicians want people to believe. The fact is once the politician gets in office money follows for favors, votes on bills etc. So the sheer amount of money from special interests and lobbyists plus publicity and name recognition makes it almost impossible to anyone to run against them. Any semi intelligent person should be able to see this. Also once they get in office they become wholly corrupted by the perks, money, power, influence, go along to get along… Read more »


It is past time to hold all of these ANTI-Amendment “congress” people accountable. The act of voting against the ownership or restrictions of LEGAL AMERICAN WEAPON OWNERS – – – – IS – – – – cause to remove them from EVERY official position in ALL of OUR government.
As the Second Amendment restates: There shall be NO INFRINGMENTS on the ownership or carrying of weapons by Americans who are NOT WANTON to harm others!!

Mark Koernke

You are RIGHT!


The shape of his head/face reminds me of a garbage bag sitting on the street for pickup. Or maybe the Glum Pumpkin. Pretty appropriate isn’t it ?

Wild Bill

@Rock, Yep, garbage bag. The Glum Pumpkin would be a waste of a good pumpkin.

Mark Koernke