Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Pompous Hypocrite, Criticizes Brett Kavanaugh? ~ VIDEO

USA – -( What took place in a Senate Hearing Room, on September 28, 2018, will go down in American history as one the most sordid, outrageous, abjectly shameless, and disgusting episodes in U.S. Senate history.

Americans bear witness to nothing less than wholesale character assassination: the attempted murder of a person’s very self by Congressional Democrats. They have engaged in character assassination for what it is that Brett Kavanaugh represents to them–defeat of their Agenda for this Nation–rather than for who Brett Kavanaugh is.

But, did these Democrats honestly think that this last minute gambit would actually work?

Apparently so, since they made sure it would play out if Judge Kavanaugh would not step aside, as Senate Minority Leader, Schumer, pugnaciously, sanctimoniously insisted he do. One may well ask: would Chuck Schumer and other Democrats have stepped aside had the same attempt at character assassination been directed at them? Do they have the fortitude, the stamina to withstand such an attack? Some of them, surely, do have serious character flaws—beyond any reasonable doubt. That, the public knows full well.

Consider the flawed character of Senator Richard Blumenthal, for example.

As one of the most vehemently, outspoken of Senate Democrats, he is, perhaps not surprisingly, also one of the most sanctimonious. It seems that Senator Blumenthal tends to project onto Judge Kavanaugh the Senator’s own moral failings, his own character flaws.

Recall that Senator Blumenthal claimed to have served in Vietnam during the War. He didn’t. When called on the carpet for his blatant lie, Senator Blumenthal didn’t apologize. He didn’t show remorse. That isn’t in his nature. That isn’t in his character.

Instead, Richard Blumenthal deflected the matter. He did so in order to salvage the lie. He sought to “clarify” his false remarks, rather than owning up to them. By failing to own up to his lie, Blumenthal merely compounded the lie; demonstrated to the public that here was a man who has a flawed character and is blind to his own flaws; and that he so contemptuously views the public, that he arrogantly assumes the public will be blind to those character flaws.

What the public sees in this man, and in other Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, though, are diehard hypocrites. The American public sees, in these Senate Democrats who sit on the Judiciary Committee, and the American public sees in the Democratic Party leadership, people so obsessed with their own sense of self-worth and so enamored with their own smug self-importance, and so dazzled by pretensions of personal grandeur that they truly believe Americans believe in the lies and delusions these Congressional Democrats created for themselves.

But they are wrong. Americans, most Americans, at least, are not taken in by the air of pompous self-regard these Democrats have for themselves; nor do most Americans wish for the kind of America that these Democrats seek to create–the kind of America that President Obama had pushed the Country toward; and a kind of America that Hillary Clinton would have continued to work toward had she won the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

Could Senator Blumenthal and could other Democrats, who have a flawed character such as that of Blumenthal, withstand Senate inquiry and serious scrutiny into his character and reputation were he to have been nominated by a President—perhaps by Barack Obama—to sit as an Associate Justice on the high Court? One wonders.

Brett Kavanaugh does not owe an apology to Christine Ford; nor to Senate Democrats, nor to anyone. If anything, Congressional Democrats owe an apology to Judge Kavanaugh.

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WV Bill

You have to be smart to be a Supreme Court nominee, to be a senator you only have to get elected. Totally different standards.


@m. “those without morality can’t be shamed”. sums up the democrat perspective of what they need to make themselves powerful regardless who they tramp on. I can imagine them wearing high boots like hitler and stomping people. They are not Americans, they are aborigines.




This latest attack is not on just Brett Kavanaugh it is also an attack on the citizens of the once great country of the United States. It used to be that I would vote for Democrats if I thought they were worthy of the position they were running for, but no more. Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi have screwed it up for anyone running on the democratic ticket. These are a few of the ones that need to go by any means and way possible!!!!! Please get out and vote but let… Read more »

rich z

Those who live in Glass houses best NOT throw stones , they might get hit with one.


Don’t forget Booker, the child melester! And, there are many more. And if Dianne Feinstein did not leak the letter, it had to be someone in her staff, she is the only one that had it. Liar, Liar!


Richard “Head” Blumenthal sounds like a fruity interior decorator or hair stylist. How USMC Reserve could tolerate him is a wonder!

Kent San

Just Dem scum that got a deferment and later couldn’t stomach himself and lied about his service. Trump is so right about this. Dem scum are the first to judge the GOP and instantly forgive and support their biggest scumbags. It’s easy to do when you have no soul.

Buck Cassidy

You are completely correct about no soul! These vile, despicable and evil people are SOULLESS!!


Another example of a treasonous politician,.Hopefully Kavanaugh is taking names.I know we are.


Senator Stolen Valor and Senator Spartacus really just need to shut their pie-holes and leave congress ASAP.

Dr. Strangelove

Blumenthal? Wasn’t he a war hero or something?

Green Mtn. Boy

Yes,Stolen Valor Blumenthal was or something.


Blumenthal , being of jewish descent, practices this: “The Talmudic position concerning deception of Gentiles is embodied in the Halachic dictum, “It is permitted to deceive a goy (Gentile).” [1] In legal and business matters, the Talmud says Gentiles are beneath equality with Jews. As the 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia explains [2], the Gentiles were “outlawed” by God from the beginning.” from this website, one of many explaining it. So he can say whatever he wishes to, believing himself to better than the rest of us. He can get away with this as can ALL politicians of the same religion.… Read more »

Marc DV.

Stupid is as stupid does ! ( Forest Gump ) Say’s It All !


d-rat d-suckers can’t help themselves, those without morality can’t be shamed.