United Nations to Blame for 100,000’s of Military Grade Weapons on Black Market

Opinion by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

Arms Trafficking AK Machine Guns
The addition of 100,000’s of machine guns, mortars and assault weapons to the black market is the epitome of the incompetence and hypocrisy of the UN, and the proponents of the Arms Trade Treaty.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The fourth annual meeting of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) occurred in August 2018, in Tokyo, Japan. It continues to fail, haunted by its original foundational lies that place the blame for violence on the tools of violence, but not on poor governance.

The new lies designed, and intended, to create a functioning treaty, as envisioned by anti-weapon proponents, is now dissolving into a chaos of deception, as exemplified by a single word CHANGE in paragraph 23 of the final ATT document.

But first, before we examine ‘that’ word change, let’s take a look at recent, shocking, disclosures of UN failures to follow their teachings.

For decades now, the UN has lectured the globe, and specifically U.S. civilian firearms possessors, about the peaceful world order, that would magically occur, only after arms were entirely controlled from manufacture to destruction.

Individuals and nations alike were scolded, and blamed, for the existence of world, and local, violence. We were told, over and over, that the violence was caused by our failure to control the presence of feverishly propagating weapons.

Gun owners were lectured that it was our moral duty to agree with the UN and to disarm quickly. We were additionally scolded and advised that our weapons were diverted into the Black Market because we owned too many, or because we owned any at all.

Gun control proponent Allison Pytlak explains that a benefit of the ‘new’ ATT would be, “the closing of legal loopholes to prevent diversion of arms to illicit markets … stopping diversion should result in fewer arms finding their ways to militias, criminal, and terrorists.” Though Pytlak argues this nicely, the fact that U.S. citizens privately hold approximately 320 million firearms, that rarely enter the Black Market arena, seems to eludes her thought process.

Behind all the pompous critiques, was the knowledge that they could not control their weapons, let alone ours. UN peacekeepers themselves are/were fueling the local Black Markets with firearms diverted from UN stockpiles. This is an important point that is rarely brought to light.

The ATT proponent’s failures are massive. It became so apparent, to so many, that the lie could no longer be covered up. The diversion of weapons, including real assault rifles, pistols, armored vehicles, grenade launchers, and heavy mortars, among other things, became such a routine occurrence that there was no other choice but for them to fully and openly disclose the fact.

Eric Berman, director of Small Arms Survey, an anti-weapons group, said in October of 2017, “what was once seen as not a problem or as too sensitive to discuss, is now viewed as something that needs to be addressed and is no longer taboo.”

Berman wrote a report, ‘Making a Tough Job More Difficult,’ which attempted to minimize the problem. He explained that the UN was, “Hindered by numerous budgetary, logistical, and infrastructure constraints; shortages in staffing and expertise; and gaps in UN policies and procedures.” Additional reports can be expected.

Selected incidents of losses of weapons and ammunition in United Nations peace operations
Selected incidents of losses of weapons and ammunition in United Nations peace operations

We suggest that you download this report for a more thorough read and send it around to your friends and family, to publicize it. It is the epitome of the incompetence and hypocrisy of the UN, and the proponents of the ATT. It is an example of their past failures and failures still to come in the future.
If the UN is not able to control its weapons, how can they expect others to do so? If the UN does not have the expertise, nor the will, to prevent diversion of its weapons, how can they expect to guide the world to a successful arms treaty?

It is essential, here, to explain that leaders of nations are now trapped in an ATT for which they have only themselves to blame. They accepted the ‘politicaly correct’ lie that an ATT is needed because of the lack of weapons control that causes violence. They sought a moral acceptance from the ATT proponents. But few realized they had walked into a trap.

Ted Bromund, of the Heritage Foundation, and our ATT go-to guy, explains that the ATT, “imposes a lot of tedious reporting requirements and it promises to do nothing but make life harder for the majority of governments that import most of their arms. In the circumstances, it is no surprise that, now that the flush of its novelty has worn off, governments are willing to do no more than to pay lip service to it.” We suggest reading Bromund’s article in full for a complete understanding of events in Japan, and finding out why, “the ATT is settling, in only its fourth year, into senescence.”

The ATT compliance is and will become, haphazard and cumbersome, for member states. ATT proponents complain that greater compliance, with transparency, that is the reporting of weapons ‘cradle to grave,’ is a requirement for success. But by demanding such ‘transparency’ they run the risk of affecting the “universalization,” that is the participation rates, also a requirement for success. It is not surprising that a schism would form and the demands of proponents would be virtually ignored. Nation members DO NOT wish to give up their weapons, nor do they want to let other members know what weapons they have.

If these problems persist, the proponents note, “the entire instrument is in jeopardy.” And that, IS AN OBVIOUS TRUTH. Like previous UN arms control schemes, the ATT is failing. But there is nowhere on this fake path, of weapons control, for the proponents to take. There is NO next step.

The use of the duplicitous tactic used in paragraph 23 was born of the desperate need of ATT proponents to ‘steal control of global weapons’ from the member states, and from individuals. Though rogue nations want individual ownership to end, the nations, themselves, prefer to keep their arms.

So now we can finally return, and report on the single word change in paragraph 23, of the Final Report, of the Fourth Conference of States Parties, which begins,

“Furthermore, the Conference welcomed the documents listed below …”.

The word ‘welcomed‘ in the final draft was originally the word ‘endorses.’

According to Ted Bromund, “Some read paragraph 23 as endorsing the idea of having a list of documents on how to implement the treaty. But the more plausible interpretation is that it allows someone – someone who is not identified – to rewrite those documents, and thereby to re-interpret the treaty at will….in other words, they would be approved before they were read, or even written. That’s an approach custom-made for mischief.” Simply stated, the signers sign a Treaty, which the ATT proponents can change/modify later, without any approval, at a later date, and the signers cannot do anything about it, nor have any say in the matter.

The Treaty’s demands could easily be changed by failing, frantic proponents. Suddenly, national leaders would find themselves deeply trapped by their signatures, into a legally binding treaty, to which they had not agreed. Sweet for those who want to ban guns, a nightmare for the nations.
As the UN attempts to steal a bit more of the sovereignty of nations, some of our independence also leaches into the corrupt abyss of global power.

So again, we suggest a complete read of this second Bromund article – ‘This Arms Treaty is a Pathetic Waste of US Cash.

Knowledge is the great weapon we can use.

Our Second Amendment is assailed both from WITHIN and WITHOUT by deceptive liars. We have our work laid out for us. We can never trust them, and we must never, ever compromise with them.

About the Authors:

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life and is the Retired Managing Coach of the Freeport NY Junior (Marksmanship) Club, Division of the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY. He has escaped from New York State to South Carolina and is an SC FFL (Everything22andMore.com). – [email protected] | TWITTER: @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She has also escaped from New York State but to Virginia. – [email protected]

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Concerning the production and dissemination of double-talk, less politely described as out right lies, which entity do you think would take first prize, given a choice between the UN and The Catholic Church?

David Mears



Re this UN Arms Control Treaty, aka Gun Control ala the UN, tell your U.S. Senators to oppose it, they must vote gainst it.


Piss on the U.N., they have been a leach on the balls of America way too lot,put a shoe up their asses already!


It’s nice to cooperate and work things out with others, but really, if we give up our weapons and our ability to buy, sell, and manufacture them as we wish, we might as well surrender to Russia or the Chinese. We will surely get shafted and expected to abide by any treaty we agree too while other countries will quietly do as they wish.


Several of us on this site has said the UN needs to be shoved off our soil and who cares where they go. Every time the U.S. proposes something we are voted against. A worthless organization that costs a lot of money and some countries pay nothing. Kick them out and don’t look back. It has even been said that if those blue helmets come to get our guns, they will make excellent targets.


Not likely to more strongly agree. The UN should long since been told to shove off.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, we don’t even need to do any kicking, just revoke their visa. A visa is permission to enter and remain in a country (in this case our country) pursuant to the terms of the visa classification. A visa can be revoked by the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The deep state marxists in the State Dept. could not do a thing about it.
Get a list of anyone that votes against the US position and poof … their visa is gone. Then they have to leave or get deported.


Sadly perhaps, but realistically, the UN has long been a watering hole for bureaucratic double talk, and those enamoured thereof. Re this Arms Trad Treaty or whatever the hell you choose to call it, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.


WOW the lack of education is off the charts in these comments. SAD


What makes you say that? If you’re going to make a statement as you did, why not give at least ONE example supporting your view? Your view seems to indicate that your educational level is far above all others, so please, enlighten us with specific comments to justify your opinion.


Surely as soon as the ATT is signed and implemented the weapons black market will disappear, just like outlawing illicit drugs caused the black market for them to disappear. I think not.


On a trip to Israel our guide referred to UN as meaning “united nothing.” He was right.


The u.n. has outlived any excuse for its existence. We founded it, on the advice of a communist agent within our own government, now we need to end it.


The US has made many stupid deals at the UN and there was comment made to a reporter when they were negotiating the Kyoto climate change agreement. The reporter asked a Russian representative why they were willing to sign such a treaty that would restrict their ability to develop their resources. The representative more or less said that they had no intention of abiding by the agreement. They were only signing onto the agreement because they knew the US and the Western powers were stupid enough to follow such an agreement and that they and the Chinese would take full… Read more »


Ahhhh the U.N. They rank right above the U.S. Democratic Party as the MOST corrupt, illegally backed, falsely orchestrated organization in the world… PERIOD ! The Catholic Church would place third easily.


United Nations is a terrorist organization that rape pillage plunder everywhere they go not surprised you’re selling weapons on the black market just like Iran

robert A Johnson

The un needs to get their own shit together before they make more of a mess in the USA. There’s nations of Africa, mexico, other 3rd world countries and such should be a good example IF they could/would fix them broke they Trll me what I’m gonna do. Fix your own homeland before you try and invade my USA. Never again will my arms be surrendered since England tried to enslave my ancestors. Never, never, never again…..


they already took my lic/fid card away when the Brady bill went into effect at the time I had mistermeaner pot charges that ware 20 + years old never had any felony charges & 6 years of Military training with weapons M-16-A1 full auto rifle colt .45 cal pistol & the M60 Machine Gun Expert with all of them never had any charges of crime against anyone simple pot charges paid a fine 1 year of probation then Dismisted all sealed. now

Charles Moore

. . . . Uh, your years of pot usage are showing . . . Just sayin’.


Another reason why the UN should never have a say in weapons within the US. They are illegitimate and perhaps it is time to really restrict the UN and their coorrupt members.

Timothy Colbath

It is time to kick the UN off our shores and tell them to go pound sand.




1979 when the Iranian revolution was a fact, the whole Iran Battalion that served in Lebanon under UNIFIL left their position with all of their equipment and ID papers and joined the PLO as Palestinian refugees. Border crossing into Israel was closed until UNIFIL had issued new ID cards for the whole force. 20 – 25 of them applied for asylum with the French.
I have never seen any comments about this in any media. The only possibility for these soldiers to ever return to Iran was through hostilities against Israel. Hezbollah was born.


i don’t report to un or us gun control d-suckers