Hillary Clinton Threatens Civil Disobedience Until Dems Get Power ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “To execute a man, we don’t need proof of his guilt. We only need proof that it’s necessary to execute him. It’s that simple.” ~ Che Guevara

“Peace In Our Time,” from a friend and fellow “Deplorable:”

“Replicating an infamous proffer, initially made in Munich in 1938, HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton] in a television interview this week spelled-out the only way domestic civility can ever be restored in the USA

That, she said, would be possible only when she and her party are back in a majority position in both houses of Congress, and the White House.

To her credit, HRC was slightly more honest than the European demagogue she inadvertently channeled. Her European predecessor promised British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, that the forceful seizure of (then) Czechoslovakia would satisfy all territorial ambitions, and thus end aggressive military excursions by Nazi Germany.

The former first lady on the other hand, acknowledged that regaining control of Congress and the White House by Democrats would be just a first step, and only begin a return to ‘tranquility.’

Perhaps she was unconsciously admitting that satisfying initial demands of an extortionist always leads to never-ending, additional demands.

Her fellow Democrat loyalists are making it clear that their regaining congressional power will instantly result in:

  • 1) Never-ending investigations of, and impeachment proceedings against. Our elected president, Donald J Trump.
  • 2) Control of the Supreme Court, through impeachment of all non-compliant justices. [read targeting of Kavanaugh for removal]

According to prominent members of her own party, that would be only a prelude.

Next on their agenda:

  • 3) Return of impoverishing tax rates
  • 4) Return of suffocating regulations.
  • 5) Return of identity-group quotas
  • 6) Repeal of our Second amendment and forced confiscation of all privately-owned guns
  • 7) Return to a weak and impotent national defense
  • 8) The destruction of ICE, and resultant “open” borders. Voting rights instantly conferred upon all illegals.

What HRC conveniently avoided acknowledging is the violent turbulence she is actively promoting, due to liberals’ unwillingness to recognize and accept the results of the 2016 elections.

They are throwing a temper tantrum, like spoiled brats deprived of candy to which they are quite sure they are entitled. And yet, their out-of-control fury has far greater consequences.

Refusal to peacefully abide by the judgment of our nation’s voters has led them to openly pursue a policy of encouraging violent threats, even physical attacks, upon any and all who dare stand in their way.

Instead of fulfilling their correct role as ‘loyal opposition,’ they conspicuously promote mob violence, even civil war.

They would rather see our Republic destroyed, than themselves out of power!”

“Mighty cultures are never ‘conquered.’ They crumble from within. And frankly, I think a lot of Americans are acting like spoiled brats, because of everything that isn’t working out perfectly for them, every time.” ~ Frank Miller


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willy d

Demo-RATS in power ; Guarantee AMMO SHORTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When democrats get power, ammunition gets scarce. Could be a coincidence.


Sounds a lot like to me like a store owner getting a visit from a pair of large gentlemen of Italian persuasion who tell the store owner “Got a real nice place here, it would be a real shame if something bad were to happen to it.”

Timothy Votaw

OK, great, we get it. The threat is real, it is imminent, and we and ours are literally in danger, now. So, what are we prepared to do? How much further must the deterioration of law and order go before we do anything about it, but discuss, write, rant, and opine? What effect if any does that have on ANTIFA, anarchist groups, illegal immigration advocates, fund sources like Soros, or drooling, rabid leftists? I submit it means little or nothing to them. Like rabid beasts, these factions see or hear nothing, for they are infected with a form of viral… Read more »

Wild Bill

@TV, the options now are: 1. Bitch Slap every libtard from the corrupt hiLIARy to the newest Antifathead by voting in huge numbers or 2. sit home and let the libtards win. After the election there will be a slight pause …


She is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

willy d

CoosaTatahK9; I also took the same Oath years ago and I still stand by it today!!!!!!!!! IT is really time to stop pussy footing around with the Demo-rats, Liberals, and Rhino’s that are out to Destroy Our Country from within; Kreuschev said it back in the 60’s at the famous United Nations, and the Demo-Rats are playing by the book to do it!!!!!!!!!! I myself would like to find out who is paying for all of these illegals coming in from the southern boarder, they just don’t plan all at once to just try to make a run for our… Read more »


“Bring it on!” Ready, willing and able to defend our country and our Constitution from ALL enemies foreign or DOMESTIC! One thing she is definitely neglecting to consider. Once we are “attacked” by her liberal peons, our desire to defend our country and our Constitution will rise to new heights. And when we are done with the liberal peons we will be coming for her! She better hope her provoking of the liberal peon minions don’t take her bait into actual acts of warfare. We are locked, loaded and ready to defend ourselves and our country! Oath of Enlistment “I… Read more »


These followers of marx and lenin think that they can rule by decree, and their minions can intimidate the population by violent mobs. They neglect the 2nd Amendment. Armed citizens will oppose them.

John Kearry

Why do you keep using 30 year old photos of Hillary, instead of current, accurate photos, that show her dismal physical condition? How about some accuracy in reporting!


Open warfare! The Democrats and Foreign Agents as in ANTIFA/Soros and Portland and Seattle, DC,NY, NYC NJ, Ca, and elsewhere. The Democrats are waging violence against our Constitution/Our Republic and our Right. Pelosi has promised to make those who resisted, when they take power, pay or “Collateral Damage.” She doeesn’t even know how to use words or phrases accurately and comparatively. To ll the Millenials, dig up history books from the forties, fifties and sixties and articles relative to the Bolshevcks Revolution and also the rise of Hitler and the Nazis.. Nazi Globalist Lord, or has he declared himself God,… Read more »


What is most disturbing are those so-called elected or appointed “officials” doing nothing who should be arrested for failure to uphold the Constitution; ie, ordering the police to stand down and allow recklessness, physical attacks and destruction of property. The majority of sleaze politicians from both sides are silent or complain – that is ALL they do is complain. They are ALL cowards; paid and bought for. It is they (politicians) who have ruined this country with their so-called “laws” only passed for their advantage. We have played into their “Divide & Conquer” strategies, blind to their end games. Why… Read more »

Wild Bill

, there is no violation of law for our elected employee that fail to uphold their oath. Thus there is no charge to be brought. Thus no arrest.
First we need to send not corrupted yet candidates to make it a violation of law to fail to uphold one’s oath. The Trump revolution continues 6 November.

Green Mtn. Boy

She is free to organize the cell block,Lock The Harpy Hag Up And Throw Away The Effing Key,it would be a service to the Republic.

Ann Carrey

Right! That’s the way we reward a toddler’s tantrum: give her the candy she’s screeching for, plus some extra treats the check-out stand. (“Good girl; way to throw a tantrum” is what it says…”) Keep denying the HRC brat her reward until–or unless–she ever grows up. Maybe by then, she’ll be too old and toothless to chew the candy anyway. That’s MY solution.

roger g.

I keep hoping the sorry bitch along with the rest of her ilk will just stop breathing and wasting oxygen.