Mike Fisher Parodies Wife Carrie Underwood’s Song ‘Before He Cheats’ ~ VIDEO

NASHVILLE, TN – -(AmmoLand.com)- Catchin’ Deers, the hunting apparel for folks that take their hunting seriously and themselves lightly, announced today the release of their first music video, “Before He Bleats.” The video, a parody of Fisher’s wife Carrie Underwood’s song, “Before He Cheats” seemed like the perfect fit for the brand’s first music video release.

Catchin’ Deers may not be in the business of making music videos, but Founders Austin Casselman, Mike Fisher, and Bud Fisher are gunning to become the funniest apparel brand in hunting. With the successful debut of ‘Before She Bleats’ and Fisher’s unabashed vocals behind the mic, the guys believe this could be the first of many more videos to come.

“When I realized Mike was going to sing, I thought, ‘can he hit those high notes?'” said Casselman. “I think he actually sounded pretty good but shooting took forever because he was never able to keep a straight face.”

After securing the rights to the song, brand partners and industry gurus Ryan Hawkins and Reid Fought went to work producing, directing and creating the perfect music video. The boys knew they were on to something big.

“We wanted to make this music video to make people laugh,” said Fisher. “It’s how we are known in the hunting industry. We are the funniest hunting brand. It’s about fellowship and laughing for us. This was a great way to showcase that.”

When asked why he chose his wife’s song to parody, he said, “My brother Bud came up with the lyrics and once we heard it, we all loved it and were laughing so hard. We knew it was the perfect song.”

Mike Fisher Parodies Wife Carrie Underwood's Song 'Before He Cheats'
Mike Fisher Parodies Wife Carrie Underwood’s Song ‘Before He Cheats’

Catchin' Deers

While Fisher has no immediate plans to follow in his wife’s footsteps, Catchin’ Deers promises this won’t be the last of their music videos and entertaining antics.

“Take your hunting seriously and yourself lightly,” is the brand’s motto. Join the fun on their website at www.catchindeers.com and follow on social media, Facebook: www.facebook.com/catchindeers and Instagram: www.instagram.com/catchindeers.

Catchin’ Deers gear and apparel is available online, in Nashville, TN and will be launching soon nationwide.

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Country Boy

Good lyrics. But I can sing better than that drunk.


“Pleace” leave the singing to the professionals. Every window in my house rattled. My mounted buck fell from the wall. I guess it could have been worse though.

Don Razskazoff

All I have to say about it is that I really really appreciate Fisher’s hockey talent and his wife’s musical talent.

Squirrel Hunter

oh, that was just funny. I’ll have to send the link to a few deer hunters I know.