Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm Pistol Launch Celebrated ~ VIDEO

Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm Pistol
Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm Pistol

GENESEO, ILL. – -(Ammoland.com)- Springfield Armory is pleased to announce a highly anticipated new addition to their polymer pistol lineup, the XD(M) 10mm. This full-size pistol is the latest variation in the series, now chambered in the popular 10mm round for more power in the highly accurate and reliable XD(M) platform. 

An unprecedented torture test of 10,000 rounds was performed to prove the quality and reliability of this new addition to the XD(M) line, firing 10,000 rounds of Federal Premium Hydra-Shok 10mm ammunition through the gun with EVERY round documented on video.

No work was done to the pistol, outside of a recoil spring change and adding Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil at 2,000 round intervals. The magazines were left uncleaned and exposed to wind, dust, and grit. The XD(M) 10mm performed flawlessly under these conditions and powered through all 10,000 rounds without a single failure. The XD(M) 10mm has been meticulously engineered to ensure the pistol is as robust and reliable a defensive force as possible.

Available with a 4.5” or 5.25” barrel, the length is well-balanced when combined with the full-size grip frame for maximum controllability and comfort while shooting.  Mega-Lock grip texturing, with the option of three interchangeable backstraps, allows for a customized fit that provides a secure and natural feel in the palm of your hand. 

The Melonite finished hammer-forged barrel and forged slide allow for a steady diet of full-power 10mm ammo, and the full-length guide rod lessens felt recoil. Holding 15+1 rounds, the XD(M) 10mm tames this potent cartridge for a comfortable shooting experience with each pull of the trigger.

The 4.5 inch model features a low-profile combat rear sight paired with a fiber optic front sight, while the 5.25 version has a fully adjustable target rear sight with fiber optic front. The short-reset trigger has a minimal trigger break for repeated rounds on-target, and facilitates accuracy even under potentially life-threatening personal defense situations.

“Our customers have been very vocal about their excitement at the prospect of an XD(M) chambered in 10mm,” explains Springfield Armory President Steve McKelvain.  “We are thrilled to now offer them exactly what many of them have been asking for: the power and velocity of the 10mm round delivered in the reliability of the XD(M) platform, proven through a 10,000 round torture test documented on video.”

Now available in two configurations:

  • XDM94510BHCE XD(M) 10MM 4.5”                       $652.00
  • XDM952510BHCE XD(M) 10MM 5.25”                       $779.00
  • XD(M) 10mm Features: www.springfield-armory.com/xdm-osp-threaded-features/
  • XD(M) 10mm product video link: https://springfieldadtrack.com/r/2631
  • XD(M) 10K round torture test video link: www.xdm10k.com

The brand new XD(M) 10mm is eligible for the All XD Gear Up! 

Now through December 31, 2018 – receive 3 extra mags, a range bag, and an optional EDC package from Surefire and Kershaw when you purchase any new XD, XD Mod.2, XD-S, XD-S Mod.2, XD(M), or XD-E.

Learn More: www.allxdgearup.com

Springfield ArmoryAbout Springfield Armory

In 1794, the original Springfield Armory was designated as our national armory by General George Washington, and began manufacturing muskets for the defense of our young, free Republic.  This monumental institution went on to serve as a think tank for developing innovative firearms concepts and producing some of the most storied rifle platforms in our country’s history.  The Armory functioned as a firearms supplier for every major American conflict until 1968 when the government sadly closed its doors. In 1974, two centuries after its inception, Springfield Armory Inc. in Geneseo, IL revived the iconic heritage of the Armory to carry on its legacy and restore the Springfield Armory name. 

Springfield Armory Inc. engineers, manufactures and assembles their high-quality 1911, 911, SAINT AR-15 and legendary M1A lines of firearms in Geneseo, Illinois. Since 2001, Springfield Armory has enjoyed a strategic, collaborative partnership with the state-of-the-art factory in Croatia working hand-in-hand to develop and engineer the multiple award-winning line of XD polymer pistols that have become staples in the US marketplace. We strive to honor this responsibility as guardians of the original Springfield Armory legacy by manufacturing the highest quality firearms to enable responsible citizens to preserve their right to keep and bear arms in the defense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

With an unmatched emphasis on craftsmanship, performance and exceptional customer service, our mission is to forge superior firearms and provide the tools necessary to defend individual freedoms and equality for those who embrace the rights and principles secured by our Founding Fathers.  For more information, please visit us at: springfield-armory.com.

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About fucking time. I was hoping S&W would do one in their M&P line but whatever, Springfield is fine for me.


Picked up the 5.25” model and put about a hundred rounds through it with target ammo. It performed flawlessly, at both 25 and 35 yards from a standing position I was able to keep my five shot groups within a 6 inch circle. Smooth trigger pull. Will be my woods gun when I hike in bear country.

Red Rider

I’m a big fan of the 10mm round. When Springfield brought out the 10mm in the same format, XDM, as my favorite 9mm I had to go get it. I’d been shooting 10nm in a Colt Delta Elite 1911 and an Iver Johnson Eagle XL ported 1911. They’re great guns.
The XDM 10mm with the 5¼” barrel performs gracefully in a lighter weight well balanced striker double action large capacity double action design. The first 1k rounds have performed flawlessly.
I would like to highly recommend XDM 10. I urge you to check it out. You will NOT be disappointed!!


Glock 10mm have a noticeable reduction in velocity compared with other 10mms – the performance is almost like .40 S&W – possible because of the Glock barrel. Plus, Glocks suck. The XDm is PERFECT for the 10mm.


Great news. Enjoy shooting 10 mm in my Colt Delta Elite. Wonderful round. I will like the increased capacity over the 1911 format. I met by both versions of this gun. I will be considering the standard version as a carry piece.
This is exciting news.

Lt. Craig P. Hebert

Are the SA XDM 5.25″ 10 m/m pistols currently shipping to distributors? Thanks!

Phillip Martin

I have and shoot the XD and XDm pistols better than any other striker fired pistols. However, I have always wondered why they all these holes in their pistols for loaded chamber, firing pin cocked indicator and grip safety. This could allow too much dirt to enter the gun. I doubt this is a good military weapon but for police it maybe fine. The 10mm will never be a good police cartridge. It has too much recoil and expense for those that shoot seldomly. The FBI learned that over 25 years ago.

Red Rider

10mm is my favorite round. I have a Springfield OSP xdm (9mm) and will be looking forward to getting the xdm in 10mm. The xdm is a very good reliable platform. With the 15 round magazine will make this a great defensive/carry/target and hunting pistol.


Glock watch out,and the rest of the field,can’t wait to get my hands on one


Springfield XD 10mm hell yeah!!
But we all know the Glock fanboys are going to be a hard sell I have 3 XD’S and all 3 run flawlessly looking forward to adding the 10mm will be used as my truck gun retire the RIA 10milly

Scotty Gunn

Love to have one, but will have to wait. Springfield XD and XD(m) resale price is atrocious. There is almost no resale. So, heck If I am paying retail.


Awesome, the market was starting to bore me.


Lying bastards! I have a .45 XD(m) and asked them 6 months ago and they would bring out a 10mm version. They obviously lied when they said they “had no plans to do so at present.” So I bought a 1911 RIA 10mm.

Joel Berryhill



I would have really like it with a six inch barrel.

A bit longer barrel really brings the best out in a 10mm.


Good job Springfield, good looking specs. I still hate you though.